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Table of Contents

  1. Email Newsletter Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is an Email Newsletter?
  3. 10 Types of Email Newsletter
  4. Email Newsletter, Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What Is an Email Newsletter? Parts?
  6. How To Design an Email Newsletter
  7. Email Newsletter vs Newsletter
  8. What’s the Difference Between an Email Newsletter, Newspaper, and Email Ad?
  9. Email Newsletter Sizes
  10. Email Newsletter Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Email Newsletter

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are one of the best ways to send updates and announcements. As a type of email marketing, newsletters inform readers about the latest news, tips, and updates about a particular product or service.

Email Newsletter Definition & Meaning

An email newsletter is periodical in digital format and is sent via email to a specific list of subscribers.

An email newsletter is used to provide subscribers with information and details related to a certain topic, product, or service.

What Is an Email Newsletter?

An email newsletter is a report or news that contains one main topic that is of interest to its recipients. Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo are among the most popular email platforms that are used to send newsletters.

10 Types of Email Newsletter

Business Email Newsletter

A business email newsletter is used by profit and non-profit organizations to send updates and relevant information to subscribers, clients, and other prospects. This helps organizations distribute important reports and updates to designated individuals. Providing email newsletters promotes transparency and clarity to everyone involved in the organization.

business email newsletter

Employee Email Newsletter

To communicate with employees within an organization, an employee email newsletter is set up to contain updates and information about the company and employee-related concerns. This is a professional way to disseminate information to employees without calling for a meeting. Newsletters of this kind are either sent every week or on a monthly basis.

employee email newsletter

Fashion Email Newsletter

The latest fashion trends and topics are updated regularly through a fashion email newsletter. This is one of the best ways to keep your target market updated. Aside from news and updates, you can also use this to inform clients about an upcoming sale or perhaps a contest they may want to join.

fashion email newsletter

Restaurant Email Newsletter

Customers are important to every restaurateur, that is why they need to find avenues to promote and market their products and services. To know more about the latest menu and any upcoming events, a restaurant email newsletter keeps customers informed and updated. You can direct customers to the website if they want to make a reservation or such with the use of an email newsletter.

restaurant email newsletter

Event Email Newsletter

One of the best ways to invite people to come and join an event is through an event email newsletter. This could be used to promote products on sale, encourage people to submit a sign-up form and obtain responses, or attend a social gathering. What’s great about this is that email blasts are easy and convenient to send.

event email newsletter

Digital Email Newsletter

A digital email newsletter is a general and scheduled newsletter that is used by organizations with specific content, this is one of the best ways to introduce a brand to a potential customer. Aside from the newsletter, readers may be redirected to a website to read its full content. Here you will be able to understand what is being updated and reported without constraints.

digital email newsletter

Financial Email Newsletter

A financial email newsletter is a digital publication that is designed to update investors, accountants, and other financial professionals. Its topics include news regarding investment and finances and it works best when sent on a weekly or monthly basis. For more information, readers can be redirected to a company’s official website.

financial email newsletter

Website Email Newsletter

Online presence has become of great importance to most companies. Those who are running their own blogs, websites, and e-commerce businesses are able to communicate the latest news and updates regarding products and services through a website email newsletter. Write down interesting and interactive content that will help divert clients to the website for more email newsletters

Company Email Newsletter

Small and large companies often have updates, announcements, and on call meetings. A company newsletter and a company email newsletter are external and internal communication tools that are designed to update employees, business partners, and investors about the company and its updates. Updates are usually sent on a monthly or weekly basis to sum up events and important news that took place within a given period.

company newsletter editable

Responsive Email Newsletter

A responsive email newsletter is a handy newsletter that allows a reader to view the document on various devices without compromising its quality. This is because it has a special coding that allows it to be viewed on different devices. Make sure you design content that fits various devices for better quality and accessibility.

responsive email newsletter

Email Newsletter, Uses, Purpose, Importance

Email newsletters play an important role for individuals and organizations, as they have their own fundamental functionalities.


Newsletters keep people informed and updated about what is going on within the company, organization, product, or service. People are then aware of any changes that may affect them and the decisions they might make in the future.


Emails are sent easily and without a cost, which is why it is an effective and preferred way of communicating to subscribers, clients, employees, and other members of the organization.


An email newsletter can be sent any time of the day and anywhere, and likewise, readers are able to access them by simply checking their email inbox. Overall it shortens the time of sending and receiving the newsletter which is why a lot of companies prefer this as a way of communication.

Marketing Tool

A lot of businesses use emails to market their products/services, which essentially includes sending their customers updates and information as a means to communicate with them. Companies who active and are consistent in sending email newsletters have better chances of capturing their target market.

Sales and Promotion

A well-crafted email newsletter is an avenue to increase profit and earn money. Providing information regarding promotions and discounts would pique a customer’s interest, and they may consider buying the product.

What Is an Email Newsletter? Parts?

Subject Line

Start with a compelling yet eye-catching subject line that will guarantee to pique the interest of the reader. It should be short, words are easy to read, and direct to the point.


Include the company or the organization’s logo so the reader would know where the email is coming from.

Featured Image

A featured image will captivate the reader’s initial attention, and it should be related to the main content of the newsletter.


Provide an interesting overview so that the reader will have an idea of what the newsletter is all about.

Main Content

An email newsletter’s main content should be aligned with its original purpose, so all necessary information is to be included. Make sure it’s not too long, strictly direct to the point, words are easy to understand, interesting, and informative to the reader.


If you need to redirect your readers to an official website, social media page, or even a document, it is imperative to include these links in the newsletter.

Contacts and Subscription Information

If the reader needs to contact the organization, there is a need to include contact information in the last section of the newsletter. Subscription information provides details about the subscription which are written down or redirected to the main page by a link.

what is an email newsletter parts

How To Design an Email Newsletter

1. Choose an Email Newsletter Size

2. Determine the purpose of the email newsletter

3. Select an Email Newsletter Template

4. Add a subject line

5. Add the brand or company logo

6. Write down the content

7. Double-check and finalize the content

how to design an email newsletter

Email Newsletter vs Newsletter

Email newsletters are newsletters sent digitally using an email and have a multitude of purposes, such as delivering updates, information, promotions, or announcements.

A newsletter on the other hand is quite similar as this is used to send information and reports to subscribers, specific individuals, and organizations, which can be distributed both manually or digitally.

What’s the Difference Between an Email Newsletter, Newspaper, and Email Ad?

An email newsletter is a periodical that is sent online using emails such as google mail as its main tool of distribution.

A newspaper is a publication that reports on the latest local and international news and events.

An email ad is a type of marketing promotion where you can incorporate paid advertisements or internal promotions you add to your emails/newsletters to drive more revenue.

Email Newsletter Sizes

Email newsletter sizes depend on the email content, graphics, and images. It should be able to follow these standard sizes below.

email newsletter sizes

Email Newsletter Ideas & Examples

If you need to start working on an email newsletter and you need to look for attractive designs, you may want to check out our wide collection of email newsletter ideas. You may use these designs as a reference to create a well-crafted email newsletter.


How to Create an Email Newsletter?

Start by opening any editing tool or download files in, select a template, write down the subject line, add graphics, format the content, and customize and send the email to the subscribers.

How to make an Email Newsletter in Publisher?

Open Publisher, click on newsletters, click on your preferred design, create and customize, and save as a publisher’s template.

How Do You Email Newsletters Using Outlook?

Open Microsoft Outlook, choose a template by clicking on the stationary and fonts, then create a new email, create headings, sections, and body text, add images as needed, and save.

How to Publish a Newsletter in an Email?

The newsletter template could be sent as an attachment, or build and edit the template while opening a blank email document.

What Is a Newsletter in Email Marketing?

A newsletter is often used in email marketing as a means to provide promotions and updates and to advertise a product or service.

How to Make Money from Email Newsletter?

You can make money from email newsletters by directing readers to a website or an official web link where they can purchase or avail of the services.

What Is a Good Open Rate for an Email Newsletter?

Depending on the industry the organization is in, the best rate should be between 17 and 28%.

Why Do Businesses Use Email Newsletters?

Aside from convenience and being cost-effective, businesses can properly convey their updates and information in regard to their brands directly to their target audience.

What Should I Include in an Email Newsletter?

Included in a newsletter is an attractive subject line, engaging content, and graphics that would increase your reader’s interest.

How to send emails to your audience?

Emails are sent by checking the list of email addresses provided by the subscribers.

How to Design an Email Newsletter in Illustrator?

Choose a newsletter size and dimension, open Illustrator, and create a design and graphics that best suit the content of your newsletter.

How to Create a Newsletter Template for Your Brand?

Creating a newsletter for a specific brand must be designed to meet the goals and objectives of the content, and make sure it is relevant and consistent.

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