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When we were still kids, we enjoyed going on vacations a lot. It would be a time where we would blow out tantrums to our parents if ever they do not take us to the beach. Somehow, every kid likes to go to the beach and just splash around and make sand castle, never caring if they ever go dark no matter how much their skin would be hurting. As we grew older, vacation time was hanging out with friends and traveling to peaks and new cities and meeting new people with the benefit of learning their culture. For some, vacation time can be an avenue where they can study. You may also see medical leave letters.

But as we are working our jobs, one cannot hold back but to  think that he needs a break or two for a while just to relieve the stresses from work or just to have fun once in a while since work has been occupying most of an individuals time in a day, week, month and even a year just to earn a living. You may also see vacation letter templates.

We are here to tell you that you can actually get that vacation through a vacation leave. In this article, we will be explaining to you what is a vacation leave and how you can send it along with templates to give you the guidance in visualizing how it can be written or how it looks like. Afterward, we will be telling you the parts of a vacation leave letter. We recommend that you would take note of the following information and highlight the important parts.

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Vacation Leave Letter Sample

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Leave Request Letter Sample

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Vacation Request Letter Template

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The Vacation  Leave Letter

Before we get to enumerating the parts of a vacation leave letter, let us first describe what this is. A vacation is understood as a time where one has recreation preferably outside one’s own shelter and the chance of traveling is high. It is simply spending one’s own time away from home and enjoying the adventure or journey.

A leave, in the corporate world, is a request to be absent or to not do office duties for a period of time because of reasons that are valid and accepted in the company’s rules and regulations. If you combine the two terms together, it would already give the full definition of a vacation leave. It is a request being sent to the boss or HR manager that you want to get away from work for a while to do some recreation via traveling alone or with the family.

If you are lucky enough, you can have a vacation leave and still get paid if your company has that kind of benefits present. This kind of benefit though is only limited and an average of 15 days vacation leave is granted to you in a year. This kind of benefit can either be requested through a form and a letter. For the benefit of this article, we will be showing you the parts of it using a letter. Take note that with the technological advancement today, you will send the letter via email. Do not do with Facebook because it removes the professionalism in it.

Vacation Leave  Request

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Vacation Leave Policy

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Writing Professional Letters

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Parts of a Vacation Leave Letter

Now that you have fully understood the meaning of a vacation leave, let us now go to the parts of a vacation leave letter. Take note that this kind of letter is another kind of business letter because it involves the workplace. You would be able to observe that the parts are just as the same as the business letter. But if ever you forgot the parts, this will serve as a refresher to you. Remember that the only difference in the vacation leave letter and the business letter is the content of it all. In the parts, we will also be showing you a draft of a vacation leave letter.

Here are the parts of a vacation leave letter that you can use to submit if ever you are planning to have a vacation with your family or with yourself:

1. Date

This is the first thing you would actually write in your vacation leave letter. You have to send the sample letter on the exact date you wrote in the letter. Make sure you do not send it too early or worst, too late.

2. Inside Address

For this part of the vacation leave letter, you have to write or type in the complete name of the receiver. Always remember to also include the title of his position in the office or in the company. Identify if she is the boss, CEO, manager, or HR supervisor. After that, write the address of her office. You can also write the department address and what floor she is in currently. Make sure that you correctly spelled everything and that there are no errors to avoid any confusion or issues that may arise. Double check everything before you send it and this would be a discipline you can carry to the rest of your work life journey. You may also see request letter templates for leave.

3. Greeting

The greeting is sometimes called the salutation. Below are the most often used salutation by employees around the world whenever they are sending their letters for a request and etc. The greeting is where you formally start your letter like how you say HI or good morning to someone before actually stating your purpose or intentions for talking to that person. You may also see leave application e-mail templates.

Here are the common salutations:

  1. Good Day!
  2. Greetings!
  3. Dear Mr/Mrs.
  4. Good Morning…
  5. Good Afternoon…
  6. Good Evening…

You can still search the internet for more examples of salutation that you think might best fit your letter. Make use of the internet because it is loaded with information and easy access. Just remember that not everything is true so always try to be a journalist in your own little way and fact check everything. You may also see formal leave letters.

4. The Body

This part of the letter is the body and it is where you write down the purpose of your letter. You have to write your purpose or intentions within the first few sentences of your first paragraph. State it early and be concise and simple as possible. Make it straight to the point. Now, this has a purpose. The purpose of stating your intentions early is to save time from whoever is reading the letter. It can be irritating and at times frustrating reading a long letter with just a simple purpose. Make it logical. If the purpose is simple, make the letter simple. This is not a love letter where you can fill the paper with adjectives. In the business world, you have to be straight to the point always. You may also see request letter samples.

Put yourself in the receiver’s shoes. He or she has other responsibilities to do, and no matter how fast she can read things, sending a long letter with a simple request is a waste of time. Do not be the reason he or she might get cranky throughout the day. You may also see request letter templates.

If your reason is valid and is straight to the point, you have a much better chance of getting that vacation leave approved so you better be honest and quick with your vacation leave request. Right now, we will be showing you a draft of a vacation leave letter that you can use. You have also the option to expand it if ever your reasons for your vacation letter are not similar to the draft. You may also see free leave letter sample.

“Dear Mr. Benovan,

I am writing this letter requesting a vacation leave this coming April 25-30, 2022. I will be with my wife as we would celebrate our honeymoon and with her parents in the last two days. We will be in New Zealand for the five days.

As for the progress of my report, I will finish it not later than tomorrow for you to check. My team is already almost finished for the upcoming event next week. If you approve of this vacation request, I will still be keeping in touch with my team if ever they have questions or concerns because I will still check my email from time to time.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me through my email.

HOping for your kind consideration for this short notice.”

5. Complimentary Close

This is where you officially say goodbye to the receiver and hope for the best response later on. The complimentary close is the farewell part of the letter which can be made up of a one to a two-word phrase. Below are some of the most commonly used complimentary closes:

  1. Sincerely,
  2. Sincerely yours,
  3. Best Regards,
  4. Yours truly,
  5. Best wishes,

6. The Signature Line

This is where you officially leave your mark on the letter. It is where you have to affix your signature on your respective name symbolizing that you claim everything that is written in the letter and that you will be held responsible if ever there are legal issues that might arise from it.  A signature affixes also responsibility into one’s own hands. You may also see sick leave letter templates.

Making this kind of letter is simple and easy to do. You do not have to worry about it being disapproved because again, as we had stated, it would much likely get approved if ever the company has a vacation leave benefit. Just make sure you are actually taking a vacation and not making any bad excuses that would be so obvious. In regards to the letter, if you are still having a hard time making one, just ask for help from someone who is a literate and try to learn from him. It is never a shame to learn something new or even something familiar all over again. You may also see leave letter formats.

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