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What Is a Car Wash Business Plan?

A car wash business plan is a written document that contains info and statements about a car wash business's goals together with the marketing strategies and operational methods on how it's going to achieve them. Car wash businesses are a customer service type of business that has been around in the industry since the time of steam cars (first-gen cars).

Nowadays car wash businesses are still booming. There are several types of cars were businesses such as a mobile car wash and a self serve car wash. There are even some that offer home services that clean your car inside the confines of your own garage. Most of the services offered by car wash businesses are exterior car washing and interior cleaning. However, there are some that extend their services to car repairs and maintenance.

We have a variety of business plan templates and sample business plans that you can utilize for your own car wash business. All of them are compatible with Google Docs, MS Word, and Pages (e.g. Car Wash Business Plan Templates, Mobile Car Wash Business Plan Template)

How to Write a Car Wash Business Plan

car wash business plan template

To help you write the perfect business plan for your car wash business, we have gathered a few tips on how you must do it.

1. Write a Description of Your Car Wash Business

In this process, you'll be talking about your car wash business in general. Talk about the motivation and inspiration that enticed you to start your car wash business plan. Provide a brief introduction to yourself as the owner. Elaborate on its vision, mission, and goals. And lastly, explain the factors on how your business will be different from the ones that already exist.

2. Enumerate and Describe The Services

What types of car wash businesses will you have? Will it be a mobile car wash? Does it offer both exterior and interior cleaning? Will it offer home services? Will it extend its car repairs services and maintenance? All of those questions will be answered on this part of your business plan. Make sure to elaborate them so that the readers will have a concrete picture on their minds on how the services will look like.

3. Analyze Your Competition and The Market

The best way and probably the only way for your car wash business to have an edge is to analyze your competition and the market. Once you do a target market analysis, you can then think of some ways and ideas to help your car wash business to be steps ahead of the competition.

4. Create a Budget

Once you've done all the marketing analysis, it's time for you to create a budget for you to start your car wash business. What should be included in your budget are the expenses of the tools and equipment needed, the estimated monthly rent of the property, the salary of your staff, and other monthly utilities and expenses such as water and electricity bills.

5. Choose a Good Location

Your car wash business is basically obsolete before you even open it if you don't choose a good location. Your car wash must be located in an area wherein cars usually pass by such as in highways and main roads.

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