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What to Write on Wedding Thank You Cards – Tips & Techniques

Your wedding day is one of the most wonderful and joyful days of your life. One of the best things about the day is the gifts you receive from well-wishers. Although thanks are often expressed by the toastmaster at the ceremony, it is common to send thank you cards. This practice is also good for expressing thanks to those who are not present at the ceremony or sent gifts by mail after the event. This article will help you to know what to write on wedding thank you cards.

The first step is choosing the stationery for the thank you cards, since this can happen far in advance. Many people will match the thank you card stationery to the invitations and other stationery used for the wedding.

It is a good idea to start keeping track of the RSVPs as soon as they start coming in, since the guest list will probably be the same as the thank you list. Often gifts will start arriving as soon as your engagement is announced, and getting a head start on the thank yous can save you time later on.

It is a good idea to task someone with noting the guests and the gifts they send, so that you can send personalized cards for each item.

For a large wedding, it is a good idea to pace yourself on the thank yous – writing hundreds of thank you cards in one sitting could cause a serious hand cramp!

Tradition and etiquette dictate that thank yous should go out within two months of the event.

> Now, on to what to Actually write on Wedding Thank You Cards

1.) Method of Address

In the case of a guest you do not know very well, it is best to use a more formal tone for their thank you card. For instance, rather use “Mrs Smith” than “Jane” for a guest you have only met once or twice.

2.) Who to Thank

Everyone. Even if someone only attended the ceremony and did not bring a gift, their presence was a contributing factor to your day. Thank them for taking the time to be there to celebrate with you. Even if you receive seven gravy boats, each gravy boat needs a thank you card.

3.) Special Mentions

Those who make a special contribution, such as the best man, maid of honour, other attendants, speakers at the reception, or those who travelled long distances to be there should get a special mention in their thank you card.

Here are some examples of what to write on wedding thank you cards for different situations:

> Thank You Note for Gift

Dear <guest name>,

Thank you very much for our lovely set of nonstick pans, and for your company on our wedding day. Your pans are already in use in our new house, and are much appreciated! Thank you again for your thoughtful gift.

See you soon,

<Bride and Groom>

> Thank You Note for Attending the Wedding

Dear <name>,

It was so lovely to see you at our wedding a few weeks ago. It’s been too long! Thank you so much for making the trip; it really meant so much to have you there. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

All our love,

<Bride and Groom>

> Thank You Note for a Gift for someone who didn’t Attend

Dear <name>,

Thank you so much for the very lovely candlesticks you sent in honor of our wedding. They look gorgeous on our table, and I can’t wait for you to see them soon! We’re so sorry you can’t join us for our wedding in a few weeks – we’ll be thinking of you on the day.


<Bride and Groom>

> Thank You Notes for Attendants

Dear <name>,

Thank you so much for being my bridesmaid, and for everything you did for my special day. I truly couldn’t have done it without your kindness and support. I’ll never forget it!


<Bride and Groom>

The above are just a few examples, but can be altered to thank anyone, including vendors and suppliers such as florists and caterers.

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