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How to Make an Order Form

Businesses always have something to offer their customers. However, when these customers do want to buy from these businesses, those in charge of handling the orders need to know the details regarding what the customers want, how they would want it in, when they would want it, and how they would like it to be delivered.

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The one thing that can help these people is by making use of the right order forms. With an order form, customers can easily specify their orders, and the businesses will have a much easier time in managing as to what they can do to provide these customers with what they would want and need.

The Different Types of Order Forms

One must consider that there are many different varieties of order forms that one can use. Which is the reason why businesses need to make sure that their employees understand the type of order forms they should be receiving, as well as their purpose? So here are a couple of examples of order forms that customers can use to send to businesses.

  • Equipment Order Form. An equipment order form is what’s used by those who require certain equipment in the event of certain situations such as a construction project. With the help of this form, customers may specify the type of equipment they need as well as details regarding the manufacturer or the model of the equipment that they would like.
  • Book Order Form. This is the type of form that’s utilized by customers in the event that they require a specific type of books, mostly used for research purposes. Many schools make use of book order forms as they require many different types of books that students would require to further their studies. What these forms do is allow the supplier to know the name of the book as well as the quantity of the all the books that the customer has ordered.
  • Catering Order Form. With catering order forms, those who require a catering service for their event may use this type of form to ensure that they have everything they need to satisfy their participants. What this form does is allow the customer to specify the different type of food that their event requires, the day that the event would take place, the time and place that the catering should be delivered, and more. This will give catering services that receive this form sufficient information that will allow them to properly provide the service.
  • Clothing Order Form. A clothing order form that most customers use for when they need to order specific clothing from different branches of clothing stores. This can be used to either make individual or bulk orders. In any case, the customer would need to specify the type of clothing they would like along with details such as the color, design, fabric, and quantity for those who wish to order in bulk.
  • Repair Order Form. Any person who would need a repair job done would certainly value the use of this form. This can also be used internally within companies in the event that certain equipment or facilities break down wherein they have to order their maintenance department to fix them as soon as possible. Those who make use of repair order forms may specify what needs to be fixed as well as where and when. Those who are in charge of providing the service may then determine the materials they should use as well as the amount of payment that the customer is required to pay for the repair service.
  • Construction Order Form. As the name states, it’s what one uses in the event that certain construction orders are needed to finish the construction project. With a construction order form, those in charge of construction management may specify what they need. A good example would be the construction materials as well as their quantity, equipment that can help with the project, manpower to help with the construction, and more.

How to Make an Order Form with Microsoft Office

  • The first thing that you should do is open a New Word Document and then click “File,” “Options,” and then click on the “Customize Ribbon” in.
  • Then you must check the “Developer” box and then select the “OK” option. The developer tab will then be displayed within the Word’s ribbon interface.
  • Enter the heading that you want to include in your order form as regular text. A good example would be that you might want to include headings for the name, address, product code, and the quantity.
  • You must then use the control buttons to allow you to add controls in your forms. Adding controls to your forms gives you methods of adding data to the form, such as text fields and even check boxes. The kind of controls that you would like to use could depend on the headings of your form. For example, you might want to use text fields that allow your customers to enter their names. Another would be placed in a date picker that would allow the customers to pick the desired date of the delivery of whatever they purchase.
  • The next step would be to click “File” and then select the “Info” option. Next, click on the “Protect Document” box and then you must select the “Restrict Editing” from the drop-down menu so that these options may no longer be configured by anyone else.
  • Check the “Allow only this type of editing in the document” box and then you must select the “Filling in Forms” from the drop-down menu.
  • The final step would be for you to save the document to finally finish in creating your very own order form.

Order forms allow customers to specify the kind of goods that they want in the hopes that the businesses that they send it to are able to supply it. In the event that you would like to know more about the different types of order forms as well as how you can make them, then you may view all of our available order form templates.

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Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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