Time will come where you'll be unhappy or unsatisfied with the products or services of a certain company. Anger, frustration, and dissatisfaction should not be expressed online or anywhere else. Simply send a claim letter to formally express anger and frustrations and receive the proper action needed. Save the time and hassle in writing one by utilizing one of our professionally written Claim Letter Templates available in Google Docs to get your point across effectively. These ready-made templates are fully customizable to suit your preferences. Guaranteed easy to edit and customize. Instantly download and print templates. They are also available in A4 and US sizes. Stop wasting any more time. Download one now! 

How to Write a Claim Letter in Google Docs

There are ways you can approach a company when you are unhappy or unsatisfied with their goods or services. You can either reach them through their customer service or social media accounts. However, there is another way to communicate your dilemma and that is through sending them a claim letter. This is a formal way to request or demand action for the damage or unsatisfactory service from a certain company. So if you are in a similar position, then you might want to draft a claim letter immediately. Here, we bring you some tips on how to write your own claim letter in Google Docs.

1. Keep It Direct

There are different types of claim letters. The two most common letters are the complaint letters and claim demands. The letter of complaint is sent to a particular business regarding any complaints about their products or services. On the other hand, the claim demand is sent to an insurance company regarding compensations or reimbursements. So when writing your letter, make sure to highlight its purpose and have the content straight to the point. Clearly explain your concerns to the recipient for them to take the appropriate action and reach a settlement. State exactly what you think you are entitled to.

2. Always Present Facts

When asserting your claims, always mention significant facts. There will be instances that the company will investigate the situation. The facts you'll present will provide support to your claims, therefore, strengthening your them. So provide precise detail of the defect, damage, or situation in your letter, but not too specific. Be sure that your facts are actually facts because they might probe your claims and demands for inaccuracies.

3. Maintain a Professional Tone

According to ThoughtCo., claim documents make use of a formal and serious tone. Although you might be angry or frustrated with the situation you are in, always remain calm, composed, respectful, and courteous to preserve a professional approach to the request. Always maintain an assertive yet professional tone when writing your letter. Threatening or expressing your anger and frustration can make it tougher for your appeals to be heeded. Simply voice out how the problem has affected you.

4. Follow Proper Formatting

Just like any letter, a claim letter needs to follow a proper format. Make sure that all essentials sections of a business letter are present. If you are in need of help in formatting your letter, you can view and download sample letter templates above. The claim letter templates above follow the appropriate formatting for this type of letter. Browse through the templates above and choose the one that best fits what you need.

5. Proofread before Printing

Before you print or submit your letter, always make sure to proofread its content. You can do the proofreading or have other people to read your request. Through this process, you'll be able to identify errors and gaps in the letter. You'll be able to remove any details that will give any reasons to the receiver not to take your appeal seriously. Once done, you may immediately print or submit your letter online.

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