Wedding Cliparts Makes Weddings in Hindu, Christian, or Other Traditions Fairly Special. That's Why We Offer Wedding Clipart Templates with Artistic Border Design Choices. Our Selection Includes Rustic, Transparent, Silhouette, Floral, Church Wedding, Bride, and Heart Vector Illustrations, Among Others. You Can Get All These Cliparts for Free and Fully Customize Them to Your Needs. See more

Creating a Wedding Clipart

Do you need a cartoon bride, groom, or floral clip art that'll look perfect on your wedding invitations? Download our Wedding Clipart Templates today! Our sophisticated clipart library offers bundles after bundles of vector-based images of a wedding dress, wedding ring, bridal shower icon, and a lot more. Each stencil is designed to your desired theme. So, don't delay; download today. 

Customize and Download's free Wedding Clipart Templates are available in select file formats. You can simply go to your tool's clip art library, find our stencils there, and use whatever you want. Our bundles include a bride and groom clipart, decorative wedding clipart, wedding logo clipart, transparent wedding clipart, and bridesmaid clipart, among others. 

To begin with, choose a representative picture as your wedding clipart's base. Then, create a semi-transparent shape and remove the lines. Insert shapes to roughly trace the images and rotate and size/scale shapes to roughly match your chosen picture. Make modifications for a closer fit. 

After tracing and working on transparency, color the shapes, and group them. And lastly, save it as an image for use in other programs. Pretty easy, right? Now that you have our clipart templates, you no longer have to tap on graphic designers nor work from scratch. You can decorate your wedding invitation cards with less hassle and expenses. 

Available to Download in Illustrator, EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG

You can easily download, customize, and save your chosen clip art in:
- Adobe Illustrator