50+ Free Animal Shape Templates, Crafts & Colouring Pages

Looking for animal shapes to add some style to your scrapbooks and home-made crafts? Want to print out all the known varieties of animals and have colourful cut outs to decorate your home grown jungle? Searching for a collection of animal shape printable templates that you can use for a variety of design, art, and functional purposes? Why not explore the world of tremendous animal shape templates awaiting you online! Animals from the indigenous farms and forests and the most inaccessible extreme terrains all come together in the form of collections of animal shape templates that you can download on your PCs, print out as and when required, cut out from the printed paper and then paste wherever you want them to add some design appeal! Hardly gets any simpler than this! Here’s more on how animal shapes can be used in so many different yet equally engaging ways! Printable animal shape templates come with well thought out aspects such as zoom-ready image formats, multi-format availability, and thick black outlines that can act as guides for wavering scissors! These printable Animal Templates can then be pasted on materials such as acrylic, mica, wood and even clay, to give you the ability to create alluring crafts right at your home. Animal Templates are ideal to be used in kindergarten and all kinds of pre-school interactions to enhance the visual reception go children to their lessons about the animals of the world. These templates can also be used as intriguing colouring shapes for kids to enjoy with. See more:Animal Crafts & Colouring Page Templates, Deer Shape Templates, Crafts & Colouring Pages

animal color

Zebra Coloring Page Template

zebra coloring page

Angry Wolf Coloring Page Template

wolf coloring page

Wolf Animal Shape Template

wolf animal shape template

Two Animal in One Frame Coloring PageTemplate

two animal in one frame coloring page

Cute Rabbit Animal Shape Template

small cute rabbit template

Cat Coloring Page Template

russian blue cat coloring page

Pig Animal Family Coloring Page Template

pig animal coloring page template

Owl Shape Animal Template

owl shape animal template

Naughty Lizard Coloring Page Template

naught7y lizard coloring page template

Mouse Coloring Page Template

mouse coloring page template

Monkey Coloring Page Template

monkey coloring page template

Lizard Coloring Page Template

lizard coloring page template

Cat Animal Shape Template

himalayan cat

Grass Eating Animal Shape Template

grass eating animal template

Goat Coloring Page Template

goat coloring pae template

Funny Rabbit Animal Shape Template

funny rabbit template

Funny Mouse Coloring Page Template

funny mouse coloring page template

Funny Monkey Animal Shape Template

funny monkey animal template

Funny Lizard Coloring Page Template

funny lizard coloring page template

Frog Coloring Page Template

funny frog coloring page template

Camel Animal Shape Template

funny camel template

Frog Coloring Page Template

frog coloring page template

Fox Coloring Page Template

fox coloring page

Fish Animal Shape Template

fish animal templates

Duck Animal Shape Template

duck animale template

Drum Playing Coloring Page Template

drum playing coloring page template

Donkey Coloring Page Template

donkey coloring page template

Dog Animal Shape Template

dog animal template

Dark Outlined Owl Shape Coloring Page Template

dark outlined owl shape coloring page template

Cute Little Goat Coloring Page Template

cute little goat coloring page template

Cute Fox Coloring Page Template

cute fox coloring page template

Cute Duck Aanimal Shape Template

cute duck animalshape template

Animal Shape Coloring Page Template

cock animal shape template

Cartoon Zebra Coloring Page Template

cartoon zebra coloring page template

Camel Animal Coloring Page Template

camel animal page template

Baby Farm Animal Template

baby farm animal template

Animal Coloring Page Template

animal coloring page template

Animal Shape Coloring Page Template


Baby Elephant Coloring Page Template

baby elephant coloring page template

Chicken Animal Shape Template


Bear Animal Shape Template


Reindeer Animal Shape Template


Outline of Bear Animal Shape Template


Seahorese Animal Shape Template


Shark Animal Shape Template


Simple Cow Animal Template


Cow Animal Shape Template


Hen Animal Shape Template


Lion Animal Shape Template


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