Things to Consider When Asking a Job Promotion


It is true that majority of employees dream of getting promoted at work. So if you have been consistently doing a good job for a long period of time, then may be you are entitled to a promotion offer. For an employee, a promotion is considered to be one of the great motivators to make any them work harder and give their all when it comes to achieving their required daily quota and increasing their level of productivity. While a lot of employees are easily lured away or tempted to switch to a competitor company because of better opportunities, it is important for the company to maintain a strong employee retention by ensuring hard working employees with a much better career advancement and growth.

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So if you think that you are one of the employees who deserved to be step up the ladder of job promotion, then let us help you by teaching you a few smart tips on how you can request a promotion from your employer or HR manager.

What’s a Job Promotion

According to the Business Dictionary website, a business promotion is defined as “an advancement of an employee within a company position or job task”. Oftentimes, a promotion serves as a reward to an employee for good performance and hard work. Before a promotion to a particular position is given to an employee, the management should ensure that the said employee is able to handle the additional duties and responsibilities. If the case when there are two or more employees who are vying for the promotion, the management team will conduct a screening through a set of interviews and test, while others will give an on-the-job training, to determine the most deserving employee. When an employee is promoted, he or she can have an advancement of designation, better work environment, and increase in salary, as well as benefits. All these are a great deal and a real life changer in an employee’s life. On the other hand, an employee can be demoted if he or she displays bad attitude and poor performance towards work.

Why It Is Better to Promote than Hire New Recruits

When it comes to business growth and success, having a high percentage of employee retention, creating new tasks, and expanding existing roles should be one of the top priorities of any company, no matter if you are running a startup or large company. That is why entrepreneurs or the HR manager is forced to choose between promoting from within the members of the organization or hiring additional employees.  This can be really tough for the company, especially if you have a number of highly skilled, hard working and dedicated employees who are competing for a promotion versus recruiting versus discovering new talents.

In this section, we aim to help to make you have a better understanding of the benefits brought about by promoting a current employee than hiring new ones.


In a nutshell, awarding promotions to deserving employees is far less costly than hiring new recruits. Business experts said that it would actually cost the company as much as 6 month’s salary to hire a single new employee. This is because the company will have to pay job advertisements and training to screen, interview, and orient the employee about the company’s and its business processes. Moreover, it could take months before a new recruit can get comfortable and familiar with the business operation. On the other hand, with internal promotion, the company only needs to spend a little additional cost in terms of training.

Boost Motivation

Well, it is no secret that when an employee gets promoted, he or she can feel more energized and inspired to work even harder. It is understandable that when an employee is motivated to work, it can result in better productivity as he or she strives to maintain a good performance. It can certainly bring a lot of benefits and favor in the overall well-being of your organization.

Increase Loyalty

Your current employees who have been working in your company for the year has absolutely demonstrated in the cause and mission of your organization. That is why it only makes perfect sense to reward the ones who have brought positive contributions to your company for years, instead of taking a chance to hire new recruits whom you probably do not know whether they will stick around. In order for your business to succeed, you need loyal employees who would continue to work with you through ups and downs. With the increasing number of employees who are jumping ships to take other opportunities, it is important for a company to show their appreciation to their loyal and hard working employees by giving them promotions and development.

How to Request for a Promotion

Although everyone wants to get promoted, asking for a promotion from your immediate head can put you in an awkward situation. If you believe that you have been a good employee who has consistently accomplished your daily target goals, then here are some of the tips that can guide you in requesting for a promotion.


Before you write a promotion letter to your supervisor or manager, it is important to prepare yourself well ahead of time. Make sure that you have the necessary proof that you are ready for the next level. You will need to list down all the contributions that you have brought to the table, as well as your future potential. It is also a good idea to identify your desired position, provide your manager with reasons why you are ready to take it and how you can successfully fulfill the duties and responsibilities associated with the position.

Get the Timing Right

One of the biggest challenges that come with asking for a promotion is that most employees do not know when is the perfect time to approach their immediate head and request for a job promotion. However, it is important to know that there is no “perfect timing” to ask for a promotion. If you are sure that you deserved a promotion, the most straightforward to ask your immediate head is during the semi-annual or annual employee performance review. Many considered this to the best time to discuss your overall accomplishment and future potential with your manager or supervisor.

Request for a Meeting

Should you decide not to request a promotion during the performance review, make sure to carefully plan your request ahead of time before approaching your immediate head. A perfect way to do this is to send your manager or supervisor an email requesting a meeting, but be sure to provide him or her with a clear reason why you would like to talk about your performance and future potential. Avoid showing up his office unexpected. Always make sure to give your immediate head an advance notice so that he or she can prepare to review on your performance and the position that the company can potentially offer to you.

Sample Promotion Letter Templates that You Can Download and Use as Reference

Sample Letter of Interest for Promotion Template

sample letter of interest for promotion template 11 788x1020

Internal Promotion Offer Letter

internal promotion offer letter 11 788x1020

Sample Promotion Offer Letter Template

sample promotion offer letter template 1 788x1115

Engineer Promotion Letter

engineer promotion recommendation letter 1 788x1020

Promotion Offer Letter Format

promotion offer letter format 11 788x1020

Air Force Officer Recommendation Letter

air force promotion recommendation letter 1 788x1020

Mistakes to Avoid When Asking a Promotion

No matter if you have been doing a great job at work and are greatly confident that you are entitled to a promotion, there are a couple of things that you need to put into consideration before requesting for a promotion. Here are following mistakes that you should avoid when trying to get a promotion at work:

Asking a Lot of Things All at Once

One of the biggest mistakes that an employee can make is to request for a promotion, salary increase, and other benefits all at once. By doing so, you can come across as demanding and overly confident.

Failure to Consider How Your Team Can Benefit from Your Promotion

Being ambitious and career oriented does not mean being selfish. It is extremely important to understand that promotion is not just something about the things that you can get, but it is also about the things that you can do to bring your team up with you.

Forgetting About Your Long Term Goals

Another grave mistake you can make when looking forward to a promotion is to forget and lose your sight on your long term goals and overall career path. Although a promotion is a good thing to most employees, it is always crucial to consider if taking new career path with new work environment, duties, and responsibilities is what you want five to 10 years from now. Before you accept a promotion, always consider your long term goals.

Final Thoughts

Requesting for a promotion should not be a complicated and awkward process, as long as you prepare yourself and plan well-ahead of time. If you are uncomfortable to ask for a promotion, let a fellow employee write a promotion recommendation letter for you. It is important to remember that no one gets fired by asking a promotion from his manager.

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