Living Will Sizes

Living wills are a legally recognized document in most states. Like all legal documents, they are subject to a strict format including setting the appropriate living will size. living-will-sizes

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Living Will Sizes Standard

Letter (8.5 × 11 Inches)

The most common and universally used size for a living will is the standard US Letter. Its dimensions measure 8.5 × 11 inches. A US Letter size is a preset option found in almost all word processing software, including Microsoft Word. 

A4 (8.3 × 11.7 Inches)

Aside from Letter size, another commonly used document size is A4. This size measures 8.3 × 11.7 inches. Its dimensions vary only slightly from that of a US Letter paper size. 

Living Will Sizes for Print

Most states require that you print out your living will since it requires several specimen signatures. The best size for a living will document is any of the standard sizes. You can set your printer to either A4 or US Letter size, depending on your needs and requirements. Although it used to be the tradition, you can also use Legal size paper for your living will. A standard Legal size measures 8.5 × 14 inches. 


Living Will Sizes for MS Word

When using Microsoft Word, it is best to stick to standard paper sizes for legal documents such as a living will. A US Letter size is approximately 216 × 279 millimeters, while an A4 size measures 210 × 297 mm. If your state requires it, you can also make use of the Legal size (216 × 356 mm). Always make sure to set the margins and spacing accordingly because these are essential elements of document formatting as well.    


Living Will Sizes for Apple Pages

If you prefer to use Apple Pages as your word processor, you can choose either standard US Letter size (21.59 × 27.94 cm), A4 size (21 × 29.7 cm), or Legal size (22 × 36 cm) for your living will. Apple Pages makes it easy for you to import as well as export Word documents. If, for example, you download a living will template in Word doc format, you can easily edit it in Apple Pages.


Living Will Sizes for Google Docs

You can also create a living will using Google Docs. As with MS Word and Apple Pages, the recommended size for a living will is either US Letter, which measures 8.5 × 11 inches; A4 size which has dimensions of 8.3 × 11.7 inches; or Legal size which measures 8.5 × 14 inches, depending on your needs. Set the document size by clicking on the File tab and then selecting Page Setup. Under Paper Size, you can choose your desired size that meets your needs and requirements.


Living Will Sizes FAQs

What should be covered in a living will?

A living will should be able to cover your desired medical care and a power of attorney in order to grant another individual the capacity to act or make decisions for you.

How do I make a living will?

The easiest and most convenient way to make a living will is to use a predesigned template or form and fill out the necessary details.

What does a living will contain?

A living will contains a declaration of your preferred end-of-life treatment and a power of attorney section.

How to plan a living will?

To plan a living will, you need to weigh your medical decisions carefully and consult your loved ones if necessary.

How should a living will be written?

Preferably, a living will should be typed and printed and then notarized (if state laws apply).

How to make a living will in Florida?

In the State of Florida, a living will must be signed by the author in the presence of two witnesses.

What is the issue with the use of living wills?

For some people, living will go against certain beliefs, especially with regard to the issue of euthanasia.

What are the uses of living will?

A living will offer a person the opportunity to exercise his or her right to choose their desired medical care.

How do I get a living will?

The easiest way to obtain a living will is to download a form online or use a ready-made template.

What do you need to know about creating a living will?

All you need to know about creating a living will is your preferred medical or end-of-life care and who you will designate to exercise the power of attorney.

When does a living will become effective?

A living will takes effect once the doctor or physician can certify that you are either incapacitated or nearing death.

What types of care does a living will cover?

Mainly end-of-life care and life-prolonging treatment such as pain management and life support.

Who can draft a living will?

You can draft your own living will or have a legal practitioner create one for you.

Will my assets go to the state if I die without a living will?

If your living will does not indicate any heirs or relatives, there is a high possibility that your assets may go to the state.

How can I talk about a living will with a Jersey Estate planning lawyer?

If you are a resident of New Jersey State and are concerned about your living trust or will, the best and most practical way is to consult a trained professional or an estate lawyer to get your affairs in order.

What steps should you take after your living will is prepared and signed?

After preparing your living will, you can then proceed to an asset or estate planning and inform your appointed individual about the power of attorney.