Test Case Ideas

A test case defines how to test a system, software, or application performed by QA teams or testers to review the accuracy of various functionalities. This document also confirms whether a system satisfies all related standards, guidelines, and customer requirements or not. test-case-ideas

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Test Case Ideas and Examples

Test cases are documents that contain a set of test data, preconditions, expected results, actual results, and postconditions which are developed to verify compliance against a specific requirement. It defines the objectives, references, prerequisites, and steps that a test case must follow. Performing test cases allow developers in a business or organization to identify defects within the software and make analysis to fix them.

Business Test Case Ideas and Examples

Business test cases refer to any tests performed among the target market to make better business decisions. To make a business test case, find your requirements or user stories, create a summary for each test case, description of goals, determine starting conditions, and write clear and simple steps. Performing these tests enable testers to validate the system’s functionality as part of the business analysis and implementation.


Software Test Case Ideas and Examples

A software test case is a concept of performing activities to determine whether it satisfies software requirements and functions correctly. A software testing’s layout includes a title, description of the test case, assumptions, and preconditions as well as clear and concise test steps. Using software test cases enables a business to save money and enhance customer satisfaction, security, and product quality.


Performance Test Case Ideas and Examples

Performance test cases describe the types of users and the number of users on each type that will be simulated in a performance test. To execute a performance test, identify the test environment and tools, define acceptance criteria, prepare the environment and tools, run the test, and resolve and retest. Performance test cases are used to identify if the high speed, scalability, and stability of a system are achieved.


Manual Testing Test Case Ideas and Examples

A manual testing test case refers to a process in which a QA or tester manually tests the software application in order to identify bugs. It contains a written test plan that QAs follow that describes each test scenario. The types of manual testing include acceptance testing, black box testing, integration testing, system testing, unit testing, and white box testing.


Validation Log Test Case Ideas and Examples

A validation log test case is performed to validate the testing coverage of an application. It contains information about the test date, tester name, results, and status. A test case validation log also ensures that the tested and developed software satisfies the client or user’s needs.


Automation Testing Test Case Ideas and Examples

Automation testing test cases focus on the application state transitions and data changes. Security, vulnerability, and cyber testing are examples of automated tests. automation testing test cases are performed when you want to run the same test cases across multiple machines at the same time.


Server Integration Services Test Case Ideas and Examples

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) provide a testing framework that enables you to test packages, tasks, and precedence constraints. It can be used for ETL of data by extracting data from multiple sources. An SQL Server Integration Services test case includes a description of each step, expected results, actual results, and status.


Q & A Test Case Ideas and Examples

Q & A test cases are scenarios based on a hypothetical story to help a user to think through a complex program or system. It also helps in uncovering errors and defects within the system. Q & A test cases contain the number of steps, descriptions, results, status, and other details.


Report Test Case Ideas and Examples

Report test cases are documents that contain information about the status of the test cases, suites, or scripts for a given scope. To write a report test case, you must include the test objective, coverage and execution details, defect counts, and platform and test environment configuration details. Providing test case reports justify the efforts of the team, provide updates on the current status of the development, and help measure the end product’s quality.


User Acceptance Testing Test Case Ideas and Examples

User acceptance testing test case is a phase of software development in which the software is tested in the market by its target audience. It is also called application testing or end-user testing. It serves as a data and information collection tool that enable users to gather feedback so they can improve their end product.


Test Case Ideas FAQs

Why do we need test cases?

Test cases enable testers or the QA to determine whether the optimization of software or application’s feature is working according to requirements needed by stakeholders.

What are the typical test case parameters?

The typical parameters of a test case are the test steps, prerequisites, test data, and expected results.

Which test cases are written first?

System testing is usually done first in which the complete application is tested as a whole to evaluate whether the system has complied with all requirements.

What are the components of a test case?

A test case includes the test name, test ID, objective, reference, and prerequisites that can be in a form of a checklist, test setup, test steps, results, and status.

What are the test case design techniques?

Test case design techniques include specification-based, structure-based, of experience-based techniques.

What is a positive test case?

Positive test cases occur when a test is designed to return what is expected according to the requirements and ensures that users can perform each appropriate action when using valid data.

What will be the test case for Lift?

A test case for the lift will test various scenarios including the verification of its capacity, usability, functionality, comfort, height, weight, and volume.

What are valid and invalid test cases?

Valid test cases are used to ensure that users can perform appropriate actions resulting in positive test cases while invalid test cases are used to break the software which is performed in negative test cases.

What are the main attributes of a test case?

The main attributes of a test case are the test case ID, test summary, description, and prerequisites or preconditions.

How to write test cases for a search engine?

To write a test case for a search engine, verify it the search box allows users to enter keywords, check the limit of keywords, search without entering any keyword, press the spacebar in the search box then search for the result, and if results are displayed, check the order of the result set.

When we should start writing test cases?

When we should start writing test cases?

How do you write boundary value test cases?

Writing a boundary value test case is based on testing the boundary values of valid and invalid partitions.