60+ Rabbit Shape Templates and Crafts & Colouring Pages

There are plenty of rabbit templates that you can use and they can be printed out easily and then colored. There are many options and they can be printed out for almost any occasion, including Easter or just because. Any child, or adult for that matter, will have fun coloring in these cute and fun pictures.

rabbit templates

But with the use of Animal Templates, drawing of any animal, bird or other figure can be made easy. Animal templates are those thick outline lines which can help children to come up with the perfect animal figures in no time. One example of an animal template is a rabbit shape template.

Baby Rabbit Template

baby rabbit template

This is a coloring page and the outline is in bold black, while the whiskers and other body shapes are in thinner lines. This is a good one for those kids who are just learning to color in the lines.

Bunny Rabbit Coloring Page

bunny rabbit coloring page

Bunny With Little Duck Coloring Page

bunny with little duck coloring page

Rabbit templates are user-friendly templates which have drawing and outline in it and can be used in rabbit simple coloring pages, rabbit masks and many other purposes. Printable rabbit templates are very popular and are widely used all across the world.

Cartoon Printable Rabbit Coloring Page

cartoon printable rabbit coloring page

This rabbit shape template is dominated by the huge bunny that is in the photo. It is holding a flower and surrounded by some grass to give it a different feel. You may also see Cat Shape Templates, Crafts & Tiger Colouring Pages

Cartoon Rabbit Template

cartoon rabbit template

This is just a small bunny that is standing on his hind legs and has his hand out. It is cute, which means that it will be fun to color for the kids. You may also see Anime Colouring Pages.

Chinese New Year Rabbit Coloring Page

chinese new year rabbit coloring page

This is another option that you can use and it is a simple bunny that is sitting on his hind legs. His hands are out and the lines are thin, which is perfect for those who love to color. You may also see Animal Colouring Page.

Cute Baby Bunny Coloring Page

cute baby bunny coloring page

This cute rabbit shape templates has thicker outer lines with the inner lines being just a bit thinner. The bunny looks like it is leaning against something, which makes it extremely cute and fun to color. You may also see Shape Colouring Page Templates.

Cute Baby Rabbit Template

cute baby rabbit template

Cute Bunny Coloring Page

cute bunny coloring page

This option of rabbit shape templates is another good one for Easter since the bunny is sitting in front of decorated eggs and a paint bucket. This is a cute option and perfect for anyone who loves to color. You may also see Shape vector templates.

Cute Bunny Printable Rabbit Template

cute bunny printable rabbit template

This adorable rabbit shape templates is one that you can use for almost any occasion, including for the coming of spring. The bunny is dressed in a dress and smells a flower and is surrounded by more. You may also see Best Premium Animal Shaped Templates.

Cute Little Rabbit Coloring Page

cute little rabbit coloring page

Easter Bunny Coloring Page To Print

easter bunny coloring page to print

This is a good option for Easter and there is an adult bunny and a child bunny that are blowing bubbles together. This is also the perfect option for those who want to give their kids something different. You may also see Mickey Mouse Shape Templates, Crafts & Colouring Pages.

Easter Bunny Template

easter bunny template

Easter is always a big holiday and you can make it funnier for the kids by giving them this easy coloring page, that has a bunny wearing a coat. The bunny is walking down the path holding an egg by his head. You may also see Bird Shape Templates.

Easter Farm Bunny Coloring Page

easter farm bunny coloring page

This is a picture of a bunny at a farm in the middle of a lettuce field. There is a fence in the background, while the bunny is on the hind legs and the ears pricked up tall. You may also see Elephant Shape Templates, Crafts & Colouring Pages.

Easter Rabbit Coloring Page

easter rabbit coloring page

This rabbit shape templates is of 2 bunnies that are in love. They are close together and there are numerous hearts that are behind them in the air and flowers on the ground. You may also see Shark Shape Templates, Crafts & Deer Colouring Pages

Easter Rabbit Coloring Page

easter rabbit coloring page

Free Easter Rabbit Template

free easter rabbit template

Graphic Rabbit Template

graphic rabbit template

Happy Bunny Coloring Page

happy bunny coloring page

Jumping Rabbit Coloring Page

jumping rabbit coloring page

Online Baby Rabbit Template

online baby rabbit template

Peter Rabbit Coloring Page

peter rabbit coloring page

The following are some of the steps that you can use to utilize rabbit templates:

The first step is to find a suitable rabbit template with a good and well defined outline shape. Make sure you select the right size because these templates are available in many sizes. You may also see Best Santa Templates Shapes, Crafts & Unicorn Colouring Pages.

  • After selecting, download the sample template you prefer the most and then print the template so that it can be used further
  • After you get a printout, cut out the shape or outline of the rabbit template
  • Now use the outline in projects, scrapbooks templates, models and for other purposes by placing it on paper and drawing around it.
  • Considering your requirements we have also designed some templates.

Big Rabbit Template

big rabbit template

Pin Rabbit Coloring Page

pin rabbit coloring page

Pin Rabbits Coloring Page

pin rabbits coloring pages

Online Baby Rabbit Template

online baby rabbit template

Peter Rabbit Coloring Page

peter rabbit coloring page

Printable Bunny Rabbit Template

printable bunny rabbit template

Printable Rabbit Coloring Page

printable rabbit coloring page

Sample Rabbit Coloring Page

printable rabbit coloring page

Simple Rabbit Template

printable rabbit template

Rabbit Coloring Page Example

rabbit coloring page

Rabbit Coloring Page Sample

rabbit coloring page

Rabbit Coloring Page for Kids

rabbit coloring pages for kids

Rabbit Craft Template

rabbit craft

Rabbit Eating a Carrot Coloring Page

rabbit eating a carrot coloring page

Chevron Rabbit Craft Template

rabbit craft

Rabbit Farm Coloring Page

rabbit farm coloring page

Rabbit Hopping Coloring Page

rabbit hopping coloring page

Rabbit Outline Template

rabbit outline template

Example of Rabbit Template

rabbit template

Cute Bunny Shape Template

rabbit template

Free Rabbit Shape Template

rabbit template free

Free Printable Rabbit Template

rabbit template sample

Rabbit Coloring Page

r for rabbit coloring page

Free Rabbit Shape Example

simple rabbit template

Smiling Rabbit Template

smiling rabbit template

Winnie Rabbit Coloring Page

winnie rabbit coloring page

Bunny with Easter Egg Coloring Page

bunny with easter egg coloring page

Cute Rabbit Bambi Coloring Page

cute rabbit bambi coloring page

Beautiful Rabbit Shape Template

cute rabbit template

Bunny Rabbit Line Art Template

bunny rabbit template

Big Easter Rabbit Template

big easter rabbit template

Funny Rabbit Shape Template


Rabbit Dot to Dot Template


Dot to Dot Rabbit Face Shape Template


Cute Rabbit Dot to Dot Template


Connecting Dots Rabbit Template


Lovely Rabbit Template


Sad Face Rabbit Template


Beautiful Rabbit Coloring Page Template


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These coloring rabbit shape templates pages are great and can be used for any ages, which means that you can allow kids to have some fun. They can be printed off, copied and used many times for some inexpensive fun and enjoyment. They can also be used for different holidays, so make sure to check them out. You may also see Turtle Templates, Crafts & symbol Colouring Pages

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