55+ Wolf Shape Templates, Crafts & Colouring Pages


When it comes to drawing animals, birds and other such figures, anyone can face a daunting task because animals have intricate and complex structures, body parts and features. This is especially the case when school going children have to draw animals for their school projects, art classes, craft works and other such purposes. You may also see Tiger Shape Templates. To make the task easier, a person can use an Animal Template. An animal template is a well- defined outline of an animal which can be used to create a realistic animal in a matter of a few seconds. One of the most difficult animals to draw is a wolf. To draw a wolf for wolf masks or wolf coloring pages, a lot of children make use of wolf templates.

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Angry Wolf Template

angry wolf template

Many a time children require wolf pictures for their project. This template is a beautifully developed artistic wolf template which would absolutely turn real on putting appropriate colors.

Anime Type Wolf Template

anime type wolf template

Animation series often require animal pictures to be put up as characters. Here is a very good such a template which is sure to solve your purpose of a wolf structure.

Anime Wolf Colorin Page

anime wolf coloring page

A very elegant looking wolf model is drawn in this template. This template can be easily downloaded and provided for your school goers’ project or enhancement of coloring skill.

Wolf Template

wolf template 2

A very simple and easy to draw wolf template is the one provided here. You may just put the appropriate color to the picture and it’s ready for presentation.

Cartoon Wolf Template

cartoon wolf template

Sometimes you may require a cartoon form of a wolf picture for various purposes like party decorations and else, here is one the like ready to print and use.

Cute Baby Wolf Coloring Page

cute baby wolf coloring page

This very artistic look of a wolf if hanged on your walls is sure to enhance the dull look. The sharp features of the wolf in the picture make it more attractive to the one who looks at it.

Cute Cartoon Wolf Template

cute cartoon wolf template

This cartoon wolf template is of great use for every artist who wish to have some sketches drawn on clothes or use for the purpose of Tattoo drawing which is an in trend fashion these days.

Evil Wolf Coloring Page

evil wolf coloring page

This real scary Evil wolf coloring template is a must have for a cartoonist who works for various cartoon channels on making cartoon films with vamp features.

Sitting Wolf Coloring Page

sitting wolf coloring page

Here is a template which features a sitting wolf giving a submissive posture. You may color it, edit it, or frame it just like that, anything done to it is sure to impart a new look to your room.

Female Wolf Coloring Page

female wolf coloring page

A very beautifully drawn female wolf in a jumping pose is a unique collection for the purpose of gifting to the one who loves art pieces.

Wolf Template Printable

wolf template printable

This is a typical wolf picture or sketch which is a very apt piece to help you complete your child’s project on various jungle animals in their habitats.

Free Printable Wolf Template

free printable wolf template

This free printable Wolf Template is a very nice piece of art featuring a mother wolf with her two kids. This sketch is ready to use or gift.

Free Wolf Template

free wolf template

Free to download and use this template is a time saving option for many artists who need a quick solution to their requirement of a wolf picture.

Funny Wolf Template

funny wolf template

Wish to decorate your kid’s room with various animal cut outs? This is a very suitable one which has a funny wolf picture giving a cute look to the room.

Gray Wolf Template

gray wolf template

Mostly seen in horror animated movies this type of gray wolf template is of huge use for cartoonists. You may use it straightaway or may edit with photo editing software as per requirement.

Himalayan Wolf Dot to Dot

himalayan wolf dot to dot


Howling Wolf Coloring Page

howling wolf coloring page


Howling Wolf Dot to Dot

howling wolf dot to dot


Hunting Wolf Coloring Page

hunting wolf coloring page


Wolves in The Forest Template

wolves in the forest template


Little Wolf Template

little wolf template


Two Wolves Coloring Page

two wolves coloring page


Smiling Wolf Dot to Dot

smiling wolf dot to dot


Male Wolf Template

male wolf template


Wolf Printable Template

wolf printable template


Red Wolf Coloring Page

red wolf coloring page


Sample Wolf Coloring Page

sample wolf coloring page


Sample Wolf Template

sample wolf template


Wolf Template Free

wolf template free


Two Wolves Coloring Page

2 wolf coloring page


Wolves Template

wolves templat


Simple Wolf Coloring Page

simple wolf coloring page


Simple Wolf Template

simple wolf template


Sitting Wolf Dot to Dot

sitting wolf dot to dot


Snarling Wolf Template

snarling wolf template


Starring Wolf Connecting Dots

starring wolf connecting dots


Wild Wolf Template

wild wolf template


Wolf Coloring Page

wolf coloring page


Wolf Coloring Page for Kids

wolf coloring page for kids


Wolf Coloring Page Free

wolf coloring page free


Wolf Connect Dots Template

wolf connect dots template


Wolf Craft

wolf craft


Wolf Crokky Coloring Page

wolf crokky coloring page


Wolf Dot to Dot

wolf dot to dot


Wolf Line Art Template

wolf line art template


Wolf Outline Coloring Page

wolf outline coloring page


Wolf Outline Template

wolf outline template


Wolf Template to Print

wolf template to print


Cute Wolf Coloring Page

cute wolf coloring page


Wolves Coloring Page

wolves coloring page


Free Wolf Template Printable

free wolf template printable


Latest Realistic Wolf Coloring Page

latest realistic wolf coloring page


Printable Wolf Coloring Page

printable wolf coloring page


Sources: coloringpages101.com, activityvillage.co.uk, free-coloring-pages.com,printablecolouringpages.co.uk, freshcoloring.com Wolf templates are those readymade wolf outlines which can be downloaded from the internet in any size so that actual looking wolf drawings can be drawn. There are many types of printable wolf templates available varying on the basis of their complexity of structures and shapes. The template can be easily customized or personalized and the wolf structure can then be completed by adding in other features. You can also see Animal Shape Templates. Wolf templates are used for art scrapbooks, jungle models and other such projects which require exceptional level of expertise for drawing animals. The template has to be first downloaded and then printed so that it can be then used. After printing, the outline must be cut out carefully by the children so that it can then be used for the required purpose. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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