A wedding paves the path for the idea of two people becoming one. It is also the setting that opens up to the value of marriage. Nowadays, the wedding has evolved in many ways, along with the means of preparing for this memorable day. We understand how planning a wedding can take up a lot of your effort and time. We are glad to tell you that our collection of editable wedding invitation card template can save you time and help you complete tasks quickly. Get our 100% customizable, professionally designed, high-quality, and printable template. They are also available in different file formats like Adobe PhotoshopAdobe IllustratorMicrosoft PublisherApple PagesMicrosoft WordAdobe InDesign, and Adobe PDF. For more useful wedding-related templates, join any of our subscription plans now!

What is a Wedding Invitation Card?

Like most events that issue notices through invitation cards, couples send out wedding invitation cards to request the recipient to attend their wedding. A typical wedding invitation card has a formally written letter in third person language and sent 3 to 5 weeks prior to the event's date.

How to Design a Wedding Invitation Card?

Imagine if Johannes Gutenberg did not invent the movable type printing press in the Middle Ages. People in modern times would still be hiring town crier—a man who would walk the talk announcing in a full cry the latest topics of the day. Yes, invitations or notices are not an often document during those times. Only the nobility had the opportunity to commission a skilled calligrapher to hand-craft their notices. Today, you don't have to be inline with royal blood to create wedding invitation cards conveniently. Waste no time and read the tips below to start making a creative invitation card:

1. Associate the Theme of the Wedding

A wedding celebration should be memorable. Don't forget that a creative invitation can set the mood of the event. If you want to keep your guests excited, send out enticing wedding invitation cards. The card has to be unique, and it has to be related to the wedding's theme. Incorporating the theme of the celebration will give your guests an idea about the event. There are so many wedding themes you can choose from: rustic, floral, simple, or pastel. As a tip for designing, choose a theme, and use it in your designs.

2. Be Creative and Stylish

Being creative in making a simple invitation card has no limit at all, as long as you stick to the theme. When it comes to choosing the design elements of the card, consider typographies and spacing. Typographies can make a simple invitation card artistic. It is important to pick the right style that will suit the card's text. Also, it can help create balance in the design elements. Using spacing appropriately is essential for the invitation. Since the invitation contains not so many details, use spacing as properly as you can. If you did not apply proper spacing, the card would look jumbled.

3. Provide Important Details

Remember that a wedding party invitation card does not have to have too much information. You want your guests to read the card as easily as possible. The rule of making a comprehensive invitation is only to include significant details. Putting the date, time, and venue of the wedding celebration is enough.

4. Find the Right Proportion

A busy looking and a too formal invitation card are not pleasing to the eye. Especially if you crammed all the details in it. Finding the right proportion may take some time, but it will reassure a good looking wedding invitation card.

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