Vendor Trade Show Checklist

Trade Show Checklist

February 15, 2059

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The Vendor Trade Show Checklist is designed to help vendors effectively plan, prepare, execute, and follow up on their participation in trade shows. Its objectives include promoting organization, efficiency, visibility, engagement, lead generation, networking, follow-up, and evaluation.


  • Finalize the dates and locations of Vendor Trade

  • Notify all relevant stakeholders of the scheduled Vendor Trade

  • Arrange transport and accommodations for staff attending the shows

  • Coordinate setup and dismantling of the exhibit booth

  • Ensure necessary inventory of marketing materials


  • Design eye-catching booth displays

  • Schedule teaser posts on social media to build anticipation

  • Send out personal invitations to key leads

  • Train staff to effectively communicate your product/services

  • Prepare public relations press releases

Lead Acquisition

  • Prepare special offers to attract potential customers

  • Design compelling product demonstrations

  • Set up an official registration system for interested attendees

  • Create follow-up plans for after the trade show

  • Ensure your CRM is ready for lead input

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