Book Proposal Template – 17+ Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

A book proposal is created by a person who loves to read books, composing books, do Research Proposals or engaged into business of selling books. A book proposal will explain the purposes and objectives for creating a book. This is intended for the readers to understand the essence of what they are reading.

Book Proposal Template


Sponsorship Proposal Template to Edit


Simple Proposal Outline in iPages


Simple Proposal Template in Google Docs to Edit


Basic Proposal Outline Template in Doc


Sample Proposal Template in Pages for Mac


Free Academic Book Proposal Sample Download

This academic book proposal template will help you include details about the book and author in general and will further help in getting your proposed book published. Download them now!

Notification Book Proposal Format Download

This nonfiction book proposal template with its easy to access format will enable you to divide and categorize the different aspects of creating and selling a nonfiction book professionally

Sample Book Publishing Proposal Free Download

This sample book publishing proposal template comes with attractive background graphics and a picture box where you can insert an image of your book. Introduce additional details and make your book publishing proposal complete

Fiction Book Proposal Example Download

This fiction book proposal template is a guideline on how to create a publishing proposal for fictional books. It’s course of action includes various formatting actions and instructions that are catalogued periodically

Sample of a Book Chapter Proposal

This book chapter proposal template includes details pertaining to chapters such as title, authors and also contains submission guidelines for chapter proposal which are listed in points

Free Childrens Book Proposal Example Download

This childrens book proposal template sample has a very simple layout with horizontal spaces beside each label, which has further been organized in the form of sentences. Download them now!

Memoir Book Proposal Example Template

Michael Hyatt Book Proposal Sample Download

Free New Book Proposal Example Download

Springer Book Proposal Format Download

Example of a Non Fiction Book Proposal

Writing a Good Book Proposal Example

A proposal is made to attract publisher to print your book if it is well written and designed in an impressive way. A writing proposal template can be used to create your own book content or just customize the available Free Proposal Templates for book proposal.

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