65+ Elephant Shape Templates, Crafts & Colouring Pages

An ideal opportunity to binge for animal lovers, the elephant themed Animal Templates can not only be used in scrapbooks and albums but also in interior decoration. One can simply edit these templates to make repeating motifs or designs which can be used as stencils for colouring fabrics. This altogether expands the horizon of animal/elephant patterns on clothes, accessories, home décor items like lampshades, curtain and even DIY wall paintings.

elephant shape templates

Simple Elephant Coloring Page

This simple elephant drawing is a very good piece of art to be hanged in your kid’s room walls. This is a very easy one to draw for every individual.

Modern Elephant Template

Wish to gift something unique to a very close buddy of yours, try out this exclusive piece of art which you may draw or get printed on a T-shirt as well.

Cute Chubby Elephant Template

This cute template of a cute chubby elephant is sure to catch your toddler’s attraction. The flower in the elephant’s trunk is going to add extra interest to the picture.

Eating Elephant Template

Elephant pictures are itself one of most attractive and most desired piece of art and when it is such a different picture like this template it is sure to fetch you prizes when gifted.

Funny Elephant Template

Going for a birthday party and having no time to buy a gift, a very good idea in such a situation would be to draw this funny elephant pattern on a white coffee mug and steal the party’s attraction.

Birthday Celebrating Elephant Template

Here is a template which features an elephant with a birthday cake. This is a very good wall decor in the occasion of your kid’s birthday party.

Simple Elephant Template

This simple yet elegant elephant template is an easy to download and printable one. You may use this as a stencil to make various patterns on your kid’s clothes.

Sleeping Elephant Template

An elephant motif is itself an attractive piece of art and when it is clubbed with a gesture like this template in a sleeping pose it becomes absolutely noticeable in a crowd.

Short Elephant Template

This template features a unique pose of an elephant looking on a shirt and trying to wear it. This template is sure to be a cool collection of a fun loving parent for a cute kid.

Happy Elephant Template

Shower the magic of happiness through a cut out of this Happy Elephant Template. Use of vibrant colors on the picture is sure to make it more chirpy and attractive.

Simple Elephant Template

Simple yet elegant this cartoon like elephant template is going to be a unique collection for you to decorate the otherwise dull looking doors or walls of your kids’ room.

Elephant Playing with Rat Template

Here in this template a rat is seen to be dancing merrily with a huge elephant. This template is a funny and at the same time ironical as well featuring the friendship between the smallest and the biggest.

Simple Outlined Elephant Template

This simple and easy to draw elephant template is a real easy one even for your toddler to draw for her animal projects in the school.

Baby Elephant Playing with Boll

This cute and trendy looking elephant template featuring a baby elephant playing with a ball by its trunk are easy to print on colored papers and use for birthday parties.

Elephant Pose GivingTemplate

In this elephant pose giving template a common activity of an elephant is featured that is seen in the circus. You may also edit the template as per your choice with the help of JPEG/PNG formats.

Elephant Coloring Page


Cute Little Elephant Template


Elephant Outline Template


Cartoon look of Elephant Template


Enjoying Elephant Template


Naughty Elephant Template


Tall elephant Template


Simple Dark Outlined Elephant Template


Black Outlined Elephant Template


Elephant Template


Singing Elephant Template


Music Playing Elephant Template


Elephant Enjoying Outside Template


Music Enjoying Elephant Template


Elephant Coloring Page Template


Elephant Playing with Boll


Drum Playing Elephant


Modern Elephant in new Look


Laughing Baby Elephant


Plain Elephant Template


Laughing Baby Elephant Template


Cartoon Elephant Template


Elephant with Halloween Lamp


Elephant Template in Black Outline


Car Driving Elephant Template


Rowdy Elephant Template


Big Elephant Template


Dark Outlined Elephant Template


Funny Elephant Template In New Dress


Funny Elephant


Music Playing Elephant Template


Chubby Elephant Template


Cute Elephant Template


Smiling Elephant Template


Playing Elephant Template


School Going Elephant Template


Naughty Elephant Template


Dark Outlined Elephant Template


Elephant Template


Elephant Template


Simple Elephant Template


Elephant in Doctor Wear


Elephant Enjoying Water Template


Sitting Elephant Template Coloring Page


Cute Little Elephant Template


Naughty Elephant Template


Elephant Template


Little Elephant Template


Dark Lined Elephant Template


Mom Elephant Template


They can be used to create colouring books for kids or stencils for artists concentrating on elephant themed designs. They can be easily printed on coloured papers and used as cutouts for parties or regular home décor. They can be easily edited by virtue of the PNG/JPEG formats on Adobe Photoshop; these doctored templates can easily become a part of graphic design galleries.You can also see Horse Shape Templates. They can be made part of teaching charts and presentations which are more effective ways of teaching.These templates can also be layered, coloured and made part of other sceneries which can be easily photoshopped. Elephant themes templates are not just useful, but they expand the scope for artists and DIY craft lovers who find variety in the ease of these templates. You can also see Zebra Shape Templates. They can be used by website developers as well to decorate kids’ websites, or illustrators for uses in books. It is made even easier by the increased availability of such specific templates which are amicable to customization by people with even very basic knowledge of photo editing.

> Conclusion

Our plethora of collection on such varied elephant templates is very helpful for artists and cartoonists to get an extended help on elephant design ideas. These available templates are easy to download and also edit with adobe Photoshop for purposes of decoration and development of different kinds of kids websites. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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