40+ Best Fox Shape Templates, Crafts & Coloring Pages

For kids and school going children, the need to draw or craft animals for a variety of purposes like projects, models, drawings and charts often arises but it may not always be possible for them to draw the exact outline of various animals on their own because of their complex structure.

In such a case, an Animal Template proves to be of great use. An animal template is basically an outline of an animal which can be used as a stencil to draw the animal and complete its rest of the body features and parts. Similarly, a fox template is a drawing of the outline of a fox which can be used to create the perfect fox in drawings charts, models, craft purposes and other such uses.

Fox Templates are available on the internet in different shapes. These are absolutely realistic and may make your drawing or project seem wonderful. What one can do to use these templates is to first download it and then print it out on a white plane sheet.

After the printing is done, the child or the parent can carefully cut out the outline and use it to draw the fox on any other medium as required and as many times as required. Some uses of fox templates are to make fox masks, fox puppets, fox coloring and fox craft works.

Printable fox templates are available for a variety of fox species such as arctic fox templates, swift fox templates, red fox templates and others.

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Fox Dot to Dot

  • fox dot to dot

Fox Dot to Dot Template

  • fox dot to dot 2

Fox Dot Template

  • fox dot to dot 3

Fox Template Dot to Dot

  • fox dot to dot 4

Fox Template Shape

  • fox template

Fox Line Art Template

  • fox line art template

Fox Template Outline

  • fox template 3

Fox Template on white background

  • fox template 4

Cartoon Type Fox Template

  • fox template 5

Fox Template Page

  • fox template 7


  • fox template 8


  • fox template 9

Fox Template Outline

  • fox template 10

Fox Template / Coloring Page

  • fox template 11

Fox Template

  • fox template 12


  • fox template 13

Dark Fox Template

  • fox template 15


  • fox template 16


  • fox template 17


  • fox template 18

Funny Fox Template

  • fox template 20

Fox Shape Template

  • fox template 21

Cute Fox Template

  • fox template 23

Fox Template in Forest

  • fox template 24

Fox Shape Template

  • fox template 25

Fox Template Shape

  • fox template 41

Fox Template Coloring Page

  • fox template 40

Simple Fox Template

  • fox template 39

Free Fox Template

  • fox template 38

Fox Template Download

  • fox template 37

Fox Template Sample

  • fox template 36

Fox Template Shape

  • fox template 35

Fox Free Template

  • fox template 34

Fox Template Craft

  • fox template 33

Fox Template for Print

  • fox template 32

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