22 Free PSD Admin Template Designs

If you are looking to re-style your otherwise simple administration system, the PSD admin templates would be excellent for you. Many web developers looking for a nice Bootstrap PSD Templates effect on backend system or using a plain cms package- take to these PSD admin templates online for a good makeover conveniently.

psd admin template featured image

Premium PSD Admin Template

premium psd admin template

Glazzed Psd Admin Template

glazzed psd admin template

Wisp PSD Admin Template

wisp psd admin template

Sample Bootstrap PSD Admin Template

sample bootstrap psd admin template

Dashboard PSD Admin Template

dashboard psd admin templates
This template is for the dash and its includes all the features of the admin template is straightforward and clean with the organised format and layer. The template is compatible with the dashboard designs.

PSD Admin Template Sample

psd admin template sample
This template is specially intended to minimise the workload of the individual. This template is designed for the latest trends and to cope up with the modern requirement. The template is intended flat with cooling elements.

Super Responsive PSD Admin Template

super responsive psd admin template
The template is fully formatted and designed with responsive features. The design of the admin template is fully responsive and helps to cope up with the latest trends and interactive features.

Dark PSD Admin Template

dark psd admin template
The template includes all the layers and editable and consists convenient and systematic directories. All the layers are similarly combined, and each layer is clear and significant. The template size and colour can be changed without losing its quality.

Web Interface PSD Admin Template

web interface psd admin template
This template of web admin helps you in editing the elements in the PSD with different layers and folders sizes and states. The template includes the features like content, menu list, designs and forms. The templates layers fully structured and designs with different colours.

MusicGiant PSD Admin Template

musicgiant psd admin template
This template is based on Admin theme with toggle menu designs and profile. The template is 16 fully organised layered with bootstrap and PSD files. The template is easily customised and UI pixel-formatted.

Example PSD Admin Template

example psd admin template
The template is simple, modern designed and easily customise. The template consists of organised layers and folders. It includes all the features toggle menu and profile trending.

Minimalistic PSD Admin Template

minimalistic psd admin template
All layers of the template are editable and easily customise. It is consists of the convenient system directories and explicitly designed and formatted. The contain, and the size is minimised, and edit or change in colour and design would not cause a loss in quality.

ReactiveDash PSD Admin Template

reactivedash psd admin template
The template has the unique feature of being reactive to each style and design trend prevailing. The template is well organised and layered with different folders and designs. The template is valid with its reactive features of the dashboard.

Clean PSD Admin Template

clean psd admin template
The template is clean, and minimal features with UI designs specially design for all type of websites, panels and applications. The template is resizable and editable without damage to the quality.

Admin Panel PSD Template

admin panel psd template
This template is PSD template and can be modified and edited as per the requirement. The template is customised and featured with the variant graph, design and folder.

Admin Template PSD

admin template psd

Sample PSD AdminTemplate

sample psd admintemplate

File Dashboard PSD Admin Template

file dashboard psd admin template

Adventure PSD Admin Template

adventure psd admin template

Smart PSD Admin Template

smart psd admin template

Beautiful PSD Admin Template

beautiful psd admin template

These templates ensure a user-friendly and easy restyling process saving you lots of time and energy in turn. You would be glad to know that these templates are actually available completely free of cost online- and the best thing is that the free AngularJS Admin Templates are as professionally made as the paid ones. All the template is available in different format and designs with compatible to be assessed in various versions. As customers, satisfaction is our priority, and we will try our best efforts to fulfil your requirement so feel free to give any suggestions.