10+ Lease Agreement Templates in Word

Everybody wants to eventually invest in a property they can call their own. For many adults, the ultimate goal, or maybe even a lifelong goal for some, is to finally become homeowners and not live their lives from place to place, never getting to build roots. After all, owning a property, be it for business or for personal reasons is one of the greatest accomplishments an individual can have especially after years of working and after saving most of their paycheck in the bank. You may also see basic lease agreement examples.

It’s arguably one of the most valuable investments, but while most Americans own their homes, this really wasn’t always the case. Not so long ago, being tenants, having landlords, paying your rent, while living in houses on lands that weren’t your own, was more popular than having land ownership because our ancestors, our forefathers, most of them having been immigrants who fled for the American Dream, didn’t have much to start with, let alone lands to their names. You may also see private lease agreement templates.

Short Term Lease Agreement Template

short term lease agreement template
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Property Lease Agreement Template

property lease agreement template
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Master Lease Agreement Template

master lease agreement template
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Short-Term Commercial Lease


Residential Lease Agreement


New Jersey Residential Lease Agreement


History Says Leasing Works

Most houses were built from what materials people could find, long before Manifest Destiny. Or they get to rent a farm and someone else’s home while tending the land and the property as part of the deal or agreement they have with those who were wealthy enough to be landlords. But that’s history. We have moved on since then and today, while both tenancy and property owners have their benefits, more and more of the young professionals or millennials, if you will, choose to rent rather than home ownership for two reasons. You may also see apartment rental agreement templates.

It’s becoming more difficult to buy a property, especially if you choose to live in the city, where the market value is something you can’t afford if you just rely on your monthly paycheck. It also became a more viable option because of the global economic downturn. It’s just simply expensive to own a house or a building for your simple business these days, compared to paying your monthly rent.

If you know where to look for, and how to take advantage of the right resources, the tenancy may just work well for you, just like it has for many others, since it offers advantages that aren’t limited to flexibility. However, you also need to decide first whether you still like the idea of being a tenant because you may already be prepared for home-ownership, financially. You may also see simple lease agreement templates.

If you think you don’t see yourself as being able to handle the responsibilities that come with home-ownership yet, or if you’re just getting the hang out of working a real full-time job straight of college, then go right ahead. Before you jump to the first offer from an agency or before you take the first listing you see for a property available for leasing, remember that you have a wide range of options in an area. You have to explore those options first and take a few factors into consideration before signing a lease agreement with a landlord.

Lease Agreement Sample


Explore Your Local Listings

It’s safer and better to narrow down your search for properties to your location. After all, what’s the use of paying rent if you need more money for your car’s tank and have to endure traffic jam on top of that? Even if you don’t live in the city, it’s still more convenient to get listings of properties available for lease near where you work. Access makes a big difference. If not, then you are still free to explore your prospect markets in your preferred location. You may also see apartment lease agreement templates.

As someone who invests, because tenancy, no matter which way you look at it, is still an investment, exploring your options will be very important in a highly competitive market. In certain locations, rates tend to change, so make sure to always check the updated version of the information on the landlord or agency’s website for properties you are interested in. The market’s rise and fall will be a big factor in making a decision. Sometimes you can predict that other times’, there’s no way of telling.

Location Is Important

This is where you would find your research skills to be very useful, because you can’t just let yourself end up with a property that doesn’t cut it for you, from top to bottom. Check internet forums about residential or commercial rentals, whichever one you need, and take not of others’ clients or previous renters’ feedback, if you’ll be able to find any that you can take seriously. Check websites on a certain location’s listings to see which properties you see yourself investing in. You may also see standard lease agreement templates.

Be wary of contacting or dealing with agents. If you think you’re capable of doing this yourself, with help and support from friends who have enough knowledge about tenancy, go ahead and try, because the industry is filled with crooks who charge you with services you have no knowledge of receiving. It’s better to do your transactions with the landlord himself and only settle terms with them. You may also see commercial lease agreements.

Understanding the right location that best fits you helps you get the property which you need more than the one that you want. This isn’t on a whim. While you may want to enjoy comfort and a little luxury on the side, it still pays to be practical, lest you end up wasting your money on amenities that you have no use of. You may also see land lease templates.

Being Prepared

Before the big day comes, you have to be prepared so that you would have a smooth transition. It helps when you know the stakes, before putting your money in something that you may end up regretting. You would have an overwhelming list of choices. But you have to filter that list to those that have reasonable down payments, are still standing quite well, and doesn’t need much repairing, which brings us to the next step. You need to get the property inspected or go to an open house and see it for yourself.

Sample Residential Lease Agreement


Fair Lease Agreement


Don’t Rush

Take your time, or at least, take enough time in choosing a property so that you won’t find yourself signing a deal out of desperation, because that often leads overlooking minor things that when added together, can give you a lot of trouble, like a broken window, or lights that aren’t enough. Don’t allow anyone to get to you and make you sign a lease when you’re still hesitant. If you have made up your mind about hiring an apartment agency, the agent assigned to you usually pressures you, telling you that you have to because the property is going to go faster than you can even blink, which, for the most part, isn’t true. You may also see printable rental agreement templates.

Read The Fine Print

Another reason not to rush is your lease contract. Going over the details takes time, and you should bide your time because choosing where you do business, and choosing where to live is a big decision and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. 90% of the fine print will be boring legal jargon but there would be some details you may find quite surprising. Another thing you should be looking into is how much money you’d be paying when you want to break the lease.

Some people don’t realize that part of the contract will indicate how much breaking a lease would cost and ends up paying so much more than what they expect when the time comes or parting with the landlord, months before the actual contract ends. Most people don’t pay attention to that part but it’s an important question to ask unless you’re perfectly fine with whatever they charge you. You may also see rental agreement templates.

Set Everything in Writing

There are times when a lease lacks details and doesn’t clearly define the important part of the agreement which could mean trouble if expectations aren’t discussed upfront. You have to communicate with the landlord what your expectations are and they have to do the same. The most important thing though, is t get both your promises in writing because just in case disputes arise in the future. You always have landlords stating they will get issues with the property taken care of but don’t really stick to their word. The only way to ensure that everyone commits to their part of the bargain is to get it documented and signed. You may also see apartment rental agreement templates.

Example Lease Agreement


Blank Rental Agreement


You don’t need to panic if it’s time for you to move out, get going, live alone or go on a business venture, all of which will most likely lead you to rent or lease a property. If you sign a lease for an apartment or commercial space, there’s a great chance you’ll come out of the experience just fine. After all, the landlord-tenant model, based on history, have generally worked well throughout centuries, especially in this country.

As a matter of fact, there are about 43 million U.S. households renting properties, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. No lease experience is ever perfect, so it’s important to check everything that it involves, and be absolutely sure when you sign your simple agreement.

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