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  2. 10 Types of Badge
  3. Badges
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  6. Badge vs Shield
  7. What’s the Difference Between a Badge, Logo, and ID Card?
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Badges are regarded as extremely important tokens for people who want their participation in groups, organizations, or events to be known to all. These are often in the size of small trinkets and are presented to indicate what you have accomplished, what oath you have taken, or what status of employment you’re currently in.

Badge Definition and Meaning

A badge is made out of metal or plastic with a text, logo, or image on the front. This also has a safety pin attached to the back for you to fasten it on your clothing or something else.

According to a report coming from The Mozilla Foundation, “[badges] are successfully used as rewards for people to get motivated, to set goals, show achievements and present success in many various aspects.” This goes on to show that these rewards are used in order to show a significant impact on people who have their minds set on something very important.

10 Types of Badge

There are a lot of types of badges that are regularly used by people. Moreover, these 10 types are the most common in the public until today:

Work Badge

A Work Badge is a very important feature when it comes to becoming a part of a company or an organization. Aside from having an identification card, having a badge can give guarantee that an individual is certainly part of a group. Moreover, having this should be paired with a formal, business-like appearance.

work badge template xjv

Winner Badge

Winner Badges are regarded as tiny rewards for something an individual has achieved. These badges also serve as a characteristic mark for the public to know the individual’s capabilities and characteristics.

winner badge template zf9o

Wedding Badge

Wedding Badges serve as “wedding souvenirs” not only for the newly wedded couple but also for the witnesses of such important ceremonies. These are usually having more text in the front instead of images, which are common in other kinds of badges.

wedding badge template sw0m

Volunteer Badge

A Volunteer Badge signals which organization or volunteer group an individual belongs to. This type of badge typically shows the organization’s logo instead of a mere image or text written in front of the badge.

volunteer badge template s52el

Visitor Badge

A Visitor Badge presents as an identification badge for the public to know that an individual is a guest and not a regular staff member. This type of badge can also take the form of a common rectangular-shaped identification card instead of a circular one.

download visitor badge id card template

Vet Badge

Vet Badges are used by medical professionals who specialize in taking care of pets as well as wildlife creatures. These badges are quite unique since the professional’s name is indicated upfront, which makes it easier for patients to know the individual.

vet badge template i9qz

Training Completion Badge

Training Completion Badges are very similar to winner badges. However, these badges do not signify wins, rather it signifies the individual successfully completing the training duration without any troubles.

training completion badge format

University Badge

A University Badge typically has the university logo applied in front which then reflects the values, principles, and philosophy of the institution. Wearing a university badge can make people instantly recognize which university a student belongs to.

university badge template unqpw

Smiley Badge

The Smiley Badge is a badge casually worn by individuals, especially employees of certain establishments, in order to communicate their appreciation as well as approachability. The “smile” makes an individual more pleasant to come in contact with.

smily badge  round badge  template

Shield Badge

The Shield Badge is usually worn by government officials and military-based individuals to signify protection, longevity, and confidence. Since the olden times, the shield design serves as an emblem of strength in order to ward off bad elements.

shield badge template gfmd

Badges Uses, Purpose, Importance

As tiny as they can get, badges are very essential to our everyday lives although people might tend to think of their purposes. However, badges remain very important for people to use either in casual or formal settings. Think about receiving an award for something that you have yearned or worked hard for–receiving a badge makes you think that you are genuinely approved and gratified. Moreover, the following are the other main purposes on why badges are still very much important:

Communicate a certain message

A simple logo and a short text placed on a badge make it easier for people to know what you are trying to project as an individual. Whether you are talking about an organization you’re a part of or a mood you want to convey, badges are always used to communicate a certain message that doesn’t necessarily need to be bold unlike what you see on posters, billboards, and text or images printed on shirts.

Acknowledge triumph for increased credibility

Receiving a badge makes an individual feel that he or she is truly valued. A badge can show approval for an individual who did a great job at something. Moreover, seeing a person having a badge will make them even more credible and respected for the work they do and they have done. To be rewarded for doing great things is an incentive not anyone can receive.

Makes you motivated

Being recognized makes you motivated. You eventually want to work harder in order to get better results. Also, receiving recognition is worthy of a celebration. It’s one of the rare times wherein you get to connect with other people through the achievement you just made and sharing insights of what you have learned throughout your journey.

What’s In A Badge? Parts?


The shell serves as a cover as well as the decorated front of a badge. Here you can put the protective layer, that can either be plastic or glass) and place the design afterward.


The front of a badge is where the design is usually placed. The designs could be printed, hand painted, or machine embossed.


The mylar is a polyester film made out of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which is used to make the badge more durable and resistant to any types of chemicals. This film is usually gray in color and at times used to cover the entire badge as a type of seal.


The back part of a badge is where the design ends. The metal pin is also placed in this section.

Metal Pin

The metal pin is placed at the back of a badge for an individual to fasten. This is made out of metal with a sharp point on one side and a round head on the other side.

what’s in a badge parts

How To Design A Badge?

1. Pick a Badge Size

2. Choose your design.

3. Select the Badge Template.

4. Replace the front design with the design you want to have.

5. Add some finishing touches.

how to design a badge

Badge vs Shield

Badges are used for both formal and informal settings. Moreover, casually-worn badges typically have images as designs while formal badges have more text and less images as designs. These types are also made out of simple materials such as lightweight vinyl or metal, plastic, fabric or even cardboard papers.

Shield badges are only used for formal events and settings. These usually include logos paired with tiny texts in their front designs. However, unlike the regular badges, these are made out of a more durable material that can withstand any temperature or daily inconveniences. Shield badges are typically made out of zinc alloy, glass, or a heavier type of metal.

What’s the Difference Between a Badge, Logo, and ID Card?

A badge is an emblem worn by individuals for them to show their membership or participation in an institution, organization or event. Badges are usually circle in shape having a logo or image in its front and a pin to fasten it with a fabric on its back.

A logo is a design accompanied with a symbol of a specific group, organization or establishment in order for the public to identify. A logo is only a design, which means it can come in different themes, shapes, forms, and sizes.

An ID Card, short for identification card, is a card, with a size similar to a credit card, is an official document issued by the government or a specific organization to place in and prove an individual’s identity.

Badge Sizes

badges sizes

Badge Ideas & Examples

If you’re looking for more concepts and ideas for your next badge, you can try choosing or getting inspiration out of our Badge Ideas collection. There are tons of designs that follow specific themes, colors, and even shapes that you might want to apply on your very own badge. With this, you can instantaneously edit and print them for your finished product.


What Is the Function of a Badge?

A badge is used in many different occasions–both casual and formal. However, its main function is to let people know what organization or institution an individual belongs in and what achievement an individual has attained through a course of time.

How Do I Create a Badge in Adobe Illustrator?

When it comes to creating badges in Adobe Illustrator, you need to take in mind that you might need to make a detailed vector emblem badge as a design for the front section of your badge. All you have to do is create a New Document, take the Star Tool and drag your desired shape into your artboard. From this, you can incorporate any other designs or shapes that you want to put inside your “circle”. However, always remember that your document should always be at least 2560 x 1400 in dimensions.

How To Make a Badge for Kids

Kids absolutely love badges. With this, you can either make printed or handmade ones on your own. If you want printed badges, you can use either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to edit your very own design and add some more text. However, if you want to make it even more unique by adding some artistic flair onto your badge, try using recycled cardboard, colored papers, ribbons, and markers to decorate your very own badge.

What is a Blue Badge and Is It For Disabled People?

A Blue Badge is a government-issued badge that is dedicated to people who have health conditions that affect their mobility. Having this badge can make an individual qualified for certain benefits such as being excluded from taxes and receiving monthly support and allowance from a specific institution.

What Makes a Good Badge Holder?

A good badge holder should be an individual who has his or her own principles up in his or her sleeve. Which means, the individual should be responsible enough and worthy to enough to be able to receive such a badge and much more benefits upon having it.

What Does a Gold Badge Mean?

A Gold Badge is given to an individual who has attained the first prize in a certain competition. This badge is usually heavily decorated in gold and ribbons in order for the public to commemorate the winner’s success.

What Is a Political Badge Used For?

A Political Badge is used by politicians during the campaign period for them to present to public their name, achievements, and which party they officially belong to.

How To Use a Digital Badge?

Digital Badges are basically like your regular badges given for awardees in specific institutes or schools. However, considering that most students are enrolled online given the recent pandemic, digital badges were created in order for you to award excellent students.

How Can Badging be Used in a Workplace?

Badging can be used in a workplace through having a monthly general assembly that can celebrate not only the best individuals of the month but also each and every employee who has been working very hard to attain the company’s quota or goal. Giving badges to the employees of the month can make them feel more gratified and motivated to continue striving for the best.

Why Do We Use Conference Badges?

We use Conference Badges in order to know an individual’s line of work as well as which company or institution he or she belongs in. These badges are basically like your regular ID Cards. However, badges are much more clearer and could make identification much more easier considering that the logos are imprinted on the front part which could definitely by eye-catching enough for everyone.

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