10 Retail Order Form Templates

When running a business, there are a number of different concerns you should keep in mind; one of which is how to deliver and distribute your products, particularly to clients who may be some distance from you. For that purpose, you can use order form templates to help you make the forms you need to let your customers place orders for goods with you.


These kinds of order form templates can be used for all types of business, such as retailers, which means that you can find all kinds of purposes for the retail order forms you use. Much like retail price list templates, their actual uses are flexible enough that you can see them being used in several different businesses.

Simple Retail Supply Order Form

simple supply order 11 788x10


Textbook Retail Supply Order Form

textbook supply order 11 788x60


Retail Product Sales Order Form

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Retail Office Order Form

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What You Need to Include in a Retail Order Form

Regardless of what your business actually is, there are a number of common elements that you can generally expect to find in retail order forms. If you have ever used sample order templates to make your order forms before, then you might already have some familiarity with these elements.

Customer’s Name and Address

One of the most vital elements of any kind of order form is the ordering company’s information, such as their name and address. These are necessary for blank order form templates in Word precisely because they let the seller know exactly whom they are selling to before actually engaging in business. The address may also have some use in informing the seller of the location where they need to send the items the buyer orders, if the retailer in question happens to provide delivery services. In any case, adding the company’s name should serve to make it easier for the retailer to know which customer is placing which order. This should naturally make the business of supply and delivery easier since buyers can be associated with specific orders.

Contact Information

It is also necessary for a retail order form to include the contact information of both parties. This is to allow them to get in touch with one another if it ever becomes necessary for them to make contact in relation to some matter concerning the order. For example, if the customer wanted to make some kind of modification to the order, or if the retailer had to tell the client about some kind of delay in securing the order, then having each other’s contact information would definitely pay off for both parties. This would be especially useful in case there is a contact person that the buyer needs to stay in touch with, as it becomes easier to find a definite person who can answer inquiries.


One other means available to you for marking specific orders for ease of finding and reference is to include that order’s particular dates. After all, including a date scan makes it easier to find a reference point to work out more details of a given sample order form. This can serve to make it easier to find a specific order given the date the client placed the order, or determine when the order is estimated to arrive based on the date when the order was placed. And if there is ever some need to find that particular order in the future, placing the date should make it easier to find the order form by tracing the records to find the date.

Item Name

It goes without saying that your order forms should leave some space for the specific items to be placed. This allows your customers to state exactly what items they want in the form so that you can give them those specific items. If your customers know what they want, this allows them to let you know that so that you can understand their orders more clearly. After all, using a given item’s name can make it easier for you to provide more efficient service for your customers while also making the process of ordering all the easier on your customers.

Item Number

One way of specifying orders further is to include space for the particular item numbers of the products you have for sale. While each item’s specific name can make it easier for you to tell what customers want, you can delimit the order even further to be more certain of what the customers want. This can be especially helpful in the case of any items that might be particularly difficult for you to find. This can make your sample purchase order templates all the more useful since you can now use them to spell out clearly what your customers want. This in turn makes your work easier since you have a more obvious idea of which direction to take in order to supply your customer base.


Aside from having just the items’ names and numbers, you should also add space to state the items’ quantities in your blank order templates. This allows your customer base the option of making their orders all the more specific since they can tell you exactly how many of a given item that they need. Of course, this also provides you with a fair share of convenience. After all, you can also use this information to make it easier for yourself when placing your own orders from your suppliers. This information should also make it easier for you to calculate the precise costs of any transaction so that you can charge your clients more accurately.

Supplementary Costs

Aside from the base cost of the items you provide, the order form templates you use may also be able to give your customer base related services like delivery. In that case, your order form should also make your customers aware of such services and the costs that they would incur. These are the costs that you can expect to add to the subtotal of the items’ costs. This is obviously vital information for your clients as they do have the right to know about these charges you might levy on them.

Payment Method

You may also want to include the payment method on your order form templates. This can serve as a means of protecting yourself since you can get assurances from your clients that they do indeed have some means of paying you for the items you offer. This can be seen in examples like t-shirt order form templates as those templates would list possible payment methods so that you know that you can demand this information from your clients.

Sample Retail Order Form

retail order 11 788x


Sample Retail Purchase Order Template

online purchase order request excel template download2 11 788x10


Retail Purchase Order Request Form Sample

purchase order request form excel format1 11 788x10


Blank Goods Purchase Order Form Template

goods purchase order template pdf download2 11 788x10


Retail Book Purchase Order Form Template

books purchase order form example template 11 788x10


Blank Retail Purchase Order Form

blank purchase order form 11 788x10


Functions of Retail Order Forms

One other useful thing to know concerning different retail order forms you can use is what functions they possess that can make them more useful to you. After all, you should be in a better position to use such tools if you have a clearer idea of what it is they can do for you in the first place.

Enabling Direct Delivery to Customer

Since some retail order forms can also serve as delivery order forms, it is possible to use your forms as such so as to enable you to deliver directly to your customers. This can be quite a simple act since the forms do include the customer’s address, which can be interpreted as a delivery address. Of course, there are some other fields that you might include in order to make the task of delivering items easier, but you could use your retail order forms as such if you wanted.

Allowing for Choice of Specific Items

Because your forms can narrow down your customers’ choice of items to something very specific, this allows your customer base to order exactly what items they want via listing the items’ names and numbers. This can also make it easier for you to supply since you should have a very particular idea of what items you need to provide for any given order. For example, in the case of fashion order forms, you can give your customers exactly what item of clothing they want, down to the specific color, size, quantity, and so on.

Stating Payment Method

Your forms can also list the specific payment method you wish your customers to use, which can assure both parties that payment will be received. This measure can certainly help you avoid any problems later on, especially since you can avoid having to send the items if the payment method listed on a purchase order form is not filled up satisfactorily. This can serve to protect you from unscrupulous customers and ensure that your business can operate as smoothly as possible.

Allowing for Ease of Reference

If it ever becomes necessary to find specific orders, then you have measures on your printable order forms to make them easier to locate. This is due to the inclusion of things like the customer’s name, the date, a specific order number, and so on. This can extend beyond simply maintaining accurate records, as this function of supply order forms can be useful if there are inquiries or disputes regarding any of your orders.

Hopefully, you can use these templates and insights to make the most of any retail order form templates you download. After all, the prevalence of tools like retail inventory templates means that knowing how such document templates can be used should be one of your priorities if you want to use them to make your business more successful.

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