How to Make a Bifold Brochure

Brochures can be bifold, trifold, or unfolded; it depends on your reference. One of the reasons why brochures are folded is to allocate enough space for as much information as needed. Since full-scale booklets cost more, many businesses opt to avail folded ones. The take away of having a bifold or a trifold brochure is that it is full information, easy to keep, can fit in card racks, breaks down pieces of information into a section, and gives a professional impression to the audience.

Now that you know what brochure is all about, its composition, and its usage, the challenge will come from the layout and design. Whether you are up to making a bifold or a trifold brochure, don't forget that you will be working on a space-constrained medium. You have to balance all the elements so it will fit right in. Hence, here's a guide on how to make a bifold brochure using Microsoft Publisher:

1. Decide What Topic to Write in the Brochure

If you are making a bifold brochure for your business or a client, then you are on the right track. Brochures are one of the most effective marketing agents that will help in promoting brands, products, and services. Though there are other ways to advertise your business, picking a brochure is the best choice. Once you have a grasp on what will be the purpose of the booklet, it will be easier for you to start the task.

If your brochure is for another use such as for campaign materials, source of reference, or literature piece, you must expand your knowledge with regards to your topic.

2. Do Your Research; Work with Your Client

Now that you have a subject to work with, your next move is to do your research. Readers are quickly put down with a not well-written brochure, thus make a brochure that keeps the interest of your audience. Make them stay and read through the entire brochure. If you are making the brochure for a client, it is best to work with them so that you'll broaden your knowledge about the subject of the brochure.

3. Make an Outline to Break Down the Subject

If you are backed with a full arsenal of information, you can start making a draft. The reason for folding the brochure into two is to disseminate the idea of your topic evenly and vividly. Outline; start from the main idea and break it down into smaller subsections. In this way, you will have a more organized content.

4. Download a Bifold Template

When you feel like learning the topic and making an outline for your brochure is a dragging task, you can ease down your job by using a template. You are not restricted from starting the brochure from scratch, but having a temple will make it more convenient and simplified. Just remember to get the template from a reliable source and see to it that you download a high-quality and user-friendly template.

5. Use Microsoft Publisher as Your Publishing Software

In publishing your output, use Microsoft Publisher. It will you have a smooth process once you familiarize the functions of this software. If you are unfamiliar with this desktop application, look for a tutorial online.

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