50+ Australian Animal Template Shapes, Crafts & Colouring Pages

What better way to look beyond the kangaroo with special Australian edition animal templates at your service? Of course, your love for kangaroos will find ample attractive vistas with swanky Australian animals templates on offer, but this will be a joy ride for wildlife theme based artists and craftspeople who don’t quite know the amazing range of unique wildlife from Australia. The ruddiness of the rough Australian terrains is evident in the unique appeal that foxes, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and antelopes from Australian woods have to showcase. Thankfully, the same is reflected in the awesome range of Australian land and aquatic animal templates, coming to you in the form of printable images, colouring pages options, and high end rich image files for photo editing based modifications. You can also see African Animal Template.

australian animal templates

Printable Australian Animals Template

printable australian animals coloring pages
This is a very simple yet helpful template where there are pictures of a number of animals that are usually found in Australian jungles, along with their names.

Numbat Coloring Page Template

numbat coloring page
A very common animal that is found in the jungles of Australia is the Numbat. This template is simply made for your toddler to draw and color on animals.

Australian Lizard Coloring Page

lizard animals coloring pages
Among few most common animals found in Australian jungles is this Australian Lizard. This template is a very close to real picture of an Australian lizard.

Australian Kangaroo Animal Template

Think of Australia and you are obvious to remember about Kangaroo. This template helps you to draw the most common animal of Australia without any trouble.

Australian Brolga Coloring Page Template

australian brolga coloring page
Our collection of Australian Animal templates also contains birds that are found in Australia. Brolga is one common bird of Australia and our template is easy to work with.

Naughty Kangaroo Coloring Page Template

This Australian Animal template featuring a cartoon type kangaroo in a funny pose with its baby in its pouch protected by an umbrella. This could be a great wall decor in your kid’s room even.

Funny koala Coloring Page Template

Another most common animal found in all over Australia is the Koala. Need not to worry if your ward has been asked to draw a Koala. Our collection Australian Animal template is there ready to help you.

Coloring Emu Template

Emu is a very familiar creature seen in the fields of Australia. This template is easy to download and print for the purpose of drawing by your kid.

Australia Echid Template

australia day illustrations echid
A cute looking animal found in the greeneries of Australia is the Echid. This Australian Animal Template collection also brings you the picture of such an animal as well.

Australia Animals Coloring Page Template

australia day illustrations multi
Here is a template of the few very common Australian Animals for your use. You may use this template by enlarging it and painting the same on the walls of your kindergarten.

Australia Kooka Coloring Page Template

australia day illustrations kooka
Another very beautiful and rare species of birds found mainly in Australia is this Kooka bird. This template is going to help your kid know and understand various birds in Australia.

Australia Koala Coloring Page Template

australia day illustrations koala
Here is a very easy to draw template of a Koala. Download the JPEG picture and color it online to print it ready to use by your nursery kid.

Australian Animal Template

There are people who love to decorate their rooms with Kangaroo pictures. Here is such a picture of a Kangaroo with its baby in a scenic background which is sure to elevate your room’s look.

Australian Bilby Coloring Page Template

australian bilby coloring page
One of the cutest animals found in the jungles of Australia is this Bilby. You may download this for coloring purposes or may use it the way it is in your kid’s school tasks.

Australia Day Womba Coloring Page Template

australia day illustrations womba
An animal that is loved by most kids is the Womba of the Australian woods. This template is useful for coloring by small kids since it has no delicate curves in it.

Bandicoot from Australia Coloring Page Template

bandicoot from australia coloring page

Australian Kiwi Coloring Page Template

australian kiwi coloring page

Australia Animal Template

australia day illustrations croc

Australian Black Caiman Coloring Page Template


Cute Bilby Coloring Page Template


Platypus Coloring Page Template


Australian Animal Template


Funny Platypus Coloring Page Template


Crying Koala Coloring Page Template

crying koala coloring page

Australia Cocky Coloring Page Template

australia day illustrations cocky

Baby Crocodile Coloring Page Template

baby crocodile coloring page

Australian Animal Coloring Page Template


Australian Animal Template


Australian Paper Mud Wasp Coloring Page Template

australian paper mud wasp

Australian Animal Template to Color


Emu Coloring Page


Simple Australian Animal Template


Australian Animal Template


Australian Terrier Coloring Page Template

australian terrier coloring page

Australian Snubfin Dolphin Dot to Dot Coloring Page

australian snubfin dolphin

Dot to Dot Australian Kelpie Template

australian kelpie

Printable Australian Animals Coloring Page


Australian Animals Coloring Page


Australian Animal Template to Color


Hawaiian Koala Coloring Page Template

hawaiian koala coloring page

Australian Camel Dot to Dot Coloring Page Template

australian camel

Dark Outlined Koala Template

koala template

Australian Duck Coloring Page Dot to Dot

australian duck

Dark Australian Animal Template


Dark Outlined Australian Animal Template


Ibis Coloring Page Template


Australian Animal Template Coloring Page


Dark Outlined Kangaroo Template


Platypus Coloring Page


Australian Animal Template


Using Australian animal templates for creating unique design themes is going to be an enriching experience for you. One can also use these quality Australian animal templates for preschool to deliver lectures about wildlife in Australia, or to just give a visually rich introduction to preschool students about the wonderful land of Australia. You may also see Farm Animal Shapes. Throw a theme arty with the shades and sounds imported from Down Under; Australian animal templates will certainly serve you well in creating the creative décor that makes such parties memorable. Take print outs of Australian animals printable faces, shapes and templates, on high quality sticker paper, and then just cut out to create your very own wall stickers. What’s more, this Aussie delight in the form of great animal templates comes with the added advantage of dotted lines and thick black lines, helping you cut out the most perfect kangaroos! Sources: coloringpages, activityvillage.co.uk, free-coloring-pages, printablecolouringpages.co.uk, freshcoloring

> Conclusion

Australian jungle is a very interesting place to visit for animal lovers. Our collection of those Australian animals are very realistic and easy customizable as per your interest. The most common animal pictures from Australia are gathered here for your help and it is sure that you would love to have this collection clubbed up in a book. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!