Free Brochure Templates – 60+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Brochures are extremely handy for all kinds of businesses. From using brochures for marketing and sales to distributing hotel brochures, business houses and service providers across the globe require brochures. Free Brochures Templates are a great way for clients to learn about the company, the brand, the products and other important details. Brochures can also be used for informative and educative purposes.

Square Business Brochure Template


Photography A4 Bi Fold Brochure Template


Restaurant Bi Fold Brochure Template


Wedding Planner Brochure Template


Company Profile Bi Fold Brochure


Printable Home Care Brochure Template


Editable Car Brochure Template


College Bi Fold Brochure Design


Child Care Tri Fold Brochure


Tri-fold Medical Brochure Template


Multipurpose Portfolio Brochure Illustrator Template


Multipurpose Tri-fold Brochure InDesign Template


Multipurpose Business Bi-fold Brochure Photoshop Template


Multipurpose Square Brochure Catalog PSD Template


Automotive Brochure PSD Template


A5 Half Fold Brochure Template


Graduation Brochure Illustrator Template


Blank Brochure Word Template


Simple Bifold Brochure Template


Modern Free Brochure Template Download

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Human Resource Management Brochure Template Download

  • human resource management brochure template download

Orange Geometric Tri Fold Template Free Vector

  • orange geometric tri fold template free vector

Free Brochure Template PSD Download

  • free brochure template psd download

Tri-fold travel brochure Free Download

  • tri fold travel brochure free download

Ancient Map Brochure Template Download

  • ancient map brochure template download

Recruiter Brochure Template Download

  • recruiter brochure template download

Geometric Blue Business Trifold Free Vector Download

  • geometric blue business trifold free vector download

Free PSD Brochure Template Download

  • free psd brochure template download

Brochure with Red and Grey Elements Free Vector Download

  • brochure with red and grey elements free vector download

Editable Free Tri Fold Brochure Download

  • editable free tri fold brochure download

Green Brochure with Circles Free Vector Free Download

  • green brochure with circles free vector free download

Brochure Template with Orange Elements Free Vector Download

  • brochure template with orange elements free vector download

Geometrical Modern Brochure Template Free Vector Download

  • geometrical modern brochure template free vector download

Designed Tri Fold Brochure for Download

  • designed tri fold brochure for download

Wavy Modern Brochure Free Vector Download

  • wavy modern brochure free vector download

Beauty Parlour Brochur Template Download

  • beauty parlour brochur template download

Tri Fold Brochure Template Free Download

  • tri fold brochure template free download

Blue and Black Brochure Free Vector Download

  • blue and black brochure free vector download

Abstract Orange Brochure Free Vector Download

  • abstract orange brochure free vector download

Organic Food Brochure Template

  • organic food brochure template

Brochure Template PSD Download

  • brochure template psd download

Heart Model Brochure Template Download

  • heart model brochure template download

Colorful Modern Brochure Template Free Vector

  • colorful modern brochure template free vector

Brochure Template PSD Download

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Trifold Brochure Design Free Vector Download

  • trifold brochure design free vector download

Health & Fitness Brochure Download

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Variety of Brochure Templates Free Vector

  • variety of brochure templates free vector

Balloons Brochure Template Free Download

  • balloons brochure template free download

Colorful Brochures Collection Free Vector Download

  • colorful brochures collection free vector download

Tri-fold Travel Brochure Blue

  • tri fold travel brochure blue

Garnet Business Brochure Free Vector

  • garnet business brochure free vector

Lamp Brochure Template Free for Download

  • lamp brochure template free for download

Trifold Brochure Template Free Vector Download

  • trifold brochure template free vector download

Spicy Red Chilly Brochure Download

  • spicy red chilly brochure download

Ecological Tri Fold Free Vector Download

  • ecological tri fold free vector download

Tri-fold Business Brochure Green Design Download

  • tri fold business brochure green design download

Tri fold Business Brochure Template Free Vector Download

  • tri fold business brochure template free vector download

Ready-Made Free Design Brochure Template

  • ready made free design brochure template

Trifold with Squares Free Vector Download

  • trifold with squares free vector download

Travel Brochure Template for Download

  • travel brochure template for download

Restaurant Digital Brochure Download

  • restaurant digital brochure download

For instance, if an organisation wants to create environmental awareness, child labour awareness and so on, the use of a brochure is a great way to spread the word. Keeping this in mind, we have crafted a wide range of free brochure templates for our patrons. Here’s some additional information about the brochure templates:

Importance Of Free Brochure Templates

Every time a company or individual wants to design and print brochures, they need to run to the printers. The designing and printing of Bi Fold brochure Template can be an extremely expensive ordeal. Particularly in the cases of those companies or organisations that constantly required new, improved and updated versions of the templates. Thus in the case of the free brochure templates, they can be updated and edited as per the requirements of the user without any charges and fees. Additionally, there are so many varieties of free brochures available for use that the user does not have to get a designer to specially get one drawn up.

Varieties and Types Of Free Brochure Templates

There are tons of free brochure template available with us. Some of the brochure templates include the following:

  • Marketing brochures
  • Advertising brochures
  • Business brochures
  • Writer’s workshop brochures
  • Foldable brochures
  • Travel brochures
  • Services brochures
  • Awareness brochures

Besides the above mentioned brochures, there are several other kinds of brochures available. The brochures are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the brochures are A3 size, others are A4 size, some have a bi-fold, others can be folded thrice and so on.

Benefits of Using The Free Brochure Templates

The free brochure templates are extremely beneficial. They allow the user to make his own edits and changes without being dependent on a professional designer. Additionally they are free of cost, easy to download and can be re-used too. The fact that the user himself is re-designing and editing the brochures, he can easily printable brochure a bunch of samples to see which one is the most captivating and elegant. Another reason that the brochures are beneficial is because they save time of the user. The user does not need to spend hours on end with designers and printers trying to get the perfect brochure printed.

Editing And Personalising The Free Brochure Templates

Editing the brochures is a very simple process. Once you have downloaded the templates, open them on any professional editing programs. Some of the programs that the templates are compatible with include Apple iWork pages, Microsoft Office, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign and several others. Once you have opened the template on the editing program, you can begin to add the text that is relevant to your business, product or service. You can even add photos and picture to the templates. Besides this, the company logo, name, company address and other details. The text font of the template can also be changed to suit your requirements.

Printing The Free Brochure Templates

As far as printing out the free brochure templates is concerned, it is best that the user prints them on a laser printer. If you use a printer that’s of low quality, the brochures will also come out in a bleak and hazy quality. For best results, sharp prints, clear font and photos, a laser printer is highly recommended. Even the paper you use should be of excellent quality, a low quality paper will make the brochure look terrible.

Distribution Of The Free Brochure Templates

If you’re wondering how to hand out the brochures to prospective clients and customers, there are two ways it can be done. First and foremost the brochures once finalised have to be printed. The printed brochures can be mailed to prospective clients or they can be distributed at trade shows, conventions, kiosks and other public shows and events. The second way to distribute the brochures is to email them to prospective clients and customers. Emailing the brochures is an economically and environmentally friendly plan. The user can save tons of money and paper emailing the brochures instead of printing them.

Who Can Use The Free Brochure Template

There are several individual and corporations that can use the free brochure templates. Some of these include:

  • Business houses
  • Doctors
  • Government organisations
  • Hospitals
  • Spas
  • Theme parks
  • Adventure gaming organisations
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Travel agencies
  • Photographers
  • Counselling organisations and companies
  • Landscaping and gardening experts
  • Animal welfare organisations

Besides the above mentioned organisations and individuals, tons of other people too can use these wonderful crafted and professional looking free brochure templates.

Choosing The Free Brochure Templates Correctly

Due to the fact that there are so many varieties of brochure templates to choose from, you don’t want to end up choosing one that’s not appropriate for your business. For instance, if you have an adventure gaming business, you want to select a brochure that’s exceptionally vibrant, captivating and fun. On the other hand if you are creating awareness about animal welfare or social welfare causes, you need to select a brochure that is less loud and showy and more simple and elegant.

All in all, the free brochure templates are exceptionally handy and useful. They can be used by all types of organisations, companies and individuals. They are easy to download, an absolute must have and can really help in increasing your business. With the help of these brochures, anyone can be play the role of a professional designer and printer and can complete making the brochures without spending tons of money and wasting countless hours. Now no more hunting for printers and designers, just download the template of your choice, Edit it as per your requirements and print or email the brochures to clients and customers.

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