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How to Create a Construction Statement in Apple (Mac) Pages?

A construction statement is a proper record that notifies the owner where his or her capital is invested and what outcome is promised in exchange for that. It gives a minute description of construction criteria and work orders, description of work, etc. Make this legal document in no time following the simple tips cited below and save your project from different crises.

1. Launch and Compose

Click on the 'Pages' icon on your system and choose a template from the 'Template' chooser or take a 'Blank' or 'New' page. Prepare a checklist of the activities that will be performed by the construction workers. It also includes scope, problem statement or scope of work, and equipment and tools to be used.

2. Itemize the tasks

Click on the 'table' icon at the top and draw a table with at least five columns to add details of the items, suppliers, the total cost, the amount paid, and the remaining balance. List all the details in each row under each specified category for better comprehension of the records. Keep different tables for task assignments. Also, identify the initiatives and assign responsible staff or members in each team for each work.

3. Risk Analysis

Perform a risk assessment. A risk assessment is about identifying essential measures to control the risks in your workplace. According to an article at HASpod, they stated that every employer has legal health and safety measures at work. They must also provide a safe workplace. Moreover, employees have health and safety responsibilities as well, to take care of themselves and others.

4. Measure Action Plans

The action plan that needs implementation is to be measured. Monitor and determine preventive measures, including emergency procedures in your work and workplace.

5. Method Statement Validation

To validate your construction statement, you need a written document to discuss the set of instructions to do work or activity safely to the workers. The written method statement also provides evidence of significant health and safety risks.

6. Put Signature Line and Save

Once the entire document is ready with its specific details, put a signature line for both the contractor and the owner and recheck the entire content. Once, you rectify all the errors go to the 'File' menu and click 'Save' it will open a small box where you can name the file and choose a location on the system to save the document.

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