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How to Create an Accounting Services Proposal [5+ Templates to Download]

Keeping a systematic record of your business’ financial transactions to evaluate current financial standing is necessary in any company or organization that wants to check its profit gains and losses with accuracy. This is only possible through a streamlined accounting and bookkeeping process. It’s tax season again, and you may need the help of professional accountants to help you manage your accounting tasks.

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5 Steps To Write An Accounting Services Proposal

Step 1: Prepare An Outline

It’s always a good idea to have a pre-proposal process which is technically just an outline or draft before jumping to the actual proposal writing stages. Where accounting services is concerned, a proposal need to be detailed and as clearly defined as possible whether it’s a response to a proposal request or not, and writing an outline is the best way to make that happen.

Step 2: Write A Project Or Executive Summary

A project or executive summary is a summary of the accounting task. Tell your potential client why your accounting service is their best chance at having an accurate financial record and balance check. Present them with a short explanation of why your firm deserves the contract as well as the history of your accounting business.

Step 3: Present Your Firm’s Experience

Begin the next section of your proposal with an information of your firm’s professional qualifications and experience with similar types of audits, bookkeeping and accounting tasks or plans that you have accomplished in the past. Indicate the scale of each plan and how many participants were involved then provide references.

Step 4: Provide Estimates and Personnel Information

You’re vying for a client’s accounting services contract. They would want to know how you plan to take on the job and whether or not your team has the qualifications for their individual share of the task. You’ll be able to do this by adding the responsibilities of your company’s key personnel. Your cost estimate on the other hand should explain the service price you’re proposing in detail.

Step 5: Set A Schedule

A well-written proposal should include a realistic timeline or schedule of expected completion dates. Indicate a measurable strategy such as statistical sampling, relevant procedures for collecting and analyzing figures, documentation steps and finally, the target date for completion. Address key topics accordingly in the proposal request from the client.

Step 6: Propose Solutions In Your Proposal

What are your strategies for putting together an accounting procedure that fits the business’ record-keeping needs? How does the client’s business and their needs fit with what you are proposing? What can your staff do that makes your firm different from other accounting firms in the area? Proposing practical and realistic project or task solutions is going to be the most important part of any proposal.

7. Proofread Your Accounting Proposal

Winning proposals are professionally written in that they leave no room for vagueness or confusion. Rewrite sections that aren’t clearly defined but don’t explain the exact and full meaning of everything you are proposing to the very last detail. Check typos, errors in grammar, spelling and lack of coherence that will risk making your proposal look unprofessional and amateur.

5+ Accounting Services Proposal Templates

1. Accounting Services Proposal Template


Need to put together a carefully-crafted pitch that offers your accounting firm’s services? It’s your lucky day because we have an available accounting services proposal template that you can download anywhere, anytime on any device. Outline your proposal and include details on the budget then save time by using this sample template.

2. Accounting Services Request for Proposal


If you want to release a request for accounting services proposal, this template is very helpful and convenient instead of creating one from scratch. You’ll save a lot of time with its PDF file format that you can easily print. Make sure to read the content and feel free to customize!

3. Accounting Services Proposal Template


Want to attract qualified accounting firms and professionals to do your office’s auditing tasks? Get this proposal request template to make sure you end up with a carefully-written document. Better yet, just use it as your guide to structure your proposal request properly and print if you need to!

4. Proposal Request For Accounting Services


It’s tax season again and you’re probably in a hurry to get your business finances on record or eager to respond to client bids and proposal requests from dozens of businesses and organizations, so get this high-quality proposal template to pitch your firm’s service and accounting expertise, win that contract and get the project or the job!

5. Accounting Services Proposal Template


This one page modish accounting services proposal template is easy to edit and customize with printable PDF format. If you want to make sure that you only submit a proposal that fits the potential client’s needs, you’ll find good use for this sample document.

6. Proposal For Accounting Services


A professionally designed proposal that you can use for effective accounting services offer can be downloaded easily. Get this template which is also easy to edit and customize so that you can submit one which is designed to establish your firm’s qualifications for the accounting task or project!

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