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11+ Card Designs


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Card designs will always be an evolving trend. That’s why we have found these card designs from all over the web for you so you can share them with people in your family, workplace, business, or in your friendship circle.

The card designs in this page will make it easy and swift for you to share your contact information with others with whom you are transacting or just express your love or kindness toward a loved one. These designs were created by talented graphic artists, so some of them are available to download for free, while others you could license for a nominal amount.

Whether there is a special occasion or not, these card templates will help you share your time and effort among people you communicate with on a daily or case-to-case basis.

Personalized Holiday Greeting Card Design

Birthday Card Design

Invitation Card Design

Visiting Card Design

ID Card Design

Menu Card Design

The Best of the Best

The Internet has a host of talented and creative graphic artists and designers. The ones we’ve found and included here are among the best the World Wide Web has to offer. Here are some of them:

  • Business Card Design. Network with a key person and share your contact information with our professionally designed business card templates.
  • Birthday Card Design. Share a special message on that loved one’s birthday with our beautiful birthday card designs.
  • Invitation Card Design. Inviting a friend over to a Christmas Eve party or a concert? Surprise them with the invitation card designs we have in store.
  • Visiting Card Design. You can place unique QR coded to this card design and use it as ID passes for people attending conferences or conventions.
  • ID Card Design. Need an ID card design for you and your staff? Benefit from the ready-to-edit ID card templates from our stock.
  • Menu Card Design. Need a menu for your restaurant? List your cuisine or best-selling food with our five-star menu card designs.
  • Thank You Card Design. Thank your loved one personally with our list of intimate and personalized card templates.
  • Wedding Card Design. We have a couple of wedding card templates that can make for great wedding RSVPs.
  • Valentine’s Card Design. Celebrate February 14 with your special someone with lovely and fancy Valentine’s Day greeting cards from our gallery.
  • Anniversary Card Design. Years of relationships with a loved one or years of hard work in a company deserve a warm congratulations.
  • Greeting Card Design. This design template can be used for greeting a friend from abroad or wishing a happy holiday to coworkers.
  • Gift Card Design. The gift card design is perfect for rewarding an employee or top-performing staff with a shopping gift check or a free travel coupon.

Thank You Card Design

Wedding Card Design

Valentine’s Card Design

Anniversary Card Design

Greeting Card Design

Gift Card Design

Designing Great Cards

Our card templates, like our menu card templates, contain different styles and patterns that delight your recipient. It’s important to know your recipient’s preferences before choosing any of our card templates. It would also be a good idea to know the right color combination for your card so you don’t get stuck with mediocre content.

Here are some great tips to choosing the right color scheme for your card templates so they create a lasting impact:

  • Avoid matching tones. As an example, don’t use a dark-blue background against a light-blue text.
  • Avoid image mismatches. If your image doesn’t seem to fit well with the background color you used, either change the color or replace the image.
  • Be consistent. Always use a continuous format, A minimum of two font styles and sizes can be used.
  • Keep it engaging. For greeting cards, you can highlight your message with colorful patterns.
  • Use muted tones. You can use muted tones like pale gold, charcoal, and silk if you want a more professional or toned-down feel to your design.
  • Keep it clean. Keep your design organized and free of clutter.
  • Use warm colors or pastel colors. Use bright and welcoming colors for invites and greeting cards.
  • Keep it elegant. Simple and sophisticated is always the rule.

With the designs we’ve presented and the tips we shared, you’ll be able to style your card seamlessly and have a great output for you and your recipients to remember for a long time.


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Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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