Profiles are commonly used to introduce many business firms, institutions, and organizations and their mission, vision, objectives, and plans. Developing a visually appealing profile will help businesses and organizations to provide important information about their overall business values, their current or former clients, the story of their business origin, the products and/or services, and future endeavors in their respective fields and industries.   profiles

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Profile Definition & Meaning

A profile is a concise and engaging description of a business or an organization that is composed of the key purpose, mission, vision, products or services, and other fundamental aspects of one’s company or organization.

Profiles are integral to many businesses, and organizations so that the public can easily learn and understand what their business or organization is all about, what type of products and/or services they offer to the people, and why they are valuable to the lives of the people and in the society. 

What Is a Profile?

A profile is a brief and compelling summary of a company, an organization, or a professional. It is generally used in books, brochures, magazines, pamphlets, blogs/websites, and various social media platforms to make known a specific business, an organization, or a professional to the public.


10 Types Of Profile

Construction Profile

A construction business profile establishes a fundamental element for the bid documents, corporate brochures, annual reports, and websites of a construction company. It presents basic information about a construction company including the year of establishment, the type of work the company handles, and its physical location.  


IT/Software Profile

If you are working for an IT/software agency, creating an appealing modern IT/software brochure is very beneficial to help people have basic knowledge of the goals, objectives, and vision of your IT/software company. Use a modern software company profile template with a clean outline for your IT business profile in your corporate brochures, websites, and social media pages.  


Real Estate Profile

Real estate companies need to showcase an engaging real estate profile to their prospective business partners, investors, and clients. Using a simple yet eye-catching real estate profile from our diverse selection of real estate brochure templates is effective as a marketing and advertising tool that can be used to outline the history and milestones of one’s real estate business. 


Startup IT Company Profile

Bring state-of-the-art technology products or services to the market and introduce them to the public when you use a visually-appealing startup IT company profile template from our IT company brochure templates for your startup IT business firm. A stylish company profile with two contrasting colors is great to use for your corporate brochure and company website. 


IT Services Profile

An IT services profile is a simple yet engaging profile that clearly outlines the different types of IT services of an IT business firm. When designing your profile, it is essential to use a simple IT services profile template, cut down your text, be straightforward in describing your services, highlight your accomplishments and milestones, and add a striking color for accent in the overall design of your profile. 


Startup Software Company Profile

Make a fantastic software company profile for your new software business! Use high-quality images, original illustrations, and contemporary fonts, along with compelling headings and content while using our basic startup software company brochure templates


Software Solutions Profile

Present your software solutions to your prospective clients while using our unique software solutions profile template. If you want simplicity in your business profile, use a clean profile design and outline. 


Real Estate Sales Profile

This type of business profile is commonly used to demonstrate the mission, vision, objectives, and plans of your real estate sales. Use a bright-colored real estate sales profile template to showcase core aspects of your real estate business operations and sales strategies. 


Real Estate Agency Profile

If you need to create a simple yet striking real estate agency profile for your corporate brochure and website, we highly suggest that you use a wonderfully-designed real estate agency profile template like this one. Present your real estate company’s services and milestones to potential clients and investors with a gorgeous profile.


Construction Company Profile

Create a sophisticated construction company profile while introducing your diverse construction services to interested clients and investors. Show off the notable project accomplishments and milestones of your construction company through a captivating and minimalist profile which helps your company profile to get noticed in a competitive construction field.


Profile Uses, Purpose, Importance

A profile has numerous uses according to the purpose of a business, an organization, or a professional. You can see a wide array of business profiles in traditional mediums like corporate brochures and annual reports, as well as in digital forms such as company blogs, websites, and business social media platforms. Below is a list of the common uses, purposes, and importance of profiles.

Brand Awareness and Credibility

Developing an attractive and well-thought-out profile is essential to make your brand stand out. It is very useful when you share your powerful brand story to your prospective customers, and allow potential business partners to see the credibility of your company despite the intense competition among other business firms in the same industry. 

First Impression

Investors look for certain aspects of a company before they consider investing. So, make a great first impression on your potential investors when you include the competitive advantage, solid values, and logical business strategies of your business in your company profile, as well as optimizing your profile on your websites, media kits, staff recruitment portals, press releases and other external documents. 

Marketing and Promotional Tool

Many companies, organizations, and professionals use a compelling profile to win and reach as many prospects as possible. As an excellent marketing and promotional tool, it makes your company visible across all types of traditional media and digital platforms such as physical prints, emails, websites, and professional social media networks 


Company profiles are made to deliver integral information and assurance that businesses can meet the needs and preferences of their customers. An engaging and informative profile acts as a window to your company, giving business partners, customers, and employees a glimpse at what you offer and provide.

Talent Recruitment  

An interesting business profile will help a company to get the attention of the professionals, and to convince them to do business with your company. Creating an attention-grabbing profile is beneficial to make potential talents informed about your business, and what it’s like working with you and invite them to work with your company.


What’s In A Profile? Parts?

General Business Information

Write the basic information of your business which includes the company name, company logo and tagline, the year it was established, business location, contact information, and website URL. Inform your readers of the most important details about your company. 

Names and Key Roles of the Ownership and Management Team

Provide the designated names and key roles of the management team members, especially the owner or founder of the business. Include names of the business partners, executives, board members, and many others.

Company History

Tell the origin of your business and why you started it. Add some interesting information and personality if possible, especially when it is connected to your company culture. 

Graphics or Illustrations

Including several eye-catching graphics, or illustrations is a wonderful way to make an engaging profile. Transform your profile and make it enticing with contemporary, vivid graphics and illustrations. 

Mission and Vision Statement

Write the mission and vision statement of your company so that your prospects are informed about the purpose of your company, the problem your company aims to solve, and the future goals and objectives of your company. Also, include a brief description of your business growth goals. 

Products and Services

Share important details about your brands, products, and services that your company offers and your target audience. Describe the fundamental aspects of your business and products in this section.

Notable Accomplishments and Milestones

Add your notable business accomplishments and milestones such as awards, certifications, special projects, testimonials, or news and media coverage. Highlight significant milestones in your business.


How To Design A Profile?

  1. Choose a Profile Size
  2. Consider the purpose of your profile
  3. Select the Profile Template
  4. Keep things simple and precise
  5. Consider your target audience
  6. Indicate accurate and honest information about your company
  7. Highlight the core values, mission, and vision of your business
  8. Add compelling graphics and attractive design elements to your profile
  9. Adjust, edit and revise other visual and text elements if necessary
  10. Finalize and download your work

You can also refer to the informative articles below on how to create compelling profiles for business and personal use in various designs and formats:


Profile vs. Portrait

A profile is a simple and compelling introduction of the name, title, accomplishments, and milestones of an individual, a business, or an organization in a specific field or industry. 

A portrait is a visual representation of a person in a form of a drawing, painting, or photograph, displaying only the face or head and shoulders. 

What’s the Difference Between a Profile, Resume, and Biography?

A profile provides a brief and cohesive overview of general information about an individual, or a business firm, allowing the public to get to know the basic information of the person or an organization. 

A resume is a professional form of writing that outlines the basic information of the job applicant, especially showcasing his or her skills, educational attainment, work experience, and qualification for a particular position.

A biography is a comprehensive account or record of a person’s life history which is written by someone else. 

Profile Sizes

Profiles have a wide selection of standard sizes both in digital and physical formats. The profile size and format are based on the use and purpose of the business or organization. 


Profile Ideas & Examples

There are various ways to showcase your creativity and innovation when it comes to designing business profiles. Check out the following details for more profile ideas and design inspiration.

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What is a person’s profile?

A person’s profile is a written record about a person which is often published as a narrative non-fiction article in various printed and online publications like newspapers, magazines, blogs, or websites. 

What is the Tagalog of a profile?

There is no available translation of the word “profile” in the Tagalog language because Filipinos only use the English term of the word “profile”. 

How do I make a company profile?

When making a company profile, you need to identify the main purpose for the profile, choose a style and format, add the business contact details, write the mission and vision statement of the company, highlight the history, accomplishments, and milestones of the company, and describe the products and services.

What is a software profile?

A software profile is basically a simple description of a software product. 

What is a profile for a job?

A profile for a job is a short and concise description of a person’s skills, work experience, and notable achievements in his or her field which are relevant to the job industry he or she is applying to. 

What Contents Should You Put In Your Company Profile?

Your company profile should include the company name, established date, physical location address, contact details, website URL, and email address.

How do I update a profile?

If you need to update a profile, tap the About section of your social media page, tap your name, and edit the content of your profile, and when you’re done editing your profile, tap the update and save. 

What is a profile image?

A profile image is a photo that represents one’s social media account.

How to Set Up an Instagram Business Profile?

To set up an Instagram Business profile for your startup company, go to your profile, tap the upper right corner, click Settings, tap Account, click Switch to Professional Account, click Continue, choose a category for your business, tap OK to confirm and tap Business, and then add the contact details.

What is the key feature of a profile?

The key feature of a profile is the mission/vision statement and description of the business.

What does a profile contain?

A profile contains a brief description of a person or business, major qualifications and skills, products and services, top accomplishments and milestones, and contact details.