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How to Make a Construction Meeting Minutes in Apple (Mac) Pages?

Meetings are necessary to accomplish a construction project. Whether it is a road, railway, or building construction plan, meetings will play a significant role in better communication and sharing the objectives for successful completion. Before the construction begins, planning is crucial. After that, a construction meeting shall be called to introduce the parties involved in the construction phase and to introduce the procedure of the project. With that, you have to make meeting minutes that will help you through all the way. We have also provided some tips on how to formulate your construction meeting minutes.

1. Launch the Software and Use a Standard Template

Minutes are a way of communication at work. They are useful for construction meetings, as they serve as an official document of all the necessary details discussions of the meeting. If you want to get ahold of a professional template, choose from the 'Template Chooser' section or go with a 'New' or 'Blank' document.

2. Start With the Header

In creating your minutes, you should have a header. Whether you have a weekly project meeting or client meeting, you should specify the essential details of your construction project. Also, it is necessary to include business information like address, contact details, fax numbers, and above all is to show a sample logo of your company for formalities. Keep it formal and standard. Double-click the top of the page and a box will appear on the page. Type the title or company name, address, contact details, and proceed.

3. List of Attendees

Whether it's a pre-construction meeting or project team meetings, you must list all the attendees and what their responsibility is. Make a simple table or columns and add the details. Go to the 'table' icon at the top to draw two or three columns table. Also, take note of those people who are absent from the board meeting to keep them briefed on the information. Possible attendees at the progress meeting include the owner, prime consultant, sub-consultant, contractor, major subcontractors, architects, and engineers.

4. Share the Agenda

An agenda is a must for all the construction meetings. Agenda is necessary to have in your session to assure that everything is working just fine and to ensure that your construction team will be following the timeline that they need to consider.

5. Document the Decisions, Date, and Time

The documentation and listing of the agreement were made during the pre-installation meeting, or post-construction meeting is an essential record. Also, it would help if you record any actions along with the names of the person who will work on these actions. If possible, indicate the date when they are going to accomplish the task. You must include an approved schedule for the next construction meeting. You must specify the date of the next meeting, so make sure to put the month, day, year, and the time when the meeting will begin and end. Also, the time and date usually appear in the header of your meeting minutes.

6. Format the Content and Save It

Every meeting-minute document contains certain points that need to be given extra care or attention. Mark those details using the easy highlighting facility of Pages. Select the word/s or sentence/s using the cursor and apply 'background colors' or 'Bold', 'Underline' them. maintain specific details in different paragraphs and maintain proper alignment of the content. Go to the 'Format' menu where you will get all the options. Once, all done save the document either by pressing 'Command+S' or go to the 'File' many and select 'Save'. It will show a box where you can name the document and choose a location to save it.

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