Wedding Schedules Templates

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What Is a Wedding Schedule?

A wedding schedule is very essential for every wedding occasion because it helps in organizing the time before, during and after the holy matrimony. This sample schedule includes the time when will your photographer arrives, the flowers to be delivered, the wedding ceremony and a lot more essential details.

How to Write a Wedding Schedule?

When it comes to your wedding, timing is everything! You don't want to ruin your big day, right? That is why we highly suggest you create a wedding schedule to make your wedding day a memorable one! Check out these steps on how to make your wedding day successful. Here are the following steps:

1. Plan Well Your Wedding Timeline

Planning a wedding is fun yet very challenging. That is why you must plan properly, no matter how small or minor the details on your wedding day. You may download our templates here in our site for your reference but you can also create your own scratch if you want. Make a list of the events you want to achieve on your wedding day like the photo sessions, first dance as a couple, and a lot more. You may use a Gantt Chart for your wedding timeline. 

2. Consult the Experts

Now that you already have the plan, you may consult with your trusted wedding planners and venue event managers because these people are very good at planning events like weddings because of their experiences. You may also want to ask them about the set-up and the estimated preparation time so that you will have an idea about the duration of the preparation.

3. Think Early

Your wedding day is going to be a long day but definitely an amazing day! We recommend to you that you have to start planning your preparations early so that you will have enough time for your hair and make-up sessions. Remember that it's not only the bride who needs to get their hair and make-up done but also the bridesmaids. Again, think early like early, early, early.

4. Don't Let Your Guests Wait

Even though your guest is not the center of the ceremony, but still you have to make sure that they won't be having an empty stomach during your wedding. You must state in your event schedule the time of the dinner or lunch so that your caterers will know what time they will be serving the dishes.

5. Assign Your Trusted People In Your Wedding Day

You must assign the schedule of your wedding day to your trusted colleague so that your wedding will be as perfect as you imagined. You must assign them their tasks like who will set up the flowers in the church, who will create the invitations, who will contact the photographer and a lot more so that the flow of your wedding day will run smoothly, without any errors.