Construction Finance Pages Templates

Know The Basic Expenses And Itemized Costs Of Your Project, Download's Sample Construction Finance Templates And Designs To Create A Checklist And Manage Your Financial Matters Smoothly And Quickly. Our Printable Forms And Lists Are Created So That You Can Focus More On Your Operations And Less On The Paper Works.See more

  • Free Construction Purchase Order Template

  • Free Sample Construction Statement of Work Template

  • Income Statement Template

  • Loan Agreement Template

  • Balance Sheet Quarterly Template

  • Accounting Balance Sheet Template

  • Expense Statement Template

  • Financial Projections 3 Years Template

  • Checklist Risk Management Essentials Template

  • Depreciation Worksheet Template

  • Investment Calculator Template

  • Income Statement Monthly Template

  • Construction Payment Cycle Template

  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Business Assets Short Template

  • Construction Monthly Finance Tracking Template

  • Financing Agreement Template

  • Expense Statement Yearly Template

  • Option to Buy Agreement Template

  • Loan Agreement Stockholder to Corporation Template

  • Bank Loan Application Form and Checklist for Restaurant Template

  • Construction Basic Cash Flow Forecast Template

  • Bill of Sale for Corporations Template

  • Assignment of Shares Template

  • Trial Balance Template

  • Construction Profit & Loss Statement Template

  • Loan Application Review Form Template

  • Loan Calculator with Extra Payments Template

  • Offer To Purchase Shares Agreement Venture Capital Template

  • Pre-Authorized Payment Template

  • Accounts Receivable Guarantee Template

  • Construction Expense Report Template

  • Construction Auto Expense Report Template

  • Break Even and Profit Volume Cost Analysis Template

  • Collateral Decision Request for Loan Documents Template

  • Request to Bank for Copy of Credit Report Template

  • Free Request Increase of Credit Limit Template

  • Request Bank to Stop-Payment Template

  • Request Bank to Close Account Template

  • Sample Construction Budget Template

  • Construction Business Budget Workbook Template

  • Pre-Authorized Payment Specific Amount Template

  • Request Proposal for Credit Facility Template

  • Credit Agreement Sample Template

  • Repurchase Of Accounts Receivable Agreement Template

  • Commercial Loan Agreement Template

  • Free Basic Construction Quotation Template

  • Purchase Order Format Template

  • Price Quotation Template

  • Bank Reconciliation Template

  • Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Template

  • Construction Statement of Final Account Template

  • Developing a Grant Proposal Template

  • Agreement Of Purchase And Sale Of Shares By Shareholder Template

  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Business Assets Template

  • Worksheet Business Insurance Planning Template

  • Financial Record Storage Guidelines Template

  • Credit Agreement Template

  • Expense Statement Monthly - Quarterly - Yearly Template

  • Quarterly Income Statement Template

  • Wire Transfer Instructions Form Template

  • Daily Cash Sheet Template

  • Financial Ratio Calculator Template

  • Bank Reconciliation Worksheet Template

  • Sales Projections Template

  • Demand for Payment on Installment Promissory Note Template

  • Checklist Items to Consider for Drafting a Promissory Note Template

  • Construction Forecasted Final Account Template

  • Construction Company Annual Financial Tracking Template

  • Certification Enclosing Financial Statements Template

  • Free Advertising Expenses Template

  • Loan Calculator Template

  • Construction Accounts Payable Aging Worksheet Template

  • Installment Note Bank Deposit as Collateral Template

  • Construction Expense Account Form Template

  • Construction Check Payment Voucher Template

  • Checklist Evaluation to Buy a Business Template

  • Construction Final Account Cost Report Template

  • Free Monthly Partial Payment to Creditor Template

  • Termination of Future Guarantee Template

  • Request Release of Personal Guarantee Template

  • Request Deferral of Interest Payment Template

  • Request Bank to Wire Funds Template

  • Construction Budget Worksheet Template

  • Free Construction Invoice Template

  • Letter of Request for an Equity Investment Template

  • Denial of Request for Quarterly Billing Template

  • Free Checklist Sale of a Business / Critical What if Template

  • Exchange of Shares Agreement Template

  • Offer to Purchase Shares Agreement Template

  • Construction Petty Cash Return Template

  • Money is a critical element in business, especially when it comes to the world of construction. Whether it’s a project for residential housing or company workspace, there’s a good deal of financial resources being given and taken. Therefore, you must utilize the appropriate paperwork and documentation when it comes to carrying out monetary tasks efficiently. So, allow us to improve and expedite your deskwork with our professional Construction Finance Templates! Streamline budgetary responsibilities by using our easily editable content for Apple Pages; available in both A4 and US letter sizes. Don’t delay and download now--speed up your investment analysis, loan management, and more with our printable samples!

    How to Use Construction Finance Templates in Apple Pages?

    As explained by, the construction industry’s origins come from our need to adapt to our surroundings, fulfilling a necessity for shelter. Now, it’s an integral part of our societal foundation where great amounts of monetary investments are involved.

    From construction budget estimates to cashflow forecasts, there’s a great deal of money management that’s involved in the construction industry. Therefore, to help with all that paperwork, we’ve prepared a set of tips (below) on how to use finance templates in macOS and Apple Pages!

    1. Pick the Appropriate Orientation

    First things first--you need the right orientation type (landscape or portrait) that matches the kind of document you need to work on. For something, a construction sheet or expense tracker, landscape orientation fits best; for documents like contracts, forms, or reports, go with portrait.

    2. Input Basic Information

    After choosing an appropriate template and opening it in Apple Pages, you should now add in the basic details. Now, depending on the type of document, the information you need to include can differ. Typically, you should input the company’s name, address, and contact info. For something like a loan agreement or proposal, then client information (similar to that of the company’s) has to be written down, as well. Additionally, there might also be log numbers, composer information, documentation data, etc.

    3. Arrange the Data

    For paperwork that involves data, values, and/or calculations, it’s a good idea to use a table to contain those. However, when someone reads a table, it can be hard to make out the details when it’s laid out so plainly. So, for better readability, consider taking advantage of colors to highlight and segregate your table’s various parts (eg, category labels and sum values). Be sure to use contrasting tones that make the font stand out from its cell’s fill color.

    4. Review and Final Touchups

    With the main elements of your document taken care of, go ahead and include additional elements that are required for your document type--like the company logo, approval signature(s), closing remarks, terms & conditions, and so on. Always remember to doublecheck your work before finishing up!

    Oversee and manage interests, expenses, loans, and more with our Construction Finance Templates for Apple Pages!


  • What are the main phases of a construction project?

      There are typically 5 key phases in construction work. There are:

      1. Initiation
      2. Planning
      3. Execution
      4. Monitoring
      5. Completion
  • How much down payment is required for a construction loan?

      Typically, a construction loan will require a down payment of 20%.

  • What should your credit score be to qualify for a construction loan?

      A credit score of at least 680 is required to qualify for a construction loan.

  • Are contractors able to offer payment plans?

      Yes, and it involves the client and contractor firm negotiating how to lay down a payment plan for a project.

  • How much should you pay a contractor up front?

      An amount of no more than 10% of the estimated total price is allowed to be paid in advance.