How to Negotiate a Flexible Schedule for Work


When most people think of work schedules like HR schedules, their assumption is operating on a fixed schedule, though it is possible to have a flexible schedule. You may want such a schedule yourself, if your needs are such that it would be inconvenient to stick to a fixed schedule.

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A fixed work schedule would be difficult to adhere to under particular conditions, such as if you have to take into account difficult travel times or if you have specific commitments at home such as taking care of family. If so, it might be wise to negotiate for a flexible schedule to meet your commitments.


Steps to Follow When Negotiating a Flexible Schedule

If you want to negotiate a flexible schedule, then you would need to adhere to some steps in order to be able to use free schedule templates.

  • First create at least two possible flexible sample shift schedules so that you can show your superiors that you have tentative schedules.
  • Be sure to think of ways that the company can benefit from your flexible schedule in terms of your productivity.
  • Also give some thought as to how to stay in contact with your colleagues, particularly if you need to be physically present in case of meetings and such.

Strategies for Negotiating a Flexible Work Schedule

When negotiating, there are also some strategies to take note of, in addition to tools like printable schedule templates, which include:

  • Set a meeting with your superiors. This allows you to make arrangements ahead of time so as not to catch your superiors flat-footed.
  • Have a plan ready. This includes using schedule templates to construct tentative schedules. This ensures that you can address any concerns, as well as provide evidence that your idea is sound.
  • Be flexible. You need to be prepared to give something up in order to get what you really want. After all, you will need to come to a workable arrangement with your superiors for this to work.


Mistakes When Negotiating for a Flexible Work Schedule

When you do finally get to the negotiating table, there are some possible mistakes that could be committed. As with any other endeavor, there are some common mistakes that could be committed while negotiating for a sample schedule, which can include:

  • Not having a plan. This is one of the worst possible mistakes, as this amounts to you jumping into negotiations with no preparation whatsoever. In this case, you will not have any data to push your point, such as any schedule templates in PDF.
  • Insufficient preparation. This is almost as bad, as you can also show up to negotiations with insufficient information to successfully convince your superiors of the workability of your plan.
  • Inflexibility. It is important that you remain flexible so that you and your superiors give and take. Being inflexible shows yourself as unwilling to give up anything in order to be accommodating to your colleagues.
  • Not setting an appointment ahead. This can catch your superiors off-guard, being that they are effectively ambushed by your proposal. A better move would be to set an appointment so as to give both sides time to weigh options.

With these tips, you may just have an easier time of negotiating a more convenient schedule that can benefit both yourself and, more importantly, your company.

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