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7+ Cleaning Service Proposal Templates – Sample, Example

From time to time, you might encounter business proposal samples as part of your line of work. After all, this is one way for businesses to engage with one another. In this case, you might want to make use of these particular templates to offer your service proposal regarding cleaning.

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Cleaning Service Proposal Sample

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Commercial Cleaning Service Proposal

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Cleaning Service Proposal Templates

Cleaning and maintenance work looks like a lot of work in any company or organization. And if you run a cleaning company, you have an excellent opportunity to grow your business. To do so, you can prepare a cleaning service proposal using a proposal template. Any company or organization requires a cleaning or a janitorial company to look after work.

You know your business, your clients, and what service they need from you. Accordingly, you can plan your service proposal. Most importantly, the cleaning service proposal should have all the necessary details about the service your company is providing to the clients. The service details include information such as the service type, price, and other miscellaneous information about your service.

Free Cleaning

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  • PDF

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Just like with funding proposal templates, you may want to use the templates here to make your life more convenient. These templates can provide you with a basic framework that might well save you some time and effort rather than do the work yourself every time you need a proposal example.

Professional Cleaning

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 170 KB


How to Use Cleaning Service Proposal Templates

These cleaning proposal templates can make for useful tools, much like other examples of proposal templates. So if you were to use them yourself, you would need to:

  • Make sure to fill up the most important details, such as your company’s name, contact information, service number, etc.
  • Also, make sure to include a list of services you offer so that your potential clients know what you have to offer.
  • Include any terms and conditions for that particular service, such as the frequency of visits.
  • Include a bid proposal for your price, to give a preliminary idea of what you cost.

What You Can Expect to Find in these Templates

There are some necessary elements that you can consistently see in service proposal templates and other business proposal templates like them which allow them to do their jobs such as:

  • The amount payable, which would be necessary for all the company’s services together into a single total.
  • Contact information, to allow your clients, present and future, to be able to contact you if necessary.
  • List of services, so that you can have a list of exactly what you have to offer your customer base.

Service Bid

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  • PDF

Size: 460 KB


Office Cleaning

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  • PDF

Size: 116 KB


Cleaning Service Request

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  • PDF

Size: 198 KB


Cleaning Service in PDF

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  • PDF

Size: 252 KB


Essential Qualities of a Template

You could also say that these templates have to have certain qualities that would also affect their ability to do their job. The same could be said of similar templates like sponsorship proposal templates and budget proposal templates, as they need to have similar traits to do their jobs. In any case, some of these traits are:

  • Informative, as these proposal templates will have the job of explaining your services and prices to your customer base. With that in mind, you have to communicate that information clearly t your clients.
  • Concise, as you only have so much space in the template. Therefore, you have to make sure that you share only as much detail as necessary so as not to take up too much space.
  • Direct, as you are making a bid, and therefore have to state your intentions plainly. This way, you can make it clear to your recipient that this is indeed a proposal to go into business together.
  • Professional, as you want to make a good impression to heighten your chances of a successful bid. So your proposal will have to strike a balance between looking interesting and looking reliable.

And if you needed other templates, do not hesitate to check elsewhere on the site for some of the other offerings available.

General FAQs

1. What is the Role of a Cleaning Service Proposal?

A cleaning service proposal is a formal offer that contains information regarding a company’s cleaning services. It is written as a response to a specific request or when a cleaning company sees an opportunity with a prospective client. Its main aim is to offer a solution to a client’s problem.

2. What are the Components of a Cleaning Service Proposal?

A cleaning services proposal includes the following components:

  • Company overview
  • Scope of services
  • Cleaning services agreement
  • Frequency of services
  • Materials and supplies
  • Cleaning budget estimations and
  • Signature

3. When Does a Cleaning Service Proposal Become a Contract?

A cleaning service proposal becomes a legally-binding cleaning service contract when it contains an offer, consideration, and acceptance. While a cleaning service proposal only requires the client’s signature, the cleaning service contract requires signatures from all involved parties.

4. What Services are Normally Covered in a Cleaning Service Proposal?

A cleaning service proposal normally covers the following services:

  • Sweeping and mopping of floors
  • Vacuuming of carpets
  • Dusting and trash service
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Windowpane washing
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom disinfection, etc

5. What are the Advantages of Using a Cleaning Service Proposal?

A cleaning service proposal lets you showcase your company’s expertise in commercial cleaning, and underlines your commitment towards customer satisfaction. It also lets you make an impression on your client by displaying positive testimonials from your previous customers.

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