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8+ Dietitian Brochure Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

A healthy diet is something all of us want to practice and consistently follow. Over the course of a day, we usually don’t mind the kind of food that we eat since we always think of satisfying our hunger above anything else. This leads us to practice unhealthy eating that leads to diseases. Dietitians are there to help us with eating healthy food. They are not just visible in clinics, but also in events and other functions where nutrition is being talked about. Checkout Ready-Made Food Brochure Templates

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Dietitian Bi-Fold Brochure Template

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Dietitian Tri-Fold Brochure Template

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Dietitians promote themselves and their services using brochure templates. These are a quick and easy way to promote oneself to the people since information is easily read and absorbed. These brochures contain their list of services, their functions, and tips on eating healthy food. If you are about to design a dietitian brochure, check out our collection of templates and choose what suits your taste.

Dietitian Brochure Template

Food Menu Bifold-Trifold Brochure

Designing The Dietitian Brochure

A dietitian needs a good brochure for him to promote his services and advocacy for healthy eating to the public. It also serves other functions aside from promotions. You may also see amazing brochure designs.

To design a dietitian brochure, just follow these simple steps:

1. Choose the right kind of brochure.

Before anything else, choose the right type of brochure for you to write your information on. A single page brochure without any fold can have designed both at the front and back. Bi-fold brochures are used as well. If you want to promote and write more information, a tri-fold brochure suits for you. What’s good about brochures is you can design each page. There is no waste of space in this kind of promotional material.

2. Experiment with colors and images.

Since a dietitian works in the field of nutrition, bright colors that correspond to healthy food should be used. Red, green, yellow and orange are the best colors for that. The brightness of these colors exudes a healthy and nutritional appeal with the brochure. For the images, fruits and vegetables are the best suitable image to use for this kind of brochure. A little meat and fish can be used as well. You have to know where to put these images. Placing them in the right spot will enable you to give enough time for the image to be seen and the information to be read. You may also see geometric brochure templates.

3. Writing the right words.

Words matter in brochures. Once a person gets it, he will read what’s written in it. Sometimes, all of the words in the brochure are read while some people opt to read just a part of it and dispose of it after. Engage the reader of the brochure beginning from the first page. There should be something of a hook for the readers to read the whole brochure. Write the information well, since you are also promoting your products, services, and healthy eating habits. You also have to be careful of what you write. Words matter, most of the time. You may also see PSD brochure designs.

4. Measuring the elements.

In designing a brochure, you need to measure how the sentences should be aligned and how big the image should be. Another thing to be considered are the colors in the brochure, especially if you are using more than one of it. These elements have to be measured even if it’s on a trial and error basis for a cleaner final output. You may also see free brochure templates.

5. Save your work.

We don’t know when power outage comes, so it’s better to always save every change you make in the document. This will save you a lot of time when you try to retrieve your work. You may also see creative brochure templates.

Diet Food Brochure Template

Farmer Market Trifold Brochure

What Is A Dietitian?

A dietitian is a registered health care professional who gives advice on diet, nutrition, and the food that we should eat. They are tasked to determine and assess problems in a person’s nutrition, develop diet plans and consult the patients in modifying their diets. Dietitians also promote healthy eating, improving the health of the general public and provide strategies to keep nutrition-related diseases from occurring. You may also see luxury brochure templates.

Dietitians also have other tasks at hand. They manage a food operation production that is low in cost but high in quality. It is also their jobs to coordinate with workplaces, media institutes, and groups to provide advises on healthy living and nutrition. Aside from that, they also work with food and pharmaceutical companies to develop and market high-quality food products, conduct seminars on healthy eating and teaching nutrition at all levels of education.

If you have problems with your nutrition and eating habits, always make time to consult your dietitian. They can provide you with the best plan on healthy eating and everything that comes along with it.

Organic Food Brochure Design

Restaurant Menu Tri-fold Brochure

Tri-Fold Food Menu Brochure Template

Importance of Healthy Eating

As the saying goes, we are what we eat. It reflects our mood and attitude as a person. But most of the time, we tend to end in the most unhealthy manner especially when we are stressed. It makes us gain a lot of weight that might result in some complications. This list breaks down why eating healthy is very important. You may also see make a brochure.

1. Weight control.

The more we eat food that is high in fat and cholesterol, the more we are likely to gain weight. Eating organic food can help in controlling our weight. Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals which can help curb down the unnecessary fat in our body. It also keeps our blood sugar level in its right place. When we gain too much weight, we end up not being able to function well and this can lead us to more serious diseases. Spending a big amount of money on healthy food is much better than spending on medication.

2. Prevention of disease.

Eating healthy prevents us from getting diseases such as osteoporosis, heart failure, and diabetes. Healthy eating can also protect us from the common diseases such as a cough and colds. Meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables are best eaten when they are cooked well without any harmful preservative. This is the very basic step in protecting ourselves from getting sick. You may also see professional brochure templates.

3. Overall health and wellness.

Eating healthy food improves our overall wellness. It makes our skin glow naturally and gives us the energy we need. Milk strengthens our bones since it is rich in calcium. Meat, egg, and fish give us protein that strengthens our muscles. Fruits and root crops such as sweet potato are rich in fiber, which helps very well in maintaining good bowel movement. Rice and bread have carbohydrates which give us the energy we need. Getting the proper nutrition we need helps us function well on most days. It keeps us from getting stressed in most days. You may also see food brochure templates.

4. Save money.

Food may cost more, but medication for nutrition-related diseases are more expensive. It also saves a lot than spending for life insurance. There’s only a little chance of getting sick and hospitalized when you eat the right food. The money that you supposedly use for medication ends up being used for other purposes, such as electric, water, and internet bills. Moreover, life insurance is largely based on age and health of a person. On the other hand, it is a need to save for life insurance, but the costs become lower upon applying for one when you eat healthy food. You may also see fast food brochure samples.

5. Improve productivity.

Eating healthy food improves the productivity of a person. He becomes less bothered and stressed with life’s challenges. It also makes the person function better since his brain is filled with fuel to do more work. It is important for a person to eat breakfast every day, and not skip meals for the rest of the day. Food has nutrients that we all need as fuel to be more productive at school, work and in our personal activities. You may also see tri-fold brochure templates.

6. Enhances mood and cognition.

Good food makes us feel better and healthier. Organic food has enzymes and nutrients that go to our brain and enhance the glands responsible for our mood. We also absorb information faster and understand things more quickly. Eating healthy food gives us more brain power and learn things easier. You may also see restaurant tri-fold brochures.

7. Live longer.

The normal life expectancy of humans is usually at 70 years. When we eat healthier food while we are young, there’s a greater chance of living longer and even reaching our 100th birthday. Everybody wants to live long and to start with that, we must eat food that gives us the energy and nutrients that we need to function better.


Dietitians provide health advises and plans on how to eat healthy food. While their advice are better than done said, it is still your decision if you want to eat healthily or not. There’s more to the dietitian brochure than what you think there is. You may also see restaurant brochures.

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