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8+ Reference Request Letter Templates – Word, Pages, Google Docs, Outlook, PDF

One way or another, we are bound to land a job sometime in our lifetime. This comes after we are already done with our academic years. Between those studying late at night for those heavy exams and hectic projects that should be passed on the deadline, we all had the chance to develop and discover our talents and skills. Talents and skills that we always or had never had an idea that can be put to good use in the future. You may also see formal reference letters.

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Sometimes, those skills and talents can be useful in the workplace if ever we land in the right company. But during a job interview, we cannot give justice to our skills or talents if we do not have proper proof for it. Luckily, there is a part of a resume that can back us up. That is the reference section.

In this article, we will explain to you what is a reference and how it is useful in our work life. After that, we will be explaining to you how to ask for someone to be your reference to a letter along with our templates to serve as an additional guide. Lastly, we will give you tips on how to find the right job for you. Take note of the following information as these will be useful especially if you are drafting your resume. You may also see sample letter of reference.

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Reference Request Letter Template

Sample Letter for Teacher Reference

Academic Reference Request Letter

Having References and Its Usefulness

To know what the usefulness of a reference is, let us first discuss what a reference is. A reference is also known as a source. A reference is someone who can be an additional source of information where he can testify if the things being stated by a person is true or not. References are useful because they can also explain and give situations where the person has actually done or said the act that the person proclaims to have done. With that, it gives you more credibility, especially in job interviews. You may also see request letter templates.

Certifications and medals can sometimes not be enough. That is why the interviewer would call your references and ask for more information about you as a person. This concludes how you handle pressure, what are you when you are given a hard task and how you behave all in all in different types of situations. This is necessary so that the interviewer would evaluate if you are fit for the kind of environment the company has at present or would you adapt easily as time passes by when they will hire you. You may also see HR reference letter templates.

Reference Request Sample

How to ask someone to be your reference

If you have completely understood the last paragraph above, you are now ready to read the next one. Remember, it is better for you to read slow and steady to understand better the content rather than scheming through the content without understanding the full context of the paragraph. In this section, we will now tackle on how one could possibly ask for someone to be their reference for the purpose an important job position you want to get. It is then important for you to take notes of the following so that you will not have a hard time recalling what you have read in this informative article. These are the ways on how you ask someone to be your reference. You may also see reference letter examples.

1. Pick the right one

First and foremost, you have to think and remember the people who are right to be your reference in the particular job position you want to get. Choosing the right people is critical because they have known and experience some parts of your life. It is also important that you choose those people whom you still have a good working relationship with or someone who is mature enough. It would send a bad impression if you pick someone who hates your actions under pressure because he does not completely understand it and who hates you overall as a person. You may also see immigration reference letters.

2. Write a letter/email

Once you are done choosing the people you want to ask to be your reference, notify them. You can either do this in a form of a text, a meet-up, letter or e-mail. Since we are already living in a digital world, the most professional thing to do is to send an email. In your email, just follow the structure of a usual business letter. There are two things on how you can start your letter of request: First is to be nice.

Greet the person in the first sentence of your letter and tell him what is your purpose. Afterward, you then should ask if he is okay to be a reference on your resume or make a reference letter for you. Second, highlight them. Sometimes, for one who actually wants to be your reference, let them feel that you trust them. You can say something like:

“I believe that we have shared a great relationship over the years and I still appreciate that up until now. That is why I am asking you if you could be my reference to this particular job position which I really need.”

Convince them nicely and add a little sentiment to it especially if it is similar to the sample above where you have known and worked for each other for a long time. Do not be shy because this is a job you want to get in. Getting the right people is important and crucial. You may also see rental reference letter samples.

3. Follow-up

Write a follow-up letter if your potential reference does not reply within a week. This shows that you actually trust this particular person. Do this also after your reference had said yes and is done sending his or her recommendation letter to you interviewee or of whoever requested for it from the management or HR department. Show your appreciation and respect for this person by sending him or her a follow-up thank you letter.This will strengthen the relationship and boost his view of your behavior and character as a person. Always remember this beautiful statement from Miranda Kerr:

“I think for any relationship to be successful, there needs to be loving communication, appreciation, and understanding.”

Do not get bitter if one would not recommend you to that job. Instead, just accept and understand his or her decision in order not to make things complicated or worst, bring things out of hand. Having an argument with a reliable source is bad and can affect you in your future search for a good job that you really want and desire. Follow-up by still saying that you grateful that he or she has answered your request and wish them the best, This, in turn, can send a signal to the potential reference that you still respect him as a person even if he faced rejection from you.

Reference Letter Template

Request Letter of Recommendation

Find the one for you

Romantic as it may sound, the portion actually refers to finding the right job for you. In this last part of the article, we will be giving you tips on what to consider and how to find the right job for you. This will be very useful especially if you are still having a hard time in looking for a job that you actually want. Existential crisis can be the thought if one is having a hard time envisioning what he or she could be in the future if he or she lands in this particular job or not. You may also see college reference letters.

To avoid that, you have to consider the following things in looking for a job that will perfectly fit for you:

1. Your skills. Knowing where you are good at can affect your job choices and can help you narrow down the job options you have gathered.Having the awareness that you are good at this or not can be a factor in your work environment. If you are planning to pursue a job that is far from your skills but you really desire to, just try and see if acquiring that skill makes you a better person and not drag you down. You may also see printable credit reference letters.

2. Salary. This is where you get to decide if you want your job to give you a high salary. But this become complicated especially if your dream job has less income than a practical job. You have to comprehend and decide if you are willing to take the risk or not and that is to follow your dreams or follow them later. You may also see volunteer reference letter templates.

3. What you enjoyed studying the most in your academic life. Sometimes, your designated course might not always be the profession you would end up with. This is because some subjects might be the on spark your mind and passion then and there. That is one of the beautiful things in life, where something unexpected comes along and changes everything for the better or not with the choice still being in your hands. You may also see academic reference letter templates.

4. The environment you want to work in. Evaluate your social skill. Do you want to work in a place where its all business and concentration, or are you more of a person who would get the motivation to work more with awesome workmates who jam with you because the boss is not strict when it comes to behavior just as long as you get the job done? Know who you are and what are your strength and weaknesses in social interactions and cognition. You may also see reference letters in a word.

Aside from those things, you also have to study the jobs you want to get into because maybe you are merely driven by your childish knowledge of your dream job. As for information or better yet, look for one. Exert effort in everything you do because one job can be your job for a lifetime or just a temporary one. You may also see sample nursing reference letters.

Neither of them is negative but it is good to always look for a job, that may or may not be long-term, but you will enjoy. That is why it is always important to look for the right references because their opinions about you matter too because this is already in the working field. Take note that a reference can say no. This does not mean that he or she does not believe you could do great in that job position, but it simply means that your skills are better off somewhere else. You may also see word reference letters.

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