Yes, I do. Three words that will mean the whole world to you. Is your wedding one round away from the date? Use these Wedding Checklist Templates now and set your plan in a perfect structure to move as planned. Here, we offer you these easily editable and printable checklist templates that are accessible in Google Docs, MS Word, PDF, and Apple Pages file formats. You can now take a deep breath and be certain in your wedding plans because of these comprehensive checklist templates that are a click away from your hands. Why would you stretch out your worries if you can easily take a checklist with you, right? Subscribe now to start downloading!

What is a Wedding Checklist?

That is made to make sure that all the things needed are all fixed before the event. A wedding checklist includes the time frame, tasks, and actions to take for the occasion. Your wedding checklist contents must start 12-months prior to your wedding day for you to present and address all the concerned wedding areas.

The entire celebration, from the wedding ceremony to the reception and even the other details like the wedding decoration, comes from a long session of wedding planning. Thus, creating detailed checklists as part of your wedding plans will really lessen the burden. As you assure the smooth flow of your wedding, these checklists also ensure you of the best result that every couple wishes to have and experience.

How to Make a Wedding Checklist?

Creating a wedding checklist is also similar to the typical ones. This consists of tables with wedding contents in it. Your content includes the tasks that you have to do and follow for the success of the wedding celebration. Provided below are the sample time frames with the tasks. This applies the 12-month wedding planning timeline for you to come up with a well-organized wedding checklist.

1. 10 to 12 Months

Establish your budget and determine your priorities. During these months, you think about your initial guests, the garments to use, pre-wedding parties, and the vendor team assigned for your wedding coverage such as photographers, videographers, etc. If you like, you also include wedding planners to shoulder all the wedding preparations.

2. 6 to 8 Months

Think about the wedding decoration in the church and the reception area. If you have any, also list down the entertainers such as singers, dancer, even DJs on your checklist. Apart from that, you also seek wedding invitation styles.

3. 3 to 5 Months

Set dates and schedule for the wedding rehearsals of your most important day. Takedown all the needed arrangements such as purchasing your wedding rings, and foods and drinks of the aftermath of the wedding ceremony.

4. 5 to 8 Weeks

You are getting close on your big day. Are you having mixed emotions right now? Hold that one because you still have to work on your marriage license requirements, and finalize the vendors of the date, time, and venue of the event, and most importantly, dress fitting. Be sure that you included these things in your sample checklist.

5. 1 Week

Oh, you are down on our last week of singularity, how's the feeling? Have you finalized your guest lists, gown, arrival time of your guests, wedding vows, and even your honeymoon? If not yet, start jotting down these things in your strategic checklist now.

6. A Day Before

This is somewhat you can call as the final touch. Make sure that all your wedding-day items are ready to go for tomorrow.
Don't forget to put REST as part of this time frame's list.

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