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Whether the project is building, residential, house, road, railway, or tunnel, it must have cost estimations. Accurate cost estimation can make or break a construction project. Starting with the excellent cost estimation will lead to the smooth sailing of all the stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, managers, and the owners. Undoubtedly, every construction professionals understand the unsuspected danger of error of miscalculation. But accurate estimating persists as one of the industry's prominent challenges. To help you accurately estimate the cost without hassle, you may download our Construction Cost Estimate Templates in Pages. We have 100% customizable and high-quality templates that you can download on our site anytime. Seize this opportunity and join any of our subscription plans.

How to Make a Construction Cost Estimate in Apple Pages

A construction cost estimating is a process of evaluating the expense of building a physical structure. Undoubtedly, both builders and clients worry about the financial issues that may overrun and failing completion of the project. That's why the independent estimators devote their time and effort to estimate the project of how much it may cost before deciding to begin constructing the building. Project owners use the cost estimates to allocate the project scope, feasibility, and to identify the right budgets.

Additionally, the best cost estimate tracks the progress of the project against the total time and overall cost estimate. Also, it prevents the loss and overpaying of the owner. To help you embellish your skill, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to make a reliable cost estimate for construction.

1. Start From the Solid Construction Plan

The most mistake of the construction companies is that they are grounding the cost estimation procedure in the improvised or conceptual drawing instead of the strong construction plan. A conceptual drawing, it is where they plan out the design of the building structure without control or whatsoever. If you place the construction design and the cost estimation procedure in one place, it may break the firm structure of the project because you are controlling the financial issues that may overrun. It is best if the project undergoes a solid construction plan where it consists of professionals, planning together designing the construction project that lists all the crucial strategies, labor, materials, and equipment needed for successful completion of building a strong structure.

2. Compile All the Necessary Items

On this step, you'll want to list all the necessary items needed in your construction project. You have to quantify each item in a proper amount or otherwise, the probability of estimating the cost in the wrong way is high. You have to carefully study the specific quantity of each item to make sure that your estimation is right. Failure estimation will lead to a significant loss that may affect the strong structure. Prevention is the key.

‌3. Deal With the Cost

A highly recommended method is to attach the unit cost to each item of the construction materials to maintain the accuracy of the cost estimate. It includes the labor hours, materials, and technology needed to make the structure. It is best if you meet qualified subcontractors to make sure that everything works fine.

4. Apply Your Mark-Up

The construction industry is a business, after all. Don't forget that business means making money. Without profit, your business can't survive in the competition that will lead to bankruptcy. In this step, you have to indicate your mark-up over that will yield the appropriate profit after the expenses. 

‌5. Give the Quote to Your Client

It is advisable to present your bid estimate personally for formalities. Also, it allows you to communicate with your client, especially if they have some clarifications in your estimations or the cost of each material that needed. And you have to be there to answer some of their concerns.