50+ Album Cover Templates – PSD

Sample Planning to make your wedding special, with a special gift or made a mixed tape for your loved one. Make it more special with an album cover template PSD, download and add your pictures to it and make your gift even more unique. Photoshop shop offers custom album covers for CDs, DVDs, wedding albums, birthday albums, etc.

album cover templates

Thousands of album cover templates are available online which can help you glorify your gift with images that communicate your feelings most appropriately. Premium album cover templates & album cover ideas also give you the liberty of adding text and graphics to your album cover. Just a matter of a few bucks and you can get that special effect for your label wedding album. Customize it with your lovely words and make your spouse feel how special they are. We have various options on art and photography for your 12×36 size song CD case with our templates. Whether it’s transparent or minimalist, we got them all!

Best PSD Album Cover Template

rocking psd album cover template
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  • PSD


Fire CD Album Template PSD Format

fire cd album template psd format
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  • PSD


Premium PSD Album Cover Template

youth psd album cover template
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  • PSD


Attractive Music CD Album Template PSD

psd smoke music cd album template
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  • PSD


Alternative CD Album Art Work

alternative cd album artwork

Futuristic CD Album Artwork

futuristic cd album artwork

Mixtape Album Cover Template PSD

mixtape album cover template

Music Album Cover Template

music album cover template

Praise & Worship – CD Album Template

praise worship cd album template

Elegant Wedding DVD Cover


We Run This Town Album Cover Template PSD

we run this town album cover template

Drake Music Album Cover Template PSD

drake album cover template

> Discussing the Various Benefits and Types of The Album Cover

The Uses of Album Covers

If you are creating simple planning for occasions like weddings then nothing proves to be a better gift than the album. A wedding is made special by an album that has an album cover template in the PSD format. You as a user can download, add pictures to the album. All this makes your gift more unique. There are custom album covers for DVDs, CDs, and birthday and wedding albums. On the web, there are available thousands of album cover PSD templates, which aid to glorify the gift with images, to communicate your feelings most effectively.

The Types of Album Covers Available

The album covers are not limited to just weddings. In addition, there are music album cover templates, CD album, CD cover, and disc mockup, Vinyl record Album cover Graphic PSD, The Pink Floyd album cover design, Graffiti album cover, mixtape bundle templates, Vector Blu-Ray disc cover. Apart from the album cover types that are discussed there are other album covers. But most such album covers are in the PSD format.

Customization of Album Covers

Sometimes, individuals who invest in these items want to customize these stuff according to their requirements, needs. Customizing the DVD, CD cover template, sometimes become important for small business, because in the long run it helps to increase business, and make profits. The wedding album covers are available in attractive designs, rocking color combinations. Customizing and using them is easier. For a perfect wedding ceremony, one can use the cover that most appropriately conveys the feelings for the purpose.

Retro Wedding Album Cover Design

retro wedding album cover design
This retro wedding album cover design gives a classy vintage look to the cover. A combination of brown, maroon, and orange color looks spectacular.

Drake Album Cover Free PSD

drake album cover free psd
Drake album cover free PSD enables you to create a sizzling design for your music CD cover. The different shades of purple have been used mesmerizingly.

Album Cover with CD Case

album cover
Black background with magenta color in the middle, a CD image is also visible on the album cover. Overall the cover is simple in design, attractively made, and ideal to keep CDs, DVDs. The cover can be downloaded from the web design proposal and used whenever required.

The silence album cover is attractively designed. It is pretty colorful. And online users can even see CD images on the album cover. These are printable. Most of the album covers that we see are printable album samples.

Acoustic Guitar Samples – CD Cover Template

acoustic guitar samples cd cover template
For high-quality audio samples, you have to invest in CDs, DVDs. The CD cover templates include acoustic guitar sample CD cover templates. These are customizable, editable, printable, and downloadable.

CD Cover + Disc Mockup

cd cover disc mockup template
The concerned template is attractive. It is a CD cover. But the PSD file is also available in both combined and separate bundles. The template can be printed, customized. It can be downloaded when required.

Vinyl Record Album Cover Graphic PSD

vinyl record album cover graphic psd
This album cover is a PSD format cover. It has a neat design. The cover template can well be used to store compact disks. The template can be downloaded from the web.

Pink Floyd Album Cover Design

pink floyd album cover design
If you are a Disc Jockey then you need to use the Pink Floyd album cover design to keep your music DVDs, CDs. The album cover design is fascinating, colored pink, and sensual.

Buddha Bar – Chill Out CD Cover Artwork Template

buddha bar chill out cd cover artwork template
The template has the Buddha meditating, artwork designed, for the users. These types of CD covers are beautifully crafted. The template can be downloaded when required.

Such album cover is very plain and simple. It has a simple background. The album cover can be conveniently downloaded from the web. It can be customized or printed.

Mixtape Bundle Template

mixtape bundle template
Sometimes, individuals look forward to templates that can fulfill their needs of storing CDs, DVDs in bundles. The mixtape bundle template offers individuals such a facility. Such templates can be conveniently downloaded from the web.

PSD CD Cover Disk Mock Up

psd cd cover disk mock up
The CD cover disk mockup available in the PSD format can be downloaded from the web. It is attractive, the template is ideal to create covers to store compact discs.

Classix Songs Hits – CD Cover Artwork Template PSD Format

classix hits cd cover artwork template psd format
If you like to listen to classical songs, then the PSD format CD cover sheet template is ideal for you. The design is spectacular, you can download the template from the web, and also it can be printed.

Facebook Timeline Cover | Photo Album PSD Format Download

facebook timeline cover photo album psd format download
If you are interested to store your Facebook post photos, then the template in context is very useful. It is available in PSD format. The template can be downloaded from the web whenever required.

Nightclub CD Album Artwork

nightclub cd album artwork
For those who work at the Night Club, the nightclub CD album artwork is quite useful. The album is well designed. The cover template is available in different colors including blue.

Transparent Album Cover PSD

album cover psd
The album cover DVD PSD has three layouts included. The album can be downloaded from the web. It can be used to store compact discs, DVDs. The album cover can be downloaded from the web.

Wedding DVD Cover

wedding dvd cover design

The wedding DVD cover designing templates are available on the web. It is a perfect template to gift during wedding tag occasions. The template is well designed. Its designs highlight the purpose. The wedding DVD cover can be downloaded. It can be printed when required.

My First Photo Album 12×36 Size

my first photo album
If you have your collection of childhood photos, then you can use this template. It’s easy to add the pictures, all you require to do is to download the album and use it.

Wedding DVD Cover With Disc Label

wedding dvd cover with disc label

Summer Chillout – CD Cover Artwork Template PSD Download

summer chillout cd cover artwork template psd download

Clean Modern Photo Album

clean modern photo album

Chillstep – CD Cover Artwork Template PSD Design Download

chillstep cd cover artwork template psd design download

Royal Wedding DVD Front Cover

royal wedding dvd cover

Classy Wedding DVD Covers

classic wedding desidning covers

Wedding DVD & CD Covers

wedding dvd cd covers

Wedding DVD Cover

wedding dvd cover

Cool Album Cover PSD Mockup

cool album cover psd mockup

80s CD Album Artwork Photoshop PSD Download

0s cd album artwork photoshop psd download

Classic Wedding Photography DVD

classic wedding dvd

Wedding DVD Covers Bundle

wedding dvd covers bundle

Wedding Album Prom DVD Cover

wedding album prom dvd cover

Download House Music Collection – CD Cover PSD Format

download house music collection cd cover template psd format

Set of Two Covers on DVD

set of two covers on dvd

Dark Vintage Wedding DVD Cover Template

dark vintage wedding dvd cover template

Robots CD Album Cover PSD Template

robots cd album cover psd template

Disc Label Premium Bundle

disc label premium bundle

Electric Album Cover

electric album cover

Add on to the shimmer in their eyes and gain the pleasure of giving them what they deserve. If you are designing a mixed tape, make your DVD or CD look enticing with the best album cover template. Add layers and custom graphics to your album cover and give that trendy and cool look to your album. Download the top free Beatles album cover template PSD, customize and get set to go!

> Choosing The Right Album Cover Is Important While Attending Parties

People attend parties. These parties can be for all occasions. Choosing the right party album cover is important to make a good impression on the host. There are several items in this regard from which individuals can select the wedding album covers of their choice.

> The Album Designs Depend on The People Attending Parties

The album designs depend on the party that the people are attending. For instance, the flyer birthday party albums are of one type, the album cover design in such instances has a certain pattern. The album cover design for the wedding parties on the other hand has a different arrangement. Whatever be the arrangement, many of the album designs are customizable. The user can place the requirement of a wedding or birthday PSD album according to their needs. In the age of eCommerce, individuals prefer to download the album cover design from the web. The downloading is fast, simple, and convenient. It is very much free from hassle.