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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Newsletter?
  3. 10 Types of Newsletter
  4. Newsletter Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s In a Newsletter? Parts?
  6. How To Design a Newsletter?
  7. Newsletter Vs. Newspaper
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Newsletter, Email Newsletter, and Magazine?
  9. Newsletter Sizes
  10. Newsletter Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Newsletter


Newsletters are reports or publications containing news or information about a particular topic of interest. Special groups or audiences receive these newsletters according to organizations or subject matter containing news, updates, or curated content.

Newsletter Definition & Meaning

Newsletters are printed or electronic media resources that allow organizations to communicate regularly with a target audience who subscribe, delivering information through direct or electronic mail.

This means that these reports contain a composed structure of formatted text and images regularly, usually on a weekly or monthly production.

What Is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is a bulletin that contains announcements coming from an institution, business, or other organization. These publications include various information and news that target groups of people with specific interests within an organization, informing them of products, services, or upcoming events and keeping them up-to-date with business campaigns.

10 Types of Newsletter

Church Newsletter

Church newsletters encourage and inform people of faith to attend activities and events with the church. Incorporated with symbols and unique elements that represent the congregation and its beliefs. Cover information about scriptures, services and other news relevant to the church are all written down in a newsletter.


Monthly Newsletter

As the name suggests, monthly newsletters are provided by businesses to subscribers monthly. These reports contain information about the past month and promotions for the following month. Most of these newsletters are distributed to its subscribers come in at the start of every month.


School Newsletter

School newsletters are regular publications that faculty, students or parents receive from educational institutions. Schools, universities, and academies send out these publications for updates about school and classroom events. Institutions must ensure that they write engaging and scheduled content for their newsletters to keep everyone on the loop.


Employee Newsletter

Organizations send out employee newsletters to their staff to relay information about events, employee training and achievements in the business. Companies deliver these newsletters to their employees via work emails. As such, organizations send these internal documents on a monthly basis.


Business Newsletter

Business newsletters are printed or electronic materials that contain curated content about news, topics, and subjects about organizations. These newsletters allow different companies to connect with their customers and target audiences. Individuals signup in advance to be able to receive this content from different businesses.


Christmas Newsletter

Bring out festive spirits with a creative and eye-catching Christmas newsletter. Celebrate the season by incorporating colors, design elements, and symbols that represent the spirit of Christmas. Then, end it with celebratory phrases to make the content more personal.


Construction Newsletter

Construction newsletters allow construction companies to inform clients about the products or services they offer. As one effective marketing strategy, it details developments and special offers to customers to avail of their bundles and promos. The newsletter targets company clients and subscribers who signup for subscriptions.


Company Newsletter

Company newsletters allow organizations to communicate with customers and clients. The newsletter carries information about sales, benefits, and other milestones a company achieves. Target audiences typically receive these newsletters regularly.


Holiday Newsletter

Holiday newsletters are most likely to show up in people’s inboxes or online mails just in time for seasonal sales. Most common holiday newsletters contain information about discounts and special deals for products. Aside from that, other holiday newsletters offer services for relaxation, health and enjoyment.


Real Estate Newsletter

Offer real estate deals to clients and subscribers by sending out real estate newsletters. Realtors and agencies deliver newsletters to share real estate news about commercial and residential properties. Helpful information like market prices, reviews and ideal locations are also included in the newsletter.


Newsletter Uses, Purpose, Importance

Newsletters are one of the many marketing tools that many businesses utilize to get in touch with their clients and it also serves as means to connect with employees and business partners. This help promotes new products and services and notifies about special events and promotions for an organization. Newsletters are a form of communication between businesses and their readers to keep them up to date through printed or online content.

Means of Communicating with Others

Writing and sending newsletters to clients and customers is a way for the business to stay in contact with its audience. Receiving newsletters from a company means they are reaching out to specific individuals with special offers. Utilizing this kind of strategy makes people feel significant and would serve to retain and attract new customers.

Express Objectives and Milestones

Sharing newsletters to recipients about objectives and milestones an organization achieves gives a sense of involvement. Communicating the achievements of the company allows customers to share in its success. And this also improves the company’s credibility to its employees and customers alike.

Lead to Endless Growth

Many consumers check their email inboxes at least twice a week. Knowing that there is a high percentage of users actively looking at email newsletters increases the chances of selling or marketing. Every click on the newsletter and its call to action is beneficial to brand awareness.

Increase Brand Awareness

Newsletters are a way to share information about the company and the brand with prospects and loyal customers. In doing so, companies promote trust in their brand thus enhancing its credibility to the general public. Positive storytelling and beautiful images attract attention to the mission and vision of the brand as well.

Boosts Website Traffic

Every time an organization sends out newsletters to its respective recipients, there is always a call to action. The call to action is a link or a button that sends the individual to the company website to boost traffic. Boosting traffic equates to people viewing the website with the possibility of making a sale and increasing financial profit for the company and its team.

What’s In a Newsletter? Parts?


Similar to any publication material, like newspapers and magazines, newsletters contain a header section. It represents the branding the business aims for and encourages audiences to continue reading the content. Headers are bigger compared to the content text size.


Every newsletter contains the logo of the organization sending the report. The logo represents the color scheme of the newsletter and reminds the readers of the company responsible for sending out the newsletter aside from its name. Individuals must easily distinguish the logo from the content.


The images and photos enhance the content and attractiveness of the newsletter. Visual elements can range from vibrant illustrations, vivid images, or both, depending on the content and message the company wants to convey.

Content Layout

The content layout refers to how the viewers see the newsletter structure. Including headings and subheadings to easily navigate the contents of the publication. Utilizing rows and columns also work well to de-clutter space which makes it more presentable to its readers.

Personalized Content

Personalized content makes subscribers and customers feel the company is directly addressing them. It includes incorporating the client’s name, making each newsletter unique.

whats in a newsletter parts

How To Design a Newsletter?

1. Select a newsletter size.
2. Specify the purpose of creating the newsletter.
3. Decide the newsletter template
4. Replace the company logo
5. Edit the text elements.
6. Finalize changes and save your work.

how to design a newsletter

Newsletter Vs. Newspaper

Newsletters are periodical publications that contain information about current events covering particular topics for a specific audience.

Newspapers are daily or weekly publications that contain news, issues and other topics for the general public and are usually distributed on a daily basis.

What’s the Difference Between a Newsletter, Email Newsletter, and Magazine?

Printed newsletters contain high-quality designs and paper material for their tangible reproduction of specific topics and subjects to a targeted audience.

Email newsletters are usually sent via email platforms such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo, have a faster delivery time, are easily accessible, and allow companies to track the number of traffic that goes to the website when people access links or buttons.

Magazines cover a range of subjects, styles, and types of media that publishing companies share with a general audience.

Newsletter Sizes

Newsletters undergo print for physical distribution, or companies can send them digitally as an email attachment. The table below covers newsletter sizes for physical and digital distribution.

newsletter sizes

Newsletter Ideas & Examples

After acquiring information about newsletters, you can now create one for your organization and distribute them to clients and subscribers. Gain inspiration for the design, layout, and content from our creative newsletter ideas and examples below.


How to Create a Newsletter?

You can create a newsletter by preparing a strategy, setting up a sender list, making subscription forms, attracting subscribers, establishing a campaign, sending the letter, and tracking its performance.

What Is a Digital Newsletter?

Digital newsletters are periodically-sent and recurring email content that a company sends to a mailing or subscriber list that redirects an individual to a website or a lengthier and more specific content.

How to Make a Newsletter in Word?

To create a newsletter in Word, start the application, search for a newsletter sample from the Microsoft store, select the template, and edit its content.

How to Make a Newsletter in Google Docs?

To make a newsletter in Google Docs, log in to your Google account, create a list of the recipients, open Google Docs, select a newsletter template from the gallery, and make the necessary changes to the content and design.

How to Set up a Newsletter?

In setting up a newsletter, start by selecting a marketing platform, build your mailing list, and start working on your first newsletter.

How Do You Make a Newsletter for Your Website?

When creating a newsletter for your website, begin by identifying goals and objectives, create the mailing list, develop a content strategy, customize the newsletter design, and write down your content.

What Is the Best Business Day to Send Out Newsletters?

The best business days to send out newsletters are Tuesdays through Thursdays.

What Is a Substack Newsletter?

Substack is an email newsletter platform that companies and individuals can use to publish and monetize content through newsletters across the web.

How to Create a Classroom Newsletter?

When creating a classroom newsletter, make sure that the content is readable and easy to understand, stick to a specific schedule, add a personal touch, make it inclusive and positive, highlight involvement and achievement, and allow room for feedback.

What Is a Monthly Newsletter?

Monthly newsletters are publications with curated content that companies send to their target audience on a monthly basis.

What to Put in an Employee Newsletter?

Employee newsletters contain information about milestones, anniversaries, office spotlights, employee profiles, recommendations, pulse surveys, social reactions, upcoming events, an employee of the month, etc.

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