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An owl lives in darkness, because of which it is commonly associated with mystery, magic and age-old knowledge. An owl is sacred to the Indian goddess of Wealth and Greek goddess of Learning. Greco-Roman currency also carries it as a symbol of wealth, intelligence and status. If you have undertaken an owl related project, then animal templates containing owl shaped sketches will come to your help to a great extent. These animal templates make drawing owls and other animals extremely easy and quick. Just download it, print it and use it to make an owl at its best. You can also visit Animal Templates. An owl template is basically a ready to use owl drawing or structure which presents an outline of an owl that can be completed or customized as per use and requirement.Owl templates are often used for owl coloring pages and for drawing owl masks for parties. Diagram Template are the most useful types of owl templates that are highly popular and easily downloadable. For those kids who need to create models depicting owls or birds, such templates are ideal as they can be used by pasting a piece of cardboard to solidify the owl structure.

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Free Download Build A Barn Owl Box PDF

free download build a barn owl box pdf


Colorful & Oddly Shaped Owl Free PDF TEmplate

colorful oddly shaped owl free pdf template


Owl Shaped Templates on Paper

twany owl kite pdf format free template

snh.gov.uk | You can be experimental and adventurous with paper, and use an owl to make great pieces with it. Just choose an appropriate owl pattern, print it out on paper, and make something that you can definitely show off to your friends and guests. Kids and adults alike can use these templates to make attractive owls on paper.

Owl Template Free Download PDF

owl template free download pdf


Owl Shapes Free PDF Format Template

owl shapes free pdf format template

owl-help.org.uk | Many types of craft pieces can be made by sewing owl shapes on fabrics. Being the symbol of fertility and femininity, owls make great decorations for bed rooms of young girls. They can be sewn on bed sheets, duvet covers, draperies and others to give an instant appeal to the interiors. Great looking wall hangings can also be made with owls on fabrics. So, use an owl shaped template to create an owl craft on fabric by sewing.

Blank Owl Template

blank owl template

Balloon Owl Template

balloon owl template

Different Shape Owls

diffierent shape owls

Great Grey Owl Template

great grey owl template

O is For Owl Template

o is for owl template

Snowy Owl Template

snowy owl template

Funny Owl Template

funny owl template

Chubby Owl Template

chubby owl template

Owl On Stem Template

owl on stem

3D Owl Shaped Templates

owl template sample

These templates are usually available in the form of cut outs that you can print and cut to make beautiful owl related crafts. Whether you are making a key chain with owl, an owl to keep on your desk, or a wall hanging with different shapes of owls, you can effectively do that with the help of 3D owl shaped templates.

Owl Coloring Page

owl coloring page

Add a new bird in your colouring notebook by taking a printout of this owl colouring page template. The owl in this template is surrounded by flowers from all around.

Owl Coloring Page

owl coloring page1

A beautiful owl sitting on the branch of a tree, with the moon shining at the back makes for a perfect sketch. The flowing eyes are so expressive and wish to say something to you.

Cartoon Owl Template

cartoon owl template

This cartoon owl template will make you fall in love with it at once. It sweet and naughty smile is trying to say that it is planning for a mischievous activity.

Blank Owl Template

blank owl template

This blank owl template provides you with a rough outline of owl, upon which you can run your own imagination and make a beautiful looking bird and colour it later on.

Funny Owl Template

funny owl template

Owl Dot to Dot Template

owl dot to dot template

Owl Coloring Page Outline

owl coloring page outline

Owl template Line Art

owl template line art

Cute Owl template

cute owl template

Cute Owl Template

cute owl template1

Little Owl Template

little owl template1

Cartoon Owl Template

cartoon owl template1

Owl Coloring Page

owl coloring page2

Owl Dot to Dot Template

owl dot to dot template1

Free Owl Template

free owl template

Little Owl Template

little owl template

Evil Owl Template

evil owl template0

Funny Owl Template

funny owl template1

Cute Little Owl Template

cute little owl template

Baby Owl Coloring Page

baby owl coloring page

Owl Template Dot to Dot

owl template dot to dot1

Owl Template

owl template

Owl Outline Template

owl outline template

Funky Owl Template

funky owl template

Evil Owl template

owl template 31

Uses of Animal Templates – Owl Shaped Templates

  • To make owl designs on paper or fabric
  • To make beautiful crafts with owl patterns
  • To make 3D owls to keep in your house or office

Target Audience of Animal Templates – Owl Shaped Templates

  • Students
  • Craft lovers and enthusiasts
  • Professional craft workers

Benefits of Animal Templates – Owl Shaped Templates

  • Helpful in creating owl shaped quickly and easily
  • Anyone can use these templates without any technical knowledge
  • Save money and time
  • Provides a huge variety of owl shapes to download

How to Create Animal Templates – Owl Shaped Templates

Owl shaped templates available here can be effectively used to create different types of owls in 2D or 3D format. Some contain only the outline of an owl, while others give even the intricate details. The key is to choose the right type of template as per your requirements. All you have to is to download its template and use it as per your individual preferences.


Owls look attractive and have a sense of mystery to them. They are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, textures, shapes and designs. Whatever type of owl craft you want to create, just download its template and use it to create an owl of your choice. All the owl templates available here have been created by expert designers, and are effective in creating owls very quickly and easily. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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