A lot could go wrong in a construction project if things aren't according to plan. Such situations could lead to safety risks and significant financial damages. To avoid those outcomes, project managers must carefully plan the phases of a project during the pre-construction process. Use our 100% editable Construction Phase Plan Templates in Microsoft Word to make things easier. These ready-made files are functional documents that enable you to complete a construction site plan more quickly than usual. By simply editing or revising some of its pre-written texts, you'll have a well fleshed out construction phase plan that'll ensure the success of the project. Start making things easy by downloading these templates now!    

How to Create a Construction Phase Plan in Microsoft Word

TheConstructor.org emphasized that planning is one of the core functions of construction management, and for a good reason. Pre-construction planning allows project managers to minimize expenses, schedule deadlines, and innovate. So if you're a project construction manager or engineer, you should definitely read our guide below about creating an effective construction phase plan using Microsoft Word.

1. Set Specific Objectives

All excellent project plans are derived from clear destinations and goals. With that in mind, you must first sight the objectives of the construction project. The objectives will be the backbone that motivates the construction team to finish a building or whatever sort of infrastructure. Plus, by identifying the objectives, it'll set everything for the planning process of the project.

2. Identify the Construction Stages

Every stage of a construction project is crucial to its success. If one stage is not finished or suboptimally completed, then the whole project could end up a major failure. So during the planning process, make sure to identify what stages does the construction project need. It varies from size and scale. Nonetheless, each stage is of extreme importance. If put simply, you're basically creating a roadmap on how to achieve the project's objectives.

3. Plan the Budget

Money is never out of the equation when planning something as grand as construction projects. We all know that construction projects cost a lot. But as much as possible, you should do your best to minimize it. The best possible way to achieve that is to plan the budget. In this process, you should identify the things needed for each stage of the construction project, such as the materials, equipment, and the right workers.

4. Assess Risks

Risks are always present during construction operations. These risks could be life-threatening to the construction team and derail the construction project ultimately. So as an advanced precaution, assess the possible risks that may arise once construction operations commence. Conduct a site visit of the construction site together with engineers and consultants. Take note of the findings and integrate them into your construction phase plan document.

5. Establish Contingencies

No matter how perfect a construction phase plan may be, it doesn't guarantee that certain problems won't occur. So to prepare your construction team for such situations, make sure to include contingency plans within your construction phase plan document. When you form these plans, make sure that they can resolve problems without sabotaging the established financial budget. Also, make sure that the construction team is aware of them so that they will know what to do.

6. Observe Simplicity

When writing the construction phase plan, make sure to keep it simple. Convey information in a straightforward manner. In doing so, the readers of your construction phase plan document can easily understand and comprehend it. It should have a professional tone, similar to contract documents. And lastly, take some time to review your construction phase plan document before submitting it to your superiors and co-project managers.

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