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Whether you are starting a small business in your region or one in the city, a Business Plan Template is tool that you will surely need.  A Word, Excel or PDF Template is not created to just help you save time. Developers have made these available so that you could download them and use them for efficiency as well as accuracy. While they may not be 100% perfect, you can be sure they will help you do a good job on your business plan.

Business Sales Plan Template

business sales plan
File Format
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  • Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Business Plan Template for Online Start-Up

business plan template for online start up
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  • Word
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Size: A4, US


Car Sales Business Plan Template

car sales business plan
File Format
  • Google Docs
  • Word
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Size: A4, US


Sales Action Plan Template

sales action plan
File Format
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  • Word
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Size: A4, US


Business Plan Template

business plan template4
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


One Page Business Plan Template

one page business plan template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Restaurant Business Plan Template

restaurant business plan template3
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Startup Business Plan Template

startup business plan template2
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Business Continuity Plan Template

business continuity plan template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Business Development Plan Template

business development plan template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Business Action Plan Template

business action plan template3
File Format
  • MS Word
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Size: A4, US


Sales Business Plan Template

sales business plan template
File Format
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Size: A4, US


Travel Business Plan Template

travel business plan template1
File Format
  • MS Word
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Size: A4, US


Business Continuity Plan


A Business Continuity Plan is a necessary tool for those who would love to expand an already established business. You can use Word, Excel or PSD free to download templates and write what your business would like to do and what exactly it would like to achieve. This is the only tool, which will show whether you have what it take to fulfill these set business goals. (12+ Business Continuity Plan Template)

Restaurant Business Plan


A restaurant business sounds like a great one to take part in. With an assured market share and guarantee to make great profit, you cannot help but pick a pen and start writing that Restaurant Business Plan to get started. There are free Word, Excel as well as PDF templates that can inspire you and help you get the plan done within the least time possible. (9+ Restaurant Business Plan Template)

Sales Business Plan


A Marketing Business Plan needs to be accurate and reflect potential economic benefits and reasons to start the business. It is not just about putting words or ideas on Excel, Word or PDF files. It is about making sure that those plans are professional, up to date and legit enough to help you start a business on the right note. (6+ Sales Business Plan Template)

Business Plan Outline


A Business Plan Outline is the only tool that can help you to assess the viabilities of those ideas that you have in mind. Do not just put any word on the Excel or PDF template you have downloaded online. The best thing would be to take time to refine those great ideas and see their viabilities, even before you start making the actual copy of the plan. (10+ Business Plan Outline Template)

Simple Business Plan


A Simple Business Plan is always easy to understand. Every word used to write the plan is non-ambiguous. The write of the document utilizes PDF, Excel files to organize their thoughts professionally, taking to account what matters, and leaving out what is not necessary. You also should do the same. (6+ Simple Business Plan Template)

Marketing Business Plan


A Marketing Business Plan will help you get financial support from various moneylenders. The plan must therefore be accurate, clearly detailing the essence, the steps, and all the necessary activities that will be involved in the marketing process. You can download and use free  Word, PDF or Excel templates to create your business plan. (8+ Marketing Business Plan Template)

Real Estate Business Plan


If real estate is a good choice for you, the best you can do it to prepare a good Real Estate Business Plan. Use Word, Excel or PDF Business Plan Templates to describe the nature of the business, the target market and most importantly your financial plans and goals. Make sure the information provided is accurate. (10+ Real Estate Business Plan Template)

One Page Business Plan


A One Page Business Plan can help you assess your ideas, see if they are viable and take you from the stage of just thinking about the ideas to a reasoned stage where you have a reasonable plan and call to action. You can download PDF, Word or Excel sample plans online for examples and inspiration. (8+ One Page Business Plan Template)

Small Business Plan


The only way to know the strategies that the business you intend to start will employ in running the business is to have a Small Business Plan. You can download and use free PDF, Word or Excel templates to create the best business strategies on paper, the kind that will help you avoid obstacles and maintain your business position for a long time. (12+ Small Business Plan Template)

Strategic Business Plan


A strategic Business Plan requires a lot of concentration to prepare. It is not just about putting words on PDF or Excel files. It is about taking time to make sure that the business plan in question will be able to do what the writer hopes it will achieve. It is not about putting those ideas down. It is going to be more about refining them and assessing their likelihood of effectiveness. (8+ Strategic Business Plan Template)

SPA & Salon Business Plan


I know people who have started salon and spa businesses and they are doing great. The secret is that they did not just put words on those Word, PDF or Excel Free template downloaded online. Instead, they used the business plan template as basic tools to help them structure their business plan the best way possible. Download your template today and start planning your business. (10+ SPA & Salon Business Plan Template)

Hotel Business Plan


Want some financing to start a hotel business! You will need a hotel business plan, written either in word, pdf or in excel format. The Restaurant Business Plan is also going to be a decision-making tool, which will help you make the right business decisions as well as guarantee business progress and continuity. (9+ Hotel Business Plan Template)

Travel Business Plan


Financial supporters are not the main target of your Travel Business Plan, and they shouldn’t be in the first place if you got a good source of money for the startup. The word, excel , or pdf business plan should help you know how you are going to get started with the business, the finances as well as the management. (8+ Travel Business Plan Template)

Microsoft Business Plan Template


The main thing you need to know about Microsoft Business Plan Templates is that they are available free for download. You never have to struggle with word, or excel on your computer to product your own PDF files. Simply use the free downloads available online to create a business plan. (7+ Microsoft Business Plan Template)

30 60 90 Day Business Plan


A business plan is necessary even where employees are involved.  This is where the 30 60 90 day business plan comes in. The samples available in word, pdf and excel format are good ones and you can actually use them as source of inspiration to get you writing the best. Also you can download a template to help you write the plan.(6+ 30 60 90 Day Business Plan Template)

Catering Business Plan


The beauty of downloading a free Catering Business Plan Template is that you never have to spend time creating an outline on your own from the ground up. You can get the best in Word, PDF or Excel format and use them to write the restaurant business plan for free. (9+ Catering Business Plan Template)

Coffee Shop Business Plan


A coffee shop can be a great startup especially if you have an already available, a well-defined and interactive target market. A word, excel or PDF business plan, written only by you the business owner will help you step the right foot forward to getting started with and continuing the business. (10+ Coffee Shop Business Plan Template)

Trucking Business Plan


You can download word, pdf and or excel Trucking Business Plan Template and use it to prepare your business plan. Templates are great time savers. They will help you have peace of mind preparing your Trucking Business Plan, making it easier for you to concentrate on the core part of the preparation. (7+ Trucking Plan Business Template)

Bakery Business Plan


Bakery business is good, but there is no way you are going to set up a business account with the bank or get funding for the business if you do not have a god Bakery Business Plan Written. This is why there are free word, excel and pdf Business Plan Templates to help you write the plan with ease. The templates are free for download. (10+ Bakery Business Plan Template)

Farm Business Plan


A one-page business plan is good enough if you want to write a simple Farm Business Plan. Go straight to the point when writing the plan. Write carefully, and no beating around the bush. Download Excel, PDF or word samples online, see how the owners have written them, and use them as a source of knowledge and inspiration. (13+ Farm Business Plan Template)

Startup Business Plan


You need to remember that a good presentation is highly essential when writing your business plan. This means you need to spend a lot of time formulating your Startup Business Plan so that it is accurate, and perfectly in line with what you intend to start. You can download sample plans in word, pdf or excel format and use them as source of inspiration and to learn how to write your own. (10+ Startup Business Plan Template)

Retail Business Plan


Whether you are writing on word, using PDF files or prefer excel to make your Retail Business Plan, you need to make sure that the business plan in question is interesting to read. Go straight to the point. Never mention anything that is not necessary, as it could be too boring to the users getting you to lose in the end. (7+ Retail Business Plan Template)

Non Profit Business Plan


Before you use word or excel to write a Non Profit Business Plan, remind yourself that it should be a legit one. This means that the plan must be honest and realistic. If you are writing a plan with goals that aren’t achievable, then it only means you are doing it wrong and you could remain on the losing end. (8+ Non Profit Business Plan Template)

Business Plan Template for Mac


Gone are the times when there were no options to download templates online. Today you can get the best Business Plan Template for Mac in word, PDF or excel format and use it for your business planning. The templates are available free for download and will make your planning easier from the word go. (8+ Business Plan Template for Mac)

Business Plan Action Template


Driving consumer action is not going to be an easy thing to say the least. However, if you have the best Business Action Plan in place, you can be sure you will get people out there involved with your products. Download a  Business Plan Action Template in Word, Excel or PDF today for free and get started with setting up your plan. (6+ Business Action Plan Template)

Cafe Business Plan


A café business plan is a written word, excel or pdf document that highlights the steps that you will take to establish and runt the business. Usually, one must write this document before they can start a business, as it acts as the most comprehensive business tool that will help you make major business decisions as you go along. (11+ Cafe Business Plan Template)

Car Wash Business Plan


A car wash Business Plan should not be hard to write at all. After all, there are free word, pdf and excel templates that you can download for free from the internet and use them to write the business plan. The purpose of these templates is to make the work of getting your business plan done easier from start to finish. (10+ Car Wash Business Plan Template)

Construction Business Plan


Those who have the best Construction Business Plan understand that accuracy is key. You cannot start a business in this industry if your plans, you market target, your financial are not realistic. You can be sure that if you are going to put a bunch of words on word, excel or pdf files without thinking about what you want achieve, then it is highly likely that you are not ready for business to say the least. (8+ Construction Business Plan Template)

Bar Business Plan


Seen people take a bottle too often in your state! Well, it is time to start some bar business. You must have a comprehensive plan to get started, and a good template can help you get that Bar Business Plan ready sooner than later. Download in word, excel or pdf file and get started making a good plan that will help you step the right foot forward. (10+ Bar Business Plan Template)

Daycare Business Plan


You will need to have a comprehensive daycare business plan if you want to get started with the business on the right note. With hundreds of word, excel and pdf templates available online free for download, getting started with writing the plan should be an easy thing. (9+ Daycare Business Plan Template)

Business Plan Maker


Whether yours is going to be a small business or a bigger one, drawing its plan is a necessary task to do for the sake of the market, finance, sales as well as market and business legality. There are good word, pdf and excel template that you can download online for free and use to get the business plan ready. Get yours today and reduce the number of hours you would otherwise have spent on this project. (11+ Top Business Plan Maker)

Boutique Business Plan


The main objective of creating a word, pdf  or an excel  Boutique Business Plans is to bring together the best ideas you have the business and assess their viability before swinging into action to implement them. Grab an example sample online, see how the writer has structured them and use that as an inspiration example to create your own. (8+ Boutique Business Plan Template)

Photography Business Plan


People doing well in photography business are not those who have a lot of money in the bank. They simply too advantage of excel, pdf and word Photography Business Plan Template and wrote a good business plan that gradually got them to the success stage.  You also need such a business if you hope to do well in photography business of your own. (7+ Photography Business Plan Template)

Interior Design Business Plan


I have often heard the most successful interior designers say that the best businesspersons are the ones that create a good interior design Business Plan. Yes, Putting the right words on that word, excel or PDF business plan template is the only way to get you starting and maintaining a successful business. (6+ Interior Design Business Plan Template)

Gym Business Plan


Gym Business is a good one and of course a highly demanding venture. You need a good Gym Business Plan if you want to start a gym business. Your plan, written either in word, excel or PDF business plan template must be accurate, on point and focus only on what you know and believe is necessary. Once you have a good plan in place, it should be easy to get started with the business, and even put in place a continuation plan in the future. (10+ Gym Business Plan Template)

Financial Business Plan


The use of Financial Business Plan templates have become quite common these days. You may not even know it but these free to download word, excel and pdf tools are helpful as they help you get your business plan ready within the least time possible. The templates are free to download and of course, free to use. (8+Financial Business Plan Template)

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