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How to Create a Chef Resume in Microsoft Word

If you refer to various job websites on the internet, the availability of job openings for the F&B industry, particularly in the position as a chef, is increasing. In fact, in gathered statistics by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected employment for chefs will increase up to 11%, starting from the year 2018 up to 2028—and that will open an estimated number of 154,300 jobs.

From the perspective of one who aims to become a chef, whether as a head chef or prep cook, the collected data would sound a big opportunity for them. Are you one of those who want to take their talents and expertise into the industry? Then, take with you our simple guideline below. The guide allows you to create a resume in no time, so feel free to refer to it.

1. Study and Assess

As part of the process before applying for a job, undergoing a self-assessment is a necessary stage for you to build a competent and well-written resume. With that, you need to study first the nature of the profession that you've been eyeing. Scan and examine the job description, in this case, for the chef position, and carefully point the vying qualities by plotting them out on a checklist. Then, assess yourself if the qualities have met your competence, whether work experiences or academic credentials.

Doing this allows you to take the measure of your expectations for the job, considering the high competition and demand of the industry.

2. Gather Your Work-Related Credentials

Aside from a job interview, a resume is the other outlet for you to create a lasting impression on your potential employer. When creating a professional resume, it is a need for you to plot your vying credentials and other work experiences that qualifies for the position as a chef. On the other hand, as a fresher, adding your educational achievements and academic tenure plays a big impact on your resume. Remember to arrange them in chronological order for you to be guided upon transferring it to the digital layout.

3. Establish Work Objectives

Understandably, you may not possess all the necessary skills that would qualify you for the position as a chef of a particular company. But, it is an advantage for you to win the interest of your employer if you include a work objective in your resume. On a separate sheet, create a 2–3 sentence draft of a career objective that would encapsulate your strong traits and skills as a future chef. Make sure to keep the tone of your writing in a straight forward manner.

4. Construct Your Resume Digitally

Using a standard document layout software such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, actualize your resume's structure. Upon forming its structure, make sure that you'll follow the different types of standard resume format. There are several resume formats that you can utilize, like chronological format, functional, combination, and targeted. Regardless of your chosen format, make sure to make your structure is professionally curated.

5. Consider a Pre-Made Template

From gathering your qualifying achievements and credentials, down to the actual layout, no doubt that creating a professionally written resume from square one would take you time. As an alternative for this situation, utilizing a ready-made resume template is your great avenue.

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