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15+ Printable Photography Brochure Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

In the beginning, you start out just taking pictures of stuff. You then want to improve your skills, so you begin learning about apertures, shutter speeds, and ISO’s. You have found yourself a new hobby. Digging deeper, you then learn about lenses and gears. You start purchasing different kinds of camera bodies, lenses, flashes and other equipment. You did not know that you have acquired something more. You may also see brochure design ideas.

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Unknowingly you may have gear acquisition syndrome, a disease that has been plaguing a lot of photography enthusiast worldwide. Like a dangerous drug habit, you need to find more money to buy new gear. This is the point where your photography stops being a hobby and starts being your livelihood. You decide to become a professional photographer.

PSD Photography Brochure Template

Wedding Photography Brochure Template

Small Brochure for Photography Business

However, putting your foot out in the photography business is hard work. Without any background or business experience, you find yourself lost. “How on earth am I going to advertise myself?” you ask. Maybe, the simplest and cheapest way would be to create a website or a social media page. That’s a no-brainer, everyone has Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat nowadays. Everyone has Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, and as this “everyone” may be a potential customer, then they can also be potential competition.

You are not even sure if these people are in your local area. No, you need more reach. You need a reach that you know you can reach. Business cards? Probably a good idea. They are quick and easy to store and you can use them to direct people to your social media pages. But business cards are just too simple. For one, they’re too small that you can not show what your photography is all about.

What is something slightly bigger than a business card, just as light and can carry more information? That sounds like a brochure. My friend, what you need is a photography brochure.

Fashion Photography Brochure Design

Printable Photography Brochure Template

Creative Photography Brochure Example

Photography Brochure Sample

The Brochure

A brochure is an informative paper document that can be folded and turned into a template, pamphlet or leaflet. Most brochures are used for advertising. There are a lot of kinds of brochure depending on what you are advertising. You can use a brochure to advertise a destination, a product that you are selling, or a service you are peddling. Brochures can also be used as maps, charts, newsletters, business presentations, instructional booklets and for promotion.

Like a business card, a brochure can be used to show potential customers what you are about while also giving out your identity and relevant information. Unlike a free business card, however, they are bigger and offer a lot more space and as such, they can carry a lot more information. Though print advertising may look outdated, brochures are still very effective advertising methods. This has to do with how they are distributed. It is still important to remember that the effectiveness of your brochure depends on the impression it leaves on its audience.

Minimal Photography Brochure Design

Creative Wedding Photography Brochure

Wedding Photography Bi-Fold Brochure

Save The Date Photography Brochure Template

Types of Brochure

Brochures can be classified by how they are folded. You can often tell what a brochure is for with the way they are folded. Some of the types of the brochure are:

  • Half-Fold – This type is often used for simple business presentations
  • Classic Tri-Fold – This type is often used for compact pieces that are easy to read and unfold.
  • Single Gate Fold – This type is often used for designs that are graphically heavy.
  • Double-Gate Fold – This type is often used for large presentations.
  • Z Fold – This type is often used for mailing and quick-glance handouts.
  • Die-cut Z Fold – A fold that is good for trade shows and booth handouts.
  • Four-Panel Fold – This type is often used for programs and promotional leaflets.
  • Four-Panel Accordion Fold – This type is often used for designs that are either text or information heavy.
  • Four-Panel Roll Fold – This type is often used for tutorials or step-by-step information.
  • Five-Panel Accordion Fold – This is the best type of fold for travel brochures.
  • Tri-Fold + Half-Fold – This type is often used for newsletters, maps, diagrams, and charts.
  • Eight-Panel Roll Fold – This type is often used for promotional booklets.
  • Half-Fold + Half-Fold – This type is used for making invitation brochures.
  • 16-Panel Fold – This type is often used for large presentations.

There are still more kinds of brochures aside from the fifteen mentioned above. A brochure does not even have to stick to just one piece of large paper. Brochures can be saddle-stitched to form a booklet. They can also be stapled on the creased edge, perfect bound like a paperback booklet. Sixteen pages are not the limit. You may also see professional brochure templates.

Elegant Wedding Brochure Sample

Modern Photography Studio Tri-Fold Brochure

Square Photography Brochure Mock-Up

What Should You Put on Your Photography Brochure

If you want to make the most out of your brochure you must first decide on what type of brochure would like to use. If you find it hard to decide then a good bet would either be classic tri-fold or the single gatefold. The classic tri-fold is called classic for a reason as it is the most and most versatile fold in a brochure. The single gatefold is also a good type to consider for a photography brochure as it is the best fold to use for graphics an picture heavy design and as a photographer, you need that picture space. Once you are done selecting your fold, you should place the following information.

1. Name

You can put your name here if you work alone or your business name if you work in a photography business. This goes without saying. How else are your customers going to identify who gave them this brochure? You may also see wedding brochure templates.

2. Contact Details

A brochure is like a more informative business card. It is important to add your contact details to your brochure to make sure that your potential customer knows who they’re going to call when they are in need of photography services. You may also see examples of bi-fold brochures.

3. Location

Do not forget to add your photography shop’s location in your brochure just in case potential visitors would like to visit or would want to personally talk to you about potential business matters and opportunities. You may also see free brochure templates.

4. Services Offered

A person often calls a photography shop because they want to call on a photographer’s service. This service could include portrait photography, corporate photography, event photography, photography for artistic purposes, photography for public figures, wedding photography, beauty and fashion photography, among others. It is not always that you, the photographer can offer these services. For one, you might not be comfortable with shooting nudes for artistic endeavor. In this case, a customer looking for a nude photographer would just be wasting time calling you. In the same case, you would also be wasting your time and that call could have been another customer who needs the exact service you offered. Always specify the photography services you offer.

5. Packages Offered

For a photography business, the packages you offer are what defines your services. Your customers will be looking at the packages you offer as a guide to know what they will be getting. As such if you are putting the price of your service, you should place it along the corresponding package. Deciding the price is another matter though. If you want to find out how to price your photography package, you should ask your photographer friends for some tips or you can look for tips on the internet. You may also see photography templates.

6. Picture Samples

A photography brochure advertises the photography business and for this reason you not neglect to add samples of your photography in the brochure. Most people would like to have a taste of a service that they are about to pay for. This is why people offer free samples in the supermarket. The photos you place on your brochure should give the best impression of your skills as a photographer and this is why you should choose the best photographs available in your portfolio. Your aim is to sell your photography skills and there is no better way to do this than to sell your best work. You may also see portfolio brochure templates.

7. Link to your Portfolio

For some people, the examples you put on your brochure is just not enough to finalize their decision in hiring you. Maybe you did not put enough pictures in the advertisement. Your portfolio might just do the trick. Directing your potential customers to an online portfolio is a great way to give them an extended look at your work. Just like when adding your picture samples make sure you use the best of the best of your work. However, be wary of posting pictures of your previous work as there might be a bit of legal matters to untangle for that. If you really want to add pictures from your previous work, it is a good idea to ask permission from the people in the photograph to avoid potential legal entanglements. You may also see studio brochure templates.

Photography Brochure Design

Professional Photography Brochure Template

Creating an effective brochure to advertise your photography business can involve a lot of work. A lot of decisions need to be made like which fold to use, what services and packages to offer and which samples to use. That does not even include how you would layout and design your brochure. To address this problem, we are offering you some photography brochure templates that you can use. These templates are either in PSD or AI files so they can be customized. You may also see luxury brochure templates.

As you are in the photography business, your photo editing skills should already be enough to be able to fully take advantage of these templates. If you are not though, the internet has a lot of tutorials for you to read and watch to learn on. Good luck with your photography business.

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