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Confidentiality Agreement is a document that is used to maintain the privacy of the confidential information that is shared by two parties involved in doing business with each other. According to the field of operation, they can be of various types. It can be related to medical, real estate, personal or legal fields. It is recommended to get a confidentiality agreement samples signed if you are sharing critical information that should not reach a third party.

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Business Confidentiality Agreement Template

business confidentiality agreement template
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Legal Confidentiality Agreement Template

legal confidentiality agreement template
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Financial Confidentiality Agreement

financial confidentiality agreement template
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Church Confidentiality Agreement Template

church confidentiality agreement template
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Employment Confidentiality Agreement Template

employment confidentiality agreement template
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HR Confidentiality Agreement Template

hr confidentiality agreement template
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Business Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Financial Business Confidentiality Agreement
Example Business Non Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement
Business Plan Sample Confidentiality Agreement

Business confidentiality agreement is signed when two or more parties agree on a single opinion related to the business. Such an agreement ensures that the trade secrets and other sensitive information of the businesses stay in-house and do not get revealed to the competitors. Such agreements are usually written in word or PDF formats. [10+ Confidentiality Agreement Form Templates]

Celebrity Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Absurd Celebrity Confidentiality Agreement
Celebrity Confidentiality Agreement for Example Personal Assistant
Business Sample Celebrity Confidentiality Agreement

In order to safeguard the sensitive information of the lives of celebrities, celebrity confidentiality agreement is signed. Public figures naturally cannot give anyone an open access to their life. As a result, celebrity confidentiality agreement comes into play. People working for any celebrity have to sign this agreement compulsorily. [12+ Celebrity Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Church Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Confidentiality Agreement and Assignment of Church Work Product
Example Church Confidentiality Agreement Employees Pay
Church Employee Confidentiality Agreement

According to church confidentiality agreement, it is clarified that Bible was God’s inspiration and it was written by a human being without any error. It is related to our routine life. It also states that spreading of gossip, betrayal and other vices are forbidden. It is usually signed between the Church authorities and an individual who wishes to join there as a volunteer or employee. [11+ Church Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Client Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Real Estate Client Confidentiality Agreement
Example Client Confidentiality Agreement for Physician
Example Business Client Confidentiality Agreement

Client confidentiality agreement is mainly to safeguard the private information of the clients. The client questionnaire information or any other details of the client obtained through phone calls, texts or emails are kept confidential with the help of this agreement. Investigative team members who have access to the client information would not disclose the sensitive information about the client to third party and preserve its confidentiality. [13+ Client Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Confidential Disclosure Agreement 

Example Negotiation of Confidential Disclosure Agreement
Employee Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement Example
Confidential Disclosure Agreement Sample Template

A legal agreement signed between at least two parties that clearly states the information that the parties are willing to share with each other but wish to prevent from getting used outside the business purpose is known as confidential disclosure agreement. It is also known as secrecy agreement or nondisclosure agreement. [10+ Confidential Disclosure Agreement Templates]

Contractor Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Marketing Campaign Confidentiality Agreement
Example Asset Confidentiality Agreement
Contractor Confidentiality Agreement for Data Service Provider Sample

Contractor confidentiality agreement is an agreement that binds the contractors to keep the sensitive company information a secret. Information about the clients, marketing strategies, competitive analysis and technical data are the information that should not be revealed to any third party or rival companies. While hiring a contractor, a confidentiality agreement establishes the details about the information he/she should not reveal to unauthorized persons. [13+ Contractor Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Data Confidentiality Agreement 

Data Confidentiality Agreement for Business Sample
Confidentiality Data Sharing Agreement Example
Bilateral Data Confidential Agreement Example

Data confidentiality agreement is basically signed for making sure that the data or other individual records are kept confidential. Schools use such an agreement for the student data. Not only schools, other organizations also use this agreement so that the data of the concerned individuals remains safe within the organization premises. [13+ Data Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Human Resources Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Salary Human Resources Confidentiality Agreement
Example Human Resources Department Confidentiality Agreement
Data Human Resources Confidentiality Agreement Example

The valuable information of the employees is held with the human resources department. Human resources confidentiality agreement prevents the disclosure of such sensitive employee information. The document safeguards the employee details like name, job profile, contact details, salary package and other relevant information stored in the database of the company. [10+ Human Resources Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Legal Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Generic Legal Confidentiality Agreement
Example Business Legal Confidentiality Agreement
Employee Legal Confidentiality Agreement Sample

Legal information about an individual is really sensitive information and should not be revealed to anyone. Any legal information about an individual is kept as a secret according to the legal confidentiality agreement. Reasonable efforts should be practiced by the receiving party to maintain the privacy of such information. [10+ Legal Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Medical Confidentiality Agreement 

Medical Student Confidentiality Agreement Form Sample
Medical Procedure Confidentiality Agreement Example
Medical Facility Confidentiality Agreement Sample

Hospitals usually have a medical confidentiality agreement that is designed so that the private information of the patients, working information of the medical practice and worker records remain a secret. Medical personnel have to sign this agreement and agree to the fact that they would not reveal the delicate information to anyone who is not authorized to have it. [10+ Medical Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Mutual Confidentiality Agreement 

Sample Merger Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
Partnership Mutual Confidentiality Agreement Example
Mutual Confidentiality Agreement Example

Mutual or bilateral confidentiality agreement is one of the many confidentiality agreements that is signed between two parties who share business information with each other but want it to remain a secret. It is mostly signed by two or more companies who want to start a business together or if two companies get merged. [10+ Mutual Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Patient Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Generic Patient Confidentiality Agreement
Example Adolescent Patient Confidentiality Agreement
Doctor Patient Confidentiality Agreement Sample

Hospitals have the provision of patient confidentiality agreement in order to make sure that none of the information of the patient gets leaked to third party. Hospital personnel are bound to sign this agreement before they join. Every information about the patient starting from the reason of his/her visit to the hospital to the treatment plan is kept as a secret according to this agreement. [10+ Patient Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Real Estate Confidentiality Agreement 

Sample Standard Real Estate Confidentiality Agreement
Real Estate Employee Confidentiality Agreement Sample
Example Real Estate Confidentiality Agreement for Seller

Real estate confidentiality agreement is a document that includes the information on the project of real estate. It also specifies the quotations or any other details that have been exchanged between the two parties. Usually the real estate broker and the customer are the main parties involved in such a deal. [8+ Real Estate Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Basic Confidentiality Agreement 

Basic Confidentiality Agreement Template
Basic Confidentiality Agreement for Business
Basic Confidential Disclosure Agreement

Basic confidentiality agreement can be used for a common man or attorney while he reveals secrets to a potential investor, business partner or contractor. Besides business purposes, it can be used for your personal use too. You can take help of a legal expert to ensure that the agreement meets your objectives. [12+ Basic Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Confidential Settlement Agreement 

Confidentiality Settlement Agreement with Retailer Sample
Confidentiality Settlement Agreement for Legal Proceeding Example
Confidentiality Settlement Agreement and Clause Example

Confidential settlement agreement is the one that is signed once the mediation is successful and the parties decide to settle matters. It is mainly signed so that the basis of the settlement remains private and with the concerned parties only. [15+ Confidential Settlement Agreement Templates]

Confidentiality Agreement Form 

Generic Confidentiality Agreement Form Example
Example Standard Form Confidentiality Agreement
Example Bilateral Confidentiality Agreement Form

Confidentiality Agreement Form plays an important role when it comes to protecting the valuable assets of any company that includes trade secrets, unpublished patents, financial or technical information and other sensitive information. Loss of such information can put the company in a huge loss and that is the main reason why it needs to be protected by Confidential Agreement Form. [10+ Confidentiality Agreement Form Templates]

Employee Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Software Company’s Employee Confidentiality Agreement
Employee Staff Confidentiality Agreement
Employee Confidentiality Agreement Sample Template

An employee is asked to sign Employee Confidentiality Agreement whenever he/she joins a company. This is to protect the important information of the company that would be accessible by the employee. If an employee fails to abide by the terms of the agreement, he/she is likely to face legal action. [10+ Employee Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Mediation Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Mediation Confidentiality Agreement for Marketer
Enforceability of Mediation Confidentiality Agreement Sample
Business Mediation Confidentiality Agreement Example

Mediators enter into mediation confidentiality agreement so that each and every aspect of the mediation process is regulated well. Due to such an agreement, the strict confidentiality of mediation discussions, materials and correspondence is maintained. It encourages a truthful communication between the parties and the mediator so that the dispute can be resolved easily. [11+ Mediation Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement 

Microsoft Word Employee Non Disclosure Agreement Sample
Example Law Firm Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
Employee Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement Sample

Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreement is signed between parties so that the information shared between them remains private and is not disclosed to anyone who is not authorized to have it. It is usually implemented when the two parties are looking forward to a collaboration or venture together. [11+ Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Personal Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Medical Personal Confidentiality Agreement
Employee Personal Confidentiality Agreement Sample
Basic Personal Non-Disclosure Agreement Example

Sometimes, it is imperative to protect personal information. At such times, personal confidentiality agreement comes into picture. Sensitive personal information can be prevented from getting disclosed through personal confidentiality agreement. It is used when someone agrees to or asks someone else to agree to the nondisclosure before they come in contact with the information. [10+ Personal Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Standard Confidentiality Agreement 

Example Standard Patient Confidentiality Agreement
Example Standard Confidentiality Agreement for Commercial
Standard Confidentiality Agreement for Intellectual Property Example

Standard Confidentiality Agreement is the one that can be used by users according to their will. It can be edited according to the business needs and the type of companies involved. The names of the involved parties should be included in the agreement and it should be used at your discretion. [10+ Standard Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Understanding Confidentiality Agreement 

Mediation and Agency Confidentiality Agreement Example
Example Business Understanding Confidentiality Agreement
Employee Confidentiality Agreement Sample

You should get your confidentiality agreement signed invariably whenever you are dealing with your sensitive information. It gives you an assurance that if at all, the agreement gets violated, you can take a legal action and ask for suitable compensation. A legal advisor can make confidential agreement preparation simpler for you. [10+ Understanding Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Vendor Confidentiality Agreement 

Suppliers’ Vendor Confidentiality Agreement Example
Sample Technical Vendor Confidentiality Agreement
Sample Mutual Vendor Confidentiality Agreement

Vendor Confidentiality Agreement means that any data related to the contractual workers should remain a secret. The information would remain the property of the company and if it is disclosed, legal action can ensue on the concerned individual. According to this agreement, the information should be used exclusively for professional purposes. [13+ Vendor Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement 

Sample Hospital Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
Example Standard Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
Example Church Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

If an individual wishes to volunteer for a nonprofit organization, he/she has to sign a volunteer confidentiality agreement according to which the volunteer agrees not to disclose the confidential information about the organization to the third party people. In case of breach, the volunteer has to face serious legal action. [10+ Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

> Generic Confidentiality Agreement 

Elevation Church Generic Confidentiality Agreement Sample
Church Generic Confidentiality Agreement Example
Bilateral Generic Confidentiality Agreement Sample

Generic confidentiality agreement can be customized according to the business needs and the kind of operations it carries out. The names of the involved parties can be edited and a legal advisor should be consulted to check whether the statements in the agreement are relevant to the business and make sense. [13+ Generic Confidentiality Agreement Templates]

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