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Writing an essay does not only require competence, you need creativity as well. These essay ideas can serve as useful reference guides and help stir your creativity and imagination too! essay-ideas

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Essay Ideas and Examples

There are several different types of essays. Each of these types has a different purpose and uses a specific tone of writing. Whatever the subject or topic of your essay, you can incorporate any of these types into your writing depending on what direction you’re taking.

Essay Outline Ideas and Examples

When writing an essay, it is best to be prepared. One tip to help you maintain focus and prevent you from creating a disorganized essay is to prepare an outline beforehand. The template below is a basic college essay outline to help you organize your ideas in a more structured manner.


Essay Plan Ideas and Examples

Like an outline, an essay plan is another way of preparation. You can incorporate your essay outline and other relevant information into a comprehensive plan of action. Having a detailed essay plan can help order your thoughts better and prevent you from digressing from your main ideas.


Narrative Essay Ideas and Examples

One of the most popular types of essays is the narrative essay. Writing a narrative essay will test how well you can describe and expound on a certain topic. A personal narrative essay, like the example below, centers on one’s own experiences coupled with personal reflections and insights.


Research Essay Ideas and Examples

Research essays are a vital type of essay, especially for students. They not only help develop the student’s ability to conduct sound research but also discern and think critically. A research essay can either be a standalone document or part of a broader research paper.


Analysis Essay Ideas and Examples

One of the most important skills essay writing can help develop is critical thinking. Analytical essays, in particular, exercise this skill. An analytical or rhetorical analysis essay forces you to dissect and discern your essay topic and consider every side of it.


APA Formatted Essay Ideas and Examples

Since most essays often adhere to a set of guidelines and rules, it is just as important to stick to a consistent format when writing your essay. APA and MLA are some of the most common formats. The example below is an APA formatted essay that you can use as a helpful reference guide.


Community Essay Ideas and Examples

Do you have trouble searching for an essay topic? Why not write about something close to your heart? A community essay is a great example, and writing about your experiences with other community members might even help you appreciate and understand yourself and others better.


Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas and Examples

A great way to present a topic is by using the compare and contrast method. Doing so may help increase reading comprehension because polarizing differences (and even similarities) are emphasized. You can use the template below as a guide when crafting your compare and contrast essay.


Society Essay Ideas and Examples

Writing about society and all its different aspects can help you make better sense of it. Society is a pretty broad term so it might be helpful to choose one area of society and focus on that as an essay topic. A society essay should combine elements of personal reflection and concrete facts.


Paragraph Essay Ideas and Examples

An essay is generally a short form type of prose. Written work that contains only a few paragraphs can already be considered an essay. The template below is a basic example of a three-paragraph essay which means one paragraph is dedicated to the introduction, main body, and conclusion.


Essay Ideas FAQs

Why do we write an essay?

People write essays because it is a form of communication and a potent way of conveying information and opinion.

What are good ideas for an essay?

Topics that are subject for debate or topics that require thorough analysis are just some good ideas for an essay.

How do I write an essay?

To write an essay, you can begin with an outline then proceed with an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

What are ideas in an essay?

When it comes to essay writing, you can write essentially about any topic you deem important.

What is creative essay writing?

Creative essay writing is a form of writing that tests one’s imagination, originality, and ability to look beyond structure and rules.

What are the good qualities of an essay?

A good essay is engaging and has a coherent train of thought or logical flow of ideas.

What is an argument essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of essay that seeks to persuade the reader by presenting supporting ideas to back up a main point.

What are colleges looking for in an application essay?

Many college admission committees look for originality and authenticity in an application essay.

Why should you prefer a narrative essay?

A narrative essay is relatively easier to construct because you just need to use descriptive language and an informative tone of writing.

What are the major aspects of a descriptive essay?

A descriptive essay pays special attention to details and sensory elements.

How do you write an academic essay?

An academic essay is usually highly structured and contains an introduction, main body, and a conclusion.

What are the key components of an essay?

The main components of an essay are the introduction, body, and conclusion.