31+ Awesome Thermometer Templates & Designs – PSD, PDF, Word, Excel, EPS Documents Download!

Fahrenheit to Celsius scale thermometer and the clinical thermometer are versatile ranges which finds their way in the form of template in medicine shops, to a doctor’s chamber and in the school as well. You can download free thermometer template online to see what sort of templates you get to see. The numbers are graduated in the thermometer and the level of mercury is also shown.

Amazing PSD Thermometer Template-$5

This delightful PSD thermometer template comes in three colors – green, blue and red. The green is nature themed, while the blue is winter themed and the red thermometer is sun themed. Liven up your presentations with this stunning template.

Premium Wooden Thermometer Template Design -$10

Make your website more informative and interactive with this premium thermometer template, featuring a realistic design and appreciable attention to detail. It’ll make the presentation look that much better.

Thermometer Template for Measuring Hot & Cold Temperature

Take your weather forecasts to the next level with this thermometer template for measuring both hot and cold temperature. The former is red and sun-themed, while the latter is blue and winter-themed! Both thermometers show both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Eye Catching Thermometer Template for Medical

Improve the design of your medical website with an eye catching thermometer template for medical purposes. With a crisp and elegant medical design, this digital thermometer template is a definite winner.

Best EPS Thermometer Template Download-$4

Premium Template for Thermometer Download

This premium template for thermometer download provides temperature information in a digital format. Toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit with this easy-to-use template, which looks great too.

Money Thermometer Template Redesign

This money thermometer template redesign is new and improved and better than ever. It provides both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings, looks elegant and is bound to add a touch of class to whatever design you include it in.

Printable Fundraising Thermometer Goals Template

Sample Goal Thermometer Template

Rainbow Thermometer Graph Template Chart

Printable Paper Thermometer Template


Fabulous Thermometer Template Download

Breath Taking Infrared Template For Thermometer

Thermometer Fundraising Template Photoshop Design

Free Printable Word Thermometer with Numbers

Thermometer Worksheet Template for Kids


Colourful EPD Thermometer Template-$5

Fundraising Thermometer Poster Design

Awesome Thermometer Template Download-$5

Fantastic Designed Thermometer Template

Red Colour Photoshop Thermometer Template-$2

Charity Thermometer Template Vector EPS

PSD Format Sales Thermometer Template

Celsius Thermometer Template Download-$4

Colourful Thermometer Goal Chart Template

Dark Background Donation Thermometer Template

Printable Thermometer Template For Kids

Eye Catching Thermometer Template-$4

Fabulous Designed Template for Thermometer

For circulating any sort of presentation or poster, you can check out the PSD thermometer template and customize it as per your choice. Thermometer templates are a delight in doctor’s chamber for it symbolises similarity.

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