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How to Create a Construction Real Estate & Admin Templates in Apple Pages?

As a construction real estate company, you hire several employees whose task is to write legal documents and design construction marketing materials. If you don’t have these employees, you probably do these tasks by yourself. 

We understand that you don’t have a choice because these documents are crucial to your business. To help you out, we prepared a few tips for you that you can apply when making construction real estate and admin templates, as shown below.

1. Research to Generate Ideas

If you are not an expert in writing legal documents and making marketing materials for a construction real estate company, it is no longer a problem since you can research sample content and design online. So, before you make these documents and materials, make sure to generate ideas first. 

2. Gather Information

Once you have generated ideas of the right content of legal documents and marketing materials, you may now gather the essential information. For example, if you are about to write a real estate construction contract, gather the essential information of your buyer. These pieces of information may include complete name, address, contact information, and other basic information. On the marketing materials, gather the information of your target market or audience. You will use these pieces of information when designing your marketing materials. 

3. Draft Documents Using Apple Pages

If you don’t know how you use Apple Pages, you may visit Apple’s website and watch their video tutorials. You can also check on Youtube for various tutorials. 

4. Design Your Documents

Remember that legal documents and marketing materials are two different documents. Therefore, these documents’ design should vary. For example, if you are writing a construction agreement, you only need to highlight the header or adjust the font styles. There is no need to overdo the design of agreements as these are technical documents. On the other hand, you can be more creative when designing marketing materials. 

5. Proofread Your Documents and Materials

Using your legal documents and marketing materials without assessing them first could be a huge mistake. You must spend time to proofread these documents and materials to determine if there are any misspellings, typographical and grammatical errors. These mistakes may sound not alarming but it could lead to misunderstanding between the construction management and the rest of the team.


  • 1. What is construction real estate?

      Construction real estate deals with building commercial and residential real estate properties. These companies are a combination of real estate and construction firms. Most of the time, these companies partnered with each other for a specific project. 

  • 2. What are the marketing materials of a construction company?

      Construction real estate companies practice many marketing strategies. Few of them are digital marketing and print advertising. These strategies commonly used professionally design banners, flyers, pamphlets, and other similar promotional materials. 

  • 3. What are the legal documents that a construction company must have?

      The basic legal documents that a construction real estate company must have are contracts and agreements. 

  • 4. Is Apple Pages free?

      Before Apple Pages were launched with free trials. Today, Apple has a certain subscription fee to use such a word processor..

  • 5. What details should be included in marketing materials?

      The primary details that should be included in the marketing materials are company profile, list of products or services, contact information, and achievements.