70+ Animal Colouring Pages Free Download & Print!

Kids can now introduce themselves to the most adorable and admirable animals from the jungle world, as coloring templates explore every nook and cranny of this amazing world. Get ready to be impressed beyond words with some complex animal coloring templates coming to you with clearly drawn out internal figure lines, thus allowing you to easily use multiple colors to create a truly special craft.

Cartoon Cat Coloring Page

  • cartoon cat coloring page

Bunny Rabbit Coloring Page

  • 15

This option is good for Easter since the bunny is holding an egg in one hand and a paint brush in the other. This one is good for the older children since there are some small points to color, but anyone can use it.

Tiger Template Download

  • tiger template 6

Cow Template Shape

  • 1

Cute Baby Bear Template

  • 5

Owl Coloring Page

  • 31

Cartoon Pig Coloring Page

  • cartoon pig coloring page

Lion Template Shape

  • 25

Bunny With Little Duck Coloring Page

  • 16

This image is of a bunny on a scooter with a small duck in the front of the handles. There are also flowers as well, which makes it enjoyable to color for anyone of any age.

Horse Coloring Page

  • 20

Cat Craft Template

  • cat craft

Chic Farm Animal Template

  • 9

A chic is a very common animal obvious to be found in a farm. School projects asked to draw or paint any farm animal could be easily helped with this template.

Chimpanzee Coloring Page

  • chimpanzee coloring page

Chimpanzee Coloring Page for Kids

  • chimpanzee coloring page for kids

Chimpanzee Outline

  • chimpanzee outline

Chimpanzee Template for Kids

  • 119

Simple Cow Template

  • 2

Bear Template

  • 6

Cute Pig Coloring Page

  • cute pig coloring page

Horse Template For kids

  • 21

Clifford The Big Red Dog Coloring Page

  • 212

Angry Reindeer Template

  • 387

Cute Penguin Coloring Page

  • 32

Tiger Colouring Template

  • tiger template 9

Cool Dog Coloring Page

  • cool dog coloring page

Lion Template Outline

  • 26

Cute Baby Rabbit Template

  • 17

This is another simple one that everyone will love and the bunny is on all 4 legs and it is looking right at you. The ears are huge and the lines are both thick and thin, depending on where you are coloring.

Cute Kolala Bear Coloring Page

  • cute kolala bear coloring page

Dog Coloring Page

  • dog coloring page

Farm Animals Template

  • 10

Funny Pig Coloring Page

  • funny pig coloring page

Cow Animal Template

  • 3

Cute Bear Coloring Page

  • 7

Dog Line Art Template

  • dog line art template

Free Printable Dog Template

  • free printable dog template

Tiger Template Shape

  • tiger template 12

Modern Shark Template

  • 33

Funny Cat Template

  • funny cat template

Lion Template Coloring Page

  • 27

Cute Little Rabbit Coloring Page

  • 18

This one doesn’t have any complete outlines since they are making it look like the fur on the outline. It is standing on the hind legs and there are flowers and grass behind it, which makes for a gorgeous image.

Beautiful Horse Template

  • 22

Iguana Animal Coloring Page

  • iguana animal coloring page

Iguana Coloring Page

  • iguana coloring page

Craft Reindeer Template

  • 5112

Farm Animals Template

  • 11

Kangaroo Color Page for Children

  • kangaroo color page for children

Pig Troopers Coloring Page

  • pig troopers coloring page

Graphic Rabbit Template

  • 19

Bear Template Outline

  • bear template outline

Kangaroo Template to Download

  • kangaroo template to dwnload

Monkey Coloring Page

  • 28

Free Printable Cow Template

  • 4

Tiger Template to Print

  • tiger template 14

Horse Line Art Template

  • 23

Kolala Bear Coloring Page to Print

  • kolala bear coloring page to print

Kolala Bear Template for Kids

  • kolala bear template for kids

Farm Animal Template

  • 12

Owl Template Sample

  • owl template sample

Printable Cat Coloring Page

  • printable cat coloring page

Baby Monkey Template

  • 29

Printable Iguana Coloring Page

  • printable iguana coloring page

Printable Kangaroo Coloring Page

  • printable kangaroo coloring page

Siamese Cat Coloring Page

  • siamese cat coloring page

Tiger Template Download

  • tiger template 18

Bear Coloring Page for Kids

  • 8

Scary Pig Template

  • scary pig template

Farm Animal Coloring Page

  • 13

Chicken Color Page

  • 14

Beautiful Horse Template

  • 24

Funky Monkey Template

  • 29

Baboons Coloring Page

  • baboons coloring page

Everything that you can enjoy with cool animal coloring templates

Right from the well-known pets such as dogs and cats to the more elusive baboons and chimpanzees, and even the lesser known animals that are otherwise limited to specific areas of the world, such as Himalayan foxes, iguana, koalas and kangaroos – every creature is there for you to color as you please. All you need to do is to hit upon a collection of cool animal mask design templates, download and print them, and unleash your colors on them. Printable animal coloring templates offer crisp and thick borders, which means that cutting out the figure after you fill it with colors is possible.

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